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16157 Diana in Maliga teaching about chores and responsibilities in children.
16163 Maliga community.
16178 Kalitumba village: Maria a mother of 7 pregnancies with only 3 children alive but had never gone for antenatal services,visited the hospital and was able to have her 7th baby in the hospital.
16166 Naibowa: Amina helping her mother to cut the banana stems for building their new fuel efficient stove to replace the old one which was not functioning very well.
16154 Kibo staff teaching the participants about the materials required for. Building stoves.
16124 Manuela was advising the participants to practice the skills that they have learnt.
16127 Manuela was explaining some of the questions so that community members can understand.
16130 Here Manuela was reviewing the previous lessons before they can start their test.
16169 Kazimbakujira members have engaged their in keeping of the trees and This girl was very happy to show Abraham the tree she is taking care of.
16142 Kaliza George in Butabira recently received a hand washing jerrycan to promote hand washing and everyone who visits his house has to wash his hands at the front to prevent Covid-19 spread
16145 The bathing shelter of this kind in Butabira is encouraged by WASH to promote sustainability of the facilities by building the top part with cement
16148 New hand washing stand and Jerrycan built next to the pit latrine.
16151 Viliano in Butabira working on his new dish rack
16172 Some of the committee members doing the evaluation from their files
16175 One of the committee members new pits for his new latrine
16034 Ida emphasizing the issue of the masks and taking the group through a recap in Nawandyo A.
16037 Diana teaching good and bad parenting in Nawandyo A village.
16046 Igerera B: one of the pregnant mothers who came with her antenatal book to ask Irene a few questions about antenatal and other pregnancy related issues.
16061 Ikumbya village.Harriet appreciating a well stocked firewood for Mr. Batwawula.
16064 Ikumbya village. Nangobi in Ikumbya was found cooking on her stove
16070 Ikumbya village.Nabirye’s well smeared stove. From the time kibo built for her a stove she has maintained it well smeared as used on daily basis. It is as new as if it was built two weeks back yet she has used it for over three years.
16085 Kalitumba: A young boy trying to cook something on a three stone stove because they didn’t have a kitchen after the rains destroyed it.
16088 Kalitumba: Easter picking some food from her banana plantations that Suzan found her attending to.
16133 Manuela was teaching about communication behavior.
16136 Manuela was emphasizing on Assertive massages
16139 Participants were so attentive to hear the massages of communication behavior.
16182 Manuela was teaching about communication behavior.
16185 Manuela was emphasizing on Assertive massages
16188 Participants were so attentive to hear the massages of communication behavior.
16094 Kivule members who come to organize the meeting place
16043 Nabituluntu- Chris was explaining to community how to manage funds in the group .
16079 This is why kibo is forced to encourage the community members to construct their dish racks, in their homes, not to put those plates on the ground.
16082 This is how the community members are busy working on their new pit latrines.
16106 A drug shop in Kalalu village with a hand washing stand
16109 Another drug shop with a hand washing stand
16112 Committee members inspecting one of the pits for a latrine being dug in the trading center area
16115 The chairman inspecting one of the newly constructed latrines in one home of Kalalu village
16049 The new borehole completed recently by Kibo group in Ndhalike. A new wall fence has fully been constructed at this borehole
16052 A new borehole wall fence constructed at the new borehole in Ndhalike village. This is one of the strongest fences so far because it was reinforced with metal bars to add strength and durability to the wall. This was a partnership between Kibo group WASH and the village.
16055 Alex W checking on the standard of the new wall with Takoze, the man behind the construction of this work. This wall fence was completed two days ago by this man called Takoze who did a great job
16058 Together with the water user committee, Alex visited the lower borehole drilled by kibo group back in 2012 and was happy when he found that it had been repaired and the community is working hard to have a similar fence constructed at this wall fence. Bricks had been brought to the borehole site and will still be guided by kibo group to have it constructed
16016 These are some of the eggs that Kigaiga has started marking as Ida taught them.
16019 Members (Kasuleta) pausing for a photo as Kigaiga was explaining the process of marking eggs.
16031 Maliga village: Sylvia on the right hand side has had malaria in pregnancy, Irene counseled her on the importance of hospital visits when pregnant.
15995 Bupeni: A poor kitchen that needs to be smeared from inside because it may collapse any time and also attract insects that may cause diseases.
15998 Bupeni; some of the rabbits that kato began rearing after building stoves for other members at their neighboring villages.
15962 Naibowa village. Harriet encouraging Kagoya to smear her kitchen in preparation to get a stove.
15965 Naibowa village. Harriet inspecting a stove which is being used on daily basis. The kitchen was closed but she looked at the vent which had turned black because of smoke meaning that the stove is being used on daily basis.
16067 Manuela was asking questions about all lessons taught and the participants would answer.
16073 That was the first group to do their test.
15968 Budumba- Alex B was advised David how to put a good hedge around his tree
15971 Budumba— Alex B advised Eddy how he should care for his tree.
15974 Budumba—Alex B was telling the members to put strong hedge around the tree for protection.
15977 Budumba The list of members that planted mvule and musizi trees from kibo group
15980 It is the same list of members
15983 Kitukiro members meeting and also saving.
16091 One of Kitukiro members with one of her tree she is taking care
16160 New latrine under construction
16010 Current borehole status in Kamudoke village. The water user committee has been very active to ensure that the borehole is clean and has a borehole fence.
