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6767 The Kibo staff village sanitation improvements meeting.
6770 The Kibo staff during the village meeting
7055 Functioning latrine and hand washing facility
7067 This was during a skit on HIV transmission.
7070 It was great having the children join in the meeting because HIV affects everyone and getting this information while young is the best thing that can happen to them.
7052 He is Isabirye standing near his mvule tree.
7079 Alex dancing together with the kibo fellas, Carter and Carrise with the community members
7085 Community meeting before the well commissioning
7088 Kagulu village members surrounded their borehole and even prayed together for God to protect their well
7091 The hand pump mechanic putting on the head assembly
7094 The village together praying for their borehole being led by the area woman councilor
7097 Carter one of the Kibo fellas pumping the well
7100 The kibo fellas having some fun with the village kids
7046 Chairman on the left Iswaya and a community member
7049 They were discussing how they look after the goat from kibo group.
7073 This borehole was drilled by kibo group but it’s not working currently having broken down a week ago
7013 The members were weeding their peas
7037 Ikumbya chicken project getting bigger
7019 Some of the women that were present in the meeting and participated during the process of enacting the borehole bylaws
7022 The women were very active in suggesting bylaws for their new borehole
7028 Alex guiding the community as the village enact their bylaws
7031 This lady called musenze was very active leading fellow women to do what it takes to take good care of their new borehole because they have been facing it rough moving a long distance in search for water and spending many hours trying to pump a low yield well in the trading center
7034 14 bylaws were enacted by the village to guide them as they use their borehole
7004 Miss lsacc improving on her kitchen
7016 A kibo staff showing the members how to place the banana stems in a right positions
7025 Some of the community members cutting banana stems during the demonstration process.
7007 One of the community members practicing how to chop the grass
7010 Kibo staff demonstrating to the community how to chop the grass into tiny pieces.
6998 Manuela and Lorna teaching community members
6983 A member showing lone of his tree and his goats
6980 That renewal of the group registration certificate for Naisamula
6968 They are digging a new latrine in this village
6971 The new borehole fence almost complete
6974 The soak pit will have to be filled up with stones and planting grass around the well
6977 Training of the water user committee about their roles and responsibilities and preparation for well commissioning
6950 Steven inspects the new borehole head assembly before putting it on
6953 Steven kambale busy installing the new head assembly
6956 Steven together with Basoga one of the water user committee member.
6986 Residents digging the new pit for a new latrine
6989 A new pit being dug
6944 Some community members carrying the dirt from the termite hill to the compound near the kitchen
6947 Kibo staff with other members carrying the dirt into the kitchen
6941 This child is cooking food when the parents were away from home.
6995 Manuela teaching community members about the importance of abstinence.
6926 One of the new dish rack in Bulinda 1
6929 This house hold had all the facilities in place
6932 One of the new pit latrine in the village
6917 Manuela teaching community members about dangers of early pregnancy and roles and responsibilities
6878 The few members Kigoolo s Swaibu and J.Namwaka in the group garden project of peas.
6920 Maria Mulambi’s family is so happy for the new latrine.
6923 The Church members of Igerera Church of Christ dug a new pit latrine15ft deep, and it’s already constructed.
6863 The new borehole after removing the dry banana leaves. The community did a good job to ale sure it’s drying as required
6866 The new borehole is drying well.
6869 The new borehole water user committee for Kagulu village
6872 This new pit latrine belongs to a new person that just recently moved to this village.
6857 Some of the men in attendance when it started to rain
6914 Manuela teaching the community members about dangers of early pregnancy to them as parents and their girl child.
6875 The members were sharing idea about loan and saving scheme.
6881 A village leader addressing residents before the triggering
6884 Tom and Alex listening to a witness from igerera A village
6887 Alex and Tom explaining to the village
6890 Tom and Alex explaining to the residents about sanitation and hygiene facilities
6893 Tom explains to the residents about the purposes of the tools
6896 The village committed to three months
6899 Some of the committee members with Alex and Tom showing off the pick axes and shovels
6905 The status of the nawampiti borehole
6836 Some of the members practicing how to cut the banana stems going to be used for building the energy saving stove.
6839 The community members participating in different steps of building the demonstration stove
6779 Participants discussing the goals and objectives of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program.
6800 Alex B demonstrating the community how they should weed their group garden project.It was done so that water can sink in the soil to allow the crops to do better.
6785 Some of the chickens Ikumbya group are keeping.
6842 The new borehole slab is drying well and being covered with banana leaves
6902 The CLts sign post by the goal organization which indicates that they were present and active in the village
6803 Irene teaching the community about hepatitis
6794 He is K. Isiko with his mvule tree.
6797 She is Lukiya Lukwure with her mvule tree she was then also weeding her crops.
6782 Nawaibete members put new fence on their bore hole
6806 The pump testing guy from Draco determines the static water level meanwhile some of the community members level the ground before setting up the mold
6809 Many people turned up to get water with smiling faces because they were not to move a long distance in search for water.
6812 Everyone was eager to have a test of water
6818 Pouring of the gravel and casting process
6821 The village people were very cooperative and helped to set up the mold before casting
6824 Busy casting the new borehole slab
6827 Casting of the new slab and doing finishing
6833 Village members line up to get water during the pump testing and blowing of water
6854 One of the newly constructed latrines in the village.
6761 One of the community members cooking on her neatly smeared stove and kitchen.
6764 Members standing in their neatly smeared kitchen and stove.
6728 The participants drawing down how a complete stove looks like.
6731 The community participating in stamping the dirt a long side with one man who is the Chairperson LC1.
6752 Manuela at Kigalama Primary School checking on the life skills program.
6755 Manuela asking the pupils about the previous lesson which their teacher taught them.
6758 Pupils trying to answer questions that Manuela asked them.
6737 Continuing pupils of life Skills of Kivule Primary School.
6740 The new Headteacher Mr.Nathan Kalekwe addressing the pupils before inviting Lorna to talk to the pupils.
6746 He Is Kigoolo Swaibu in the group garden of which the members of Bukudumira are going to plant peas when it will be ready.
6749 He is Frank organizing bricks ready for burning. He is to get money for school fees and home needs.The one on top was helping him and to be paid and the little girl is a daughter.
6845 A recently constructed and roofed latrine
6848 A newly constructed and roofed latrine
6851 An elderly couple standing next their newly constructed and roofed latrine
6722 Some of the community members that attended the water meeting
6725 The village members that attended the water meeting
6773 This is a moveable dish rack.
6776 The kibo guys are making a follow up encouraging them about their sanitation facilities.
6788 This is how they are smearing their houses.
6791 Enock is encouraging him about the standards of the latrine.
6962 There is a new latrine under construction
6965 New latrine pit still under construction
6716 Kibo staff demonstrating to the members how to chop the grass that will be used for building the stove
6719 One of the community members practicing how to chop the grass while others watch, as Kibo staff also explains the whole process.