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10193 These stoves are safer even when the children are left alone.
10196 A well smeared pit latrines.
10181 This woman is called Margaret, she was sharing her life story, she was also encouraging the young children around.
10184 The chairman of the village was sharing his life story to his fellow community member.
10187 Manuela was explaining to the the community members that the importance of sharing our life story and she advised them to also have good plans that can benefit them in future.
10190 The community members of Nabituluntu.
10145 A well smeared kitchen.
10148 Naigaga is suffering with smoke as they cook on three stones .
10151 The community agreeing to attend the Healthy and Safe kitchen program by the show of hands.
10172 A high risen firewood storage in one of the members kitchen.
10175 Some of the village participants in the healthy and safe kitchens program
10127 Manuela was teaching the community members about the dangers of early pregnancy among young girls.
10130 Manuela was asking how many people are going to become teachers of their own children on issues concerning early pregnancy and marriages.
10133 The man seated next to Manuela was trying to talk about how young girls and boys have changed their ways of behavior these days because of Life Skills program that took place in school in that village.
10118 At the chairman’s home pictured center and on his left is his daughter who is also Secretary in the village counsel.
10121 The chairman together with Lorna moving in the lower section mobilizing the community members.
10124 This was in one of the homes. The chairman was telling this family where the meeting will be conducted.
10142 Naigaga is proud of he fuel saving stove
10139 Balinaine one of the members caring for his mvule tree.
10163 This’s how their busy working on their latrine constructions.
10166 This’s how the kibo staff is working with the village leaders, the man putting on the red is the Chairman LC1.
10157 In this home food was cooking by itself.
10136 The wife of chairman Bukoma C showing her goat she got from Kibo group
10079 Harriet introducing the Healthy and Safe kitchen program to the local leaders.
10082 Kamya’s well constructed latrine .
10178 Tom meeting with the village leaders of kalalu village discussing about taking the WASH program in their village
10025 Waiswa mugote constructing anew dish rack
10076 One of the strong fire risen stands for storage.
10013 Manuela is meeting the community leaders, she was explaining to them about Life Skills program, Manuela went on and told them that Life Skills is program is implemented both at school and community.
10016 This woman, she is called Mary Margaret, was appreciating Kibo and Manuela for extending this exercise to them , they thought it would stop at school.
10019 Meeting listening to Manuela as she was explaining all the topics and the lessons that are included in Life Skills program.
10169 A new latrine recently constructed in the village.
10004 Tape speaking to a group of members while encouraging them to maintain and improve on their general hygiene and sanitation at their homes.
10073 Nangobi taking the three stones out of the kitchen because she doesn’t see the need of cooking on them after getting a stove.
10154 This woman ( Namwanje was found cooking on her stove)
9998 As Manuela was moving home to home she found some parents serious with their domestic work.
10001 Manuela met with some women in this village. She found them discussing on how to they are going to start over this year.
10007 Not only moving around mobilizing people, Manuela also went to this woman home to check on her, she is HIV positive, she took some time to advice her and encouraged her too to take her medication in time and eat well balanced diet food.
10010 Lorna meeting with the leaders from the three Lcs of Kigalama; Sabagabo,Namuseno and Kavule.
9986 Abraham and Kivule chairman Mr Christopher checking how the trees are growing
9989 Alex teaches one of the children who showed up for meeting how to care for the mvule tree seedling
9992 The village Kibo meeting
9980 Some of the bricks and gravel have been brought to the borehole fence.
9983 The new borehole not yet commissioned waiting on the wall fence
10160 A newly constructed latrine with a hand washing stand
9974 Lorna teaching on Gender and culture
9977 The man standing in a black court was talking to the parents and youth on their responsibilities towards their children.
9965 This is how their busy working on their new pit latrines.
9968 This is how their busy working on their dish racks.
9905 Lorna addressing the community members
9914 The Reverend opened with a word of praying
9920 In this savings group each community member is required to have all the sanitation facilities ; from latrines to shower areas, dishracks, rubbish pits among others .
9962 Abraham found when the floods swept the bridge and he couldn’t reach Bukoma village
9917 The status of the government borehole
9923 The bricks for the construction of mr Abdul,s new latrine .
9926 Kibo staff speaking to the group members during the meeting.
9929 A section of women participating during the program meeting.
9902 Kwagala is trying to light fire to cook food for the siblings as the mother had gone to the hospital for medical treatment.
9896 Lorna teaching on gender roles sharing
9899 Lorna teaching on Gender roles and responsibilities
9860 That is Hadija Namukose besides her mvule tree planted from kibo group.
9875 The borehole in Butabira village that need urgent borehole repair and maintenance
9878 Some of the old pipes that were removed from the borehole. Both plastic and GI pipes were put together and only works for short time and breaks down
9881 The flooded soak pit of Butabira village borehole
9950 A latrine that collapsed earlier being reconstructed
9947 One of the new latrines being constructed in igerera village.
9893 New latrine under construction
9863 Alex W hands over a Jerrycan to be used to wash hands after visiting the pit latrine. Also demonstrated how to use it effectively
9869 Alex gave out the hand washing Jerrycans to all the people that completed constructing the hand washing stands
9857 Batuli,s new finished dug pit
9833 The group taking notes of the feeds recipe.