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8780 Kwegemya Hadija proud of her stove.
8777 Abraham, Alex and Chris meeting the community members.
8783 Alex addressing some of the community members that turned up to receive the iron sheets
8786 Happy lady who received an iron sheet to roof her pit latrine
8789 People folding up their iron sheets to take home and roof their pit latrines
8801 Namukasa Joyce, a very active community member that has embraced the sanitation program so much in Naibowa. The new hand washing stand was built in her home
8807 Lubaale, one of the village leader and at the same time a church of Christ leader also received an iron sheet
8810 Alex demonstrates to the government officials and the community members how a hand washing stand is used. This is a demo stand in Naibowa village tested out by kibo group
8813 Miriam with an iron sheet
8837 Manuela was explaining to the community members the steps that they should use in case they want to make good decisions
8840 Manuela was explaining to the community members that ie is very important to think first before making decisions.
8744 The area chairperson Mr Samson posing with one of Mvule tree seedlings he planted .
8756 Maliga village members discussing the different foods that make a balanced diet after Irene teaching them. After the lesson she divided them into 3 different groups that represented the energy giving foods, protective foods, and body building foods.
8732 A well smeared kitchen and the children are busy building a dish rack for the family.
8759 A member happily cooking on her fuel efficient stove.
8762 A well maintained smeared home.
8765 Some of the women in attendance.
8729 Kibo staffs demonstrating to the members how the banana stems are measured and cut.
8825 Ida is teaching the women about good quality of a mother and children up bringing.
8828 As Ida was teaching the women, Manuela was also teaching the youth in that village about the importance of abstinence and dangers of early pregnancy and marriage.
8831 Still here Ida was also encouraging them to be prayerful and patient
8834 Manuela was explaining to them how bad it is if you don’t have respect for their parents and elders in the community.
8774 Tom encouraging one of the village residents to finish the pit for his latrine
8705 Some of the members of sinde village listening to the health lesson
8708 The village health trainee of sinde clarifying and thanking Kibo for the good work they are doing in their village.
8726 Kibo staff inspecting the stoves
8819 Manuela was teaching the community members about HIV and Human Right.
8822 Manuela is explaining how important to respect people with HIV.
8696 Some of the members of Nabikenge village listening to the health lesson
8699 The list of Maliga members who received goats
8702 This’s how their constructing their strong latrines with bricks and cement.
8714 One of the existing dish racks in Sinde village
8720 Tippy tap in use next to the pit latrine
8723 Household smearing done in one of the homes in sinde village
8735 Rubbish pit in Sinde
8738 Sinde borehole status drilled by Kibo group back in 2015
8741 Hand washing jerrycan next to the dish rack in Sinde
8684 One of the members posing near her well maintained energy saving stove.
8657 One of the stoves well built and smeared.
8660 Kibo staff addressing some of the members before the activities began.
8609 Manuela is explaining to to the community members about women and HIV
8612 The man in white is explaining how women get sexual transmitted diseases and he was appealing to the fellow men that they should be careful.
8615 Manuela was telling the community members that it’s good for HIV positive people to treat sexually transmitted diseases early enough.
8573 Teaching on dangers of Abortion.
8570 Abraham (4th from right) with some of the community members of Ikumbya village.
8768 The mother is so happy for their children, because they was treated by kibo’s program.
8606 This is how their constructing their moveable dish racks.
8693 This is how their happy for kibo’s work in their families.
8561 Musa Bombo’s new pit latrine to replace the old one that collapsed due to the heavy downpour
8564 Nakibogwe’s new pit latrine under construction
8567 A new pit latrine to replace the old one that broke down recently because of the rains
8579 New pit latrine completed two days ago
8585 Fred digging a new pit latrine next to one that collapsed two days ago because of the rains
8600 Community members of maliga listening to the health talk
8582 Poles being gathered to construct a new borehole fence
8597 Alex talking to the chairperson water user committee, Namulondo Azena about the borehole fence standards and cleaning the borehole at all times
8681 One of the recently constructed latrines in the buluvu village
8588 Irene is teaching the mothers about the the importance of proper up bringing of a child.
8591 Justine is teaching the mothers about good qualities of a mother.
8594 Manuela is reviewing the previous lesson before she can introduce the visitors she came with on that day.
8513 Some of the facilities seen
8516 Lorna also monitored stove usage
8519 Small meeting with the community on the way forward for Life Skills Program.
8507 Chris with one of the enthusiastic members of kitukiro village who was happy to receive Mvule seedlings.
8510 The status of the bukoma kibo borehole
8537 This is how their busy constructing they’re busy constructing their new latrines.
8546 This man is so happy for his new latrines.
8549 This is how their busy digging their new pit latrines.
8669 A resident standing next to his newly constructed latrine
8672 A resident pulling dirt from the pit they are,digging
8675 A resident standing next to his newly constructed latrine
8678 A,resident pouring dirt from the pit
8525 A new pit Latrine for Mutono Steven nearing completion
8528 The new pit latrine under construction in Naibowa
8531 Making cassava chips out of cassava to store for the dry season and the other new stoves to demonstrate how the one with three cooking spaces looks like
8540 Some of the members preparing the materials for building the fuel efficient stove.
8543 One of the stoves that was built on that day.
8465 Manuela was teaching about women and HIV
8468 Manuela is explaining to the community members how women and children are the most vulnerable to disease.
8486 Caitlyn was talking on the dangers of early marriages.
8489 The women counselor giving a review of the lesson taught on the causes of early marriage.
8441 Abraham demonstrates to nabituluntu chairperson how a Mvule tree is planted.
8636 All jericans painted with the kibo logo
8639 Tom in a discussion with the residents
8642 Tom discussing with some of the village residents who came to the meeting
8645 Children helping Carry the jericans
8648 Residents receiving the jericans
8651 Residents celebrating receiving the jericans
8654 Tom with one of the jericans with the kibo logo
8504 New dish rack under construction
8450 The Kibo staff encouraging about the rightful dish rack standards
8453 Encouraging about facility maintenance and standards
8618 List of village names for the jericans
8621 List of
8624 Names of residents to receive jericans
8627 Another list of names for jerican
8630 Another list
8633 Another list
8558 Hand washing station
8444 Kiige’s new pit latrine
8447 The new borehole in Nawandyo B drilled recently by Kibo group
8501 Charles constructing new structure after the old one broke down due to rains recently
8435 Kibo staff posing with one of the community members and her children next to her kitchen.
8438 A member standing next to her well maintained stove.
8456 Mukyala Swaibu emphasizing on the role women are playing in helping their children carry out abortion.