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9578 Harriet interacts with some of the Sinde community members
9581 Martin was encouraged to see Chairman LC1’s kitchen being roofed.
9584 Kawanguzi Azizi worked hard to dig his new pit latrine up-to 35ft deeper.
9587 Because they had a big storm, Moses decided to construct his kitchen with sticks.
9572 Some of the members participating in stamping the dirt .
9575 A member with a well smeared house.
9566 Abraham sharing with the Kitukiro community members
9560 Alex with some of the selected leaders of nabituluntu village
9545 The status of the borehole
9548 Nabirye Florence completed roofing his pit latrine with the iron sheet he got from Kibo group.
9551 The village vice chairman who doubles as the church of Christ preacher completed a new 30ft pit.
9563 Mrs Brenda Kawala posing in the house she build, she used to stay in grass thatched house but now through Kibo group initiatives, she was able to use that knowledge to build her own house
9516 Post test on Relationship Skills
9519 Pupils practicing for the exhibition
9534 These men collected money bought cement and now they are helping their fellow member to plaster his house and do the flow. They give their money, time and labor and they wasn’t to make their village a better place to live in.
9537 The status of the borehole in Buwongo village
9540 This is how Azizi Kawanguzi is constructing his new pit latrine with bricks and cement.
9557 This is how Lovisa Byabwe, she is a widow, constructing her new pit latrine with bricks and cement.
9569 Abudu Mulinda, the Chairman LC2, this is how he roofed his new latrine with iron sheets.
9501 Namunana is busy cooking on her stove
9504 This young boy is cooking food for the family .
9507 This young boy is cooking food for the family.
9525 Some of the men participating in cutting and leveling the banana stems going to be fixed in the fuel efficient stoves.
9528 Kibo staff in the center guiding the participants to form two groups before building the stoves.
9531 Some of the members have good strong dish racks built in their homes.
9522 Some of the Luuka district officials, Mr Kaziba Charles the district Agriculture Officer, Mr Kasadha Alex district engineer, Mr Mulondo Columbus the district commercial officer and Mr Batyani James district veterinary officer.
9477 Alex talking to some of the community members that had turned up for a meeting
9480 First bunch of 30 Jerrycans ready to be given out to the village to promote hand washing.
9510 Mapiti Budoli,s finished dug pit latrine
9486 Setting up the mold and pump testing process to determine the water recovery.
9489 Calculation of the percentage rate of water recovery after 3 hours of blowing
9492 Mold set up ready for platform casting
9495 The children fetching water during the pump testing process
9468 Chris gives success cards to the deputy Headmaster
9471 Due to heavy rains ,this huge tree fell down hence blocking the whole road.
9474 Residents try pushing the car that got stuck in the mud
9483 The Status of the borehole in nawandyo A
9458 Chris and Alex pose with Bukudumira community group in their corn plantation.
9461 This is how their busy working on their sanitation facilities like shower areas and latrines.
9017 Bibi the Chairman LC1, his new latrine it’s under construction.
9020 Namukasa the VHT in Naibowa village, she loves kibo so much, she got a cloth and she wrote welcome to kibo.
9023 Hagila Nangobi, she’s a widow she dug a new pit 25ft deep it’s under construction, which is so good.
9452 One of the members posing next to her neatly smeared kitchen and stove.
9455 One of the village local leaders speaking to the members in the meeting as well as thanking kibo staff for the healthy and Safe kitchens program.
9434 Those are some of the members standing in their group garden project of soybeans and cassava.
9428 This is how their constructing their new pit latrines with bricks and cement.
9431 This is one of the latrines who was destroyed by the heavy rain, but good enough the owner is constructing it again.
9440 Wambuga Frank,s new latrine pit
9443 One of the goat Kibo bought to one of the members in Bukoma A
8990 This is how their busy working on their latrines and the shower facilities.
8993 This woman is so happy for the new moveable dish rack.
9416 Steven giving a point of information on why bride Brice should be removed. We had a debate on gender and Bride Price
9419 Eric on the proposers Side was also supporting the motion that Bride price should be kept.
9422 The debate also attracted the pupils outside the class. Teacher Steven was interacting with the judges who also gave a stand on where they stood as far as the notion was concerned.
9410 That is mvule tree that was planted by one of the members called Alex
9437 The village leader (white shirt), the land owner (green shirt), next of kin (brown shirt) and the water committee advisor standing next to the newly drilled water point in Igerera B.
9413 The status of some of the newly roofed houses in village
9398 Teacher Penina during the review of the previous lesson
9401 These were 13,14 year old boys discussing about what is expected of them in the community.
9404 At the corner were 12,13 and 14 year old girls discussing what is expected of them as girls in their age bracket in their community.
9407 16,17,18 both boys and girls also discussing what is expected of their age group and sex in the community.
9364 Manuela was explaining to the pupils about gender and culture.
9367 Manuela was asking the pupils about an ideal woman of today and the ones for long a go
9370 After the lesson pupils were presenting their poems about HIV.
9383 Bukoma A committee members receiving money for thirty five goats
9395 The draft constitution of Nawaibete community.
9380 The status of the kibo borehole
9386 This is how their constructing the church and digging a new pit latrine at the same time.
9374 Alex with the some water user committee members and the land owners of the second water point that was surveyed
9377 The water point located in the lower part of the village
9554 A new pit still being dug
9331 One of the kitchens with a good fuel efficient stove but with poor sanitation and hygiene.
9389 Namwase enjoying cooking on her stove.
9392 This young boy Mugoya Badiru is cooking lunch for his siblings to eat and go back to school as the mother was busy doing garden work.
9289 Teacher Steven engaging the deaf pupils in the topic of the day Gender roles and responsibilities
9292 The swamp flooded
9346 Manuela teaching the pupils about gender roles and love
9349 Manuela was co teaching with the school life skills teacher.
9352 Pupils pining the roles of a father and mother on the board.
9301 Bukoma A members received their goats
9316 Fulumela Biryeli,s new dish rack construction still under construction process
9322 Tatyaise Anthony,s hand washing only left to put the provision of where he could put the soap