16013 This sign on the borehole shows the organization that donated this well to Kamudoke village and originally installed with 20 GI pipes.
16076 Kayaye kaija,s new pit latrine construction under progress
16097 Tom guiding and explaining to some of the residents how the construct the new dish rack design
16100 Tom encouraged the residents to construct the dish rack on the ground instead of constructing it in the pits
16103 A newly constructed shower area in one of th homes In Mpumiro village
16040 A new latrine is under construction
15875 Ida emphasizing on putting on the mask and taking the villagers through the recap of last week’s lessons.
15878 Diana, teaching how to fix bad parenting and love in the family.
15881 Diana and Ida demonstrating how to fix bad parenting.
15920 Diana teaching about how to fix a bad parenting and love in the family in Maliga
15926 Ida and Diana demonstrating how to fix bad parenting to the community.
15941 Ida emphasizing on the issue of masks and taking the villagers through a recap of last week’s lesson.
15986 Budumba village: A baby with an umbilical hernia whose mother requests to be assistance since to carry out surgery.
15989 A well maintained smeared homestead in kalitumba village.
15992 A house that needs to be smeared because the rains washed off the dirt.
15884 Ndalike village . Participants discussing policies that will govern the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15887 Ndalike village. Harriet a kibo staff encouraging participants to form policies that will govern the healthy and safe kitchen program.
15956 Manuela was explaining to the participants the value of good communication.
15959 Manuela was explaining to the participants the disadvantages of Attacking behavior.
15890 Bupaluka village-Were identifying the business that can be done by individual members.
15947 Pupils of Kazimbakujira primary school putting cages around the trees they planted from Kibo.
15950 Abraham and the LC1 chairman Mr John putting a cage around one of his trees he planted in his courtyard.
15953 Abraham with the pupils of Kazimbakujira primary school showing them how to put a cage around the trees they planted around the school compound.
15893 As seen in the picture above is Steven kibwika,s new pit under construction
15896 This old lady, kafiiro proud of her new dish rack. These kinds of dish racks have increased in Butabira village
15899 New pit latrine and bathroom constructed recently at the Butabira apostles church with encouragement from Alex and the village sanitation committee
15902 This pit latrine in Butabira had collapsed down due to heavy rains but on a very good note Alex met James and his son reconstructing it.
15905 This lady called Monica in Butabira village is proud of her new dish rack in her home.
15908 Mrs. Muyingo in Butabira stands next to her new pit latrine. The old one had collapsed recently due to current heavy rains.
15911 A young boy, son to Gavume practice hand washing after visiting the pit latrine
15944 Some of the village members and committee members discussing about the residents failure to come on time
15914 This lady is super excited and happy to have a new hand washing stand with a kibo jerrycans.
15917 Took jerrycans to igerera A village to distribute to homes which have completed hand washing construction
15923 New hand washing stand and we gave her a jerrycan
15929 This is a VHT called Matiya happy to receive his hand washing jerrycan
15932 She called Annet and owns a bar in the trading centre. She has constructed two new hand washing stand. She was so happy to receive a jerrycan from kibo wash team. We encouraged to use the hand washing stands and buy soap as well.
15935 Martin encouraged them to continue working hard and improve on there sanitation facilities
15938 A new latrine pit under construction
15824 Members from Nawandyo A group B listening as the chairperson was explaining to Ida the way forward starting next year.
15827 This chicken just hatched three days ago but due to the poultry lessons in group A, Aisha is building a coop to prevent natural hazards like rain etc from killing the chics.
15800 Maliga village: Irene talking to a mother about the hygiene of her home,her children and herself.
15803 Maliga village: Irene talking to one of the young mothers a 17 year old married with a 4months baby in Maliga village.
15836 Naisamula village. Kibo staff handing over saucepans to the leadership committee of the Healthy and safe kitchen program and the CDo Ivukula village.
15839 Naisamula village. The participants receiving soap per member and two big community saucepans .
15842 Naisamula village. The CDo Ivukula sub county asking the participants to join and thank kibo for the Healthy improvement their brought in their village.
15845 Naisamula village. The CDO Mr. Musalirwe Harriet encouraging the participants to maintain their home facilities and to continue working as a team.
15806 That was during the general test.
15809 Members thinking of the answers after Manuela asked them the questions.
15812 Participants waiting for the next question.
16001 Lorna was showing the community the pictures of the Bridge model.
15848 For the first time the Kivule group put a washing hands facility because last Wednesday a community member died of coronavirus and the body was brought to the village, it was buried by only the doctors not even preachers were allowed to be near the body. The group has started wherever they are meeting to wash their hands before and after the join the meeting. Abraham was washing his hands after and before the meeting. They met in the house because rain which poured the all evening.
15851 One of the committee members mr Kabali, explaining to the village member how to construct a concrete foundation on the pit
15854 These young guys using a new technique to draw dirt from the pit durin construction
15857 Tom demonstrates how to construct the new standard dish rack model
15860 A young boy helping to draw dirt from the pit
15794 This well in Ndhalike was drilled back in 2012 by Kibo group and was the only water source serving this large community. Because of too much pressure on it, it broke down again and will need urgent repair to have two wells serve the village
15779 Ida with Kigaiga in a chicken house, Kasuleta village
15797 Maliga village: Irene with one of the mothers she has been following up for antenatal services that is expecting her baby this month.
15872 One of the new members in Kagulu village who picked interest in the program and now cutting banana stems for building her stove.
15761 Harriet appreciating one of the participants home with a well stocked firewood risen stand.
15764 Ndalike village. Harriet appreciating a well smeared kitchen in the village.
15767 Budumba- Alex a member with his tree and he was not watering his tree .He was advised to do it and put a hedge for protection.
15770 Budumba- Otim with the mvule tree without a hedge around it but Alex B advised to do it
15773 Budumba -Alex B with some members advised them to put hedges around their trees and to water them.
15776 Budumba- Alex B advised her to put a better hedge around the tree water them since there was lack of rain.
15758 Kitukiro community members saying bye bye to Abraham and Chris in the rain
15863 There latrine pit we saw in on the home and good news we met the home leaders to continue working hard construct a new latrine for there home.
15755 As seen in the photo above is Mukwata Mohamed,s new pit latrine construction under progress. He used to be one of the complicated members in the Village.
15866 A newly constructed latrine in Mpumiro village
15869 A newly constructed kitchen in one of the homes in Mpumiro village
15662 Ida taking the group on a recap and encouraging them to put on the masks.
15683 Budumba village: One of the homes Irene visited of a mother and her son whom she counseled on hygiene and disease spread.
15830 Naibowa. One of the participants in the village cooking on her fuel efficient saving stove . Kibo staff requested her to continue cooking on it on a daily basis so that she gets used.
15833 Suzan inside the kitchen checking on the maintenance of the fuel efficient stove in Naibowa village.
15713 Kibo staff guiding participants to form a leadership committee that will coordinate the program.
15725 Manuela was explaining to the community members about HIV and behavior change.
15728 Manuela also talked about HIV AIDS and Human rights.
15731 Participants being locust listeningto what their teacher is explaining.
15815 The lady in the picture was teaching about the importance of brushing our teeth.
15818 The girls that demonstrated right brushing in front of the community.
15716 Another Beera’s son showing his tree he is taking care of.
15719 Bonifas Beera planted five trees and he planted them near the banana plants, he gave a reason that in the dry season the tree will be getting water from the banana plant. He evolved his children who were showing us the trees they taking care of.
15722 One of Beera’s son showing a tree he is taking care of.
15680 As seen in the photo above is Steven along with the village chairman’s wife who went ahead to dig a rubbish pit immediately after the triggering session.
15788 The chairman of Butabira village Mr. Charles Buyinza and some of the village kids received 21 hand washing Jerrycans to give out to the homes that completed building hand washing stands in their homes.
15791 Butabira Village- This young lady thanked Alex and Kibo group for encouraging her husband called Bumaali to construct a new pit latrine in their home. This is the first pit latrine in this home
15782 There is a new latrine under construction
15785 There is a new construction of hand washing stations and used cement for the new shower area
15734 Tom teaching the water user committee on the topic of ownership and sustainability
15737 Tom teaching and sharing with the water user committee
15653 Ida, assessing the people of Nawandyo A, community.
15656 Diana, teaching about parenting in Nawandyo A.
15659 Ida and Diana demonstrating how men should talk to their babies in the womb, because that’s where parenting starts from.
15629 Igerera B: Irene talking to the members of Igerera village during the health lesson.
15632 Igerera B: Some of the members of Igerera B who came to attend the health lesson.
15701 Bupeni; A member cooking on her improved saving stove while her firewood is on a raised storage.
15704 Bupeni. A poor kitchen that needs to be roofed.
15686 Kiteigalwa village. A well smeared stove found cooking food by itself.
15689 Namwese’s firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.
15692 Kiteigalwa village. Harriet a kibo staff inspecting stove usage and smearing of their home facilities.
15743 One of the homes I visited more of the story in the report.Bubinga.
15752 This family was roasting maize/ corn for lunch
15602 Manuela was explaining what bridge model is.
15605 Manuela was trying to advise the participants that change is normal but they should be careful while making that decision.
15608 That man was trying to talk about the risk that young people face in their community.
15611 Still teaching about bridge model.
15614 Kivule members discuss how they will care for goats
15620 The wife of the chairman Mr Christopher showing her trees she planted
15623 The LC1 defense showing Abraham his trees
15626 The chairman Mr Christopher with one of his tree he planted
15665 Construction of a new latrine
15668 A new dish rack constructed and we advised them to remove it from the ground and place bricks below each pole
15647 As seen in the picture above is the most complicated member by names of kalulu Magidu who had reformed .However he was seeking advise towards the construction of his pit latrine shelter from the kibo staff.
15650 As seen in the phone above is one of the kibo staff monitoring the plastering work of the hand washing stations.