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25063 The kibo borehole has been well maintained but they have had the challenge of maintaining the borehole fence. Tom encouraged them to mobilize for funds to build the concrete wall fence instead
25066 This resident has started on new permanent latrine to replace the old one she had. This is a good sign of sustainability and behavioral change in sanitation and hygiene improvements were residents work hard to replace the existing old facilities with better facilities
25039 Latrine with a hand washing tippy tap
25048 Keneth advising on putting rails to protect young ones from falling into
25051 New wall construction on new pit
25054 Well maintained pit latrine that keneth asked the owner to have a seat
25057 Smeared building that look so great
25060 Keneth advising on the proper use of the dish rack
25030 Those are the machines which they used to drill the borehole.
25033 Those are the plastic pipes, they used to put inside the borehole fast after drilling, before putting the white ones.
25036 Those are the drillers, Martin and Steven went introduce to the village leaders and community on that day.
25069 Drilling process in Kalalu village
25072 Residents in Kalalu village bringing bricks to the site in for the construction of the borehole wall fence
25075 The drillers putting in the permanent casings in the borehole hole
25078 Residents of kalalu village collecting water as the pump testing was taking place. The women were very excited and many brought their jericans to collect water
25021 Those are the machines which was drilling the new borehole.
25024 They had a big number of people at the borehole on that day.
25027 And good enough, they have started collecting the bricks, for constructing the borehole wall fence, after drilling it.
25042 Drillers setting up the rig before drilling started
25045 Drillers moving the pipes and other parts to another location after one of the rigs broke down
24673 I saw this beautiful latrine well cleaned and maintained.
24676 Nice latrine construct with cement and sand
24679 Hand washing stands constructed
24925 On her way to Nawandyo B, Diana met this cute baby who was calling out to us as we passed “Kibo, Kibo”. This shows the great work Kibo has done in this community of Nawandyo. It has not impacted the elders only, but also the children.
24928 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching the ambassadors about Causes of early marriages in children
24910 Kishaike Maria teaching about personal hygiene and oral care.
24913 Kishaike village, Irene asking members to be vigilant during this festive season.
24826 Igerera A village. Florence’s strong firewood storage stand.
24829 Igerera A village, During the home to home visit by Harriet during the evaluation , she found this child cooking food on the fuel efficient stove which was nice to see.
24970 Kamudoke village. Kibo staff Jeska inspecting the size and quantity of the grass the community has so far chopped.
24976 Kamudoke village. This is one of the participants shower area that was smeared in preparation of stove building.
24973 Kirwanire. The community development officer encouraging the participants to continue working together and maintaining all their facilities.
24979 Kirwanire. Kibo staff members and the CDO monitoring the stove usage and maintenance of other facilities before the meeting started.
24982 Kirwanire. Some of the active participants posing with their gifts from Kibo group.
25006 Participants giving their answers during their review of the previous lessons.
25009 Finally, Manuela was advising the parents to start preparing their children as schools are opening on the 10/01/2022. Manuela told them not to spent all the money for Christmas, but they should also save for their children’s scholastic materials.
25012 The two Men were sharing their ideas about the previous lesson.
25015 The woman in blue was explaining about the quality of the person she would have had considered to marry, she wanted a God fearing person, loving and caring etc, but unfortunately she was forced to may a who was not of her dream.
24943 This man in the picture was sharing about his Role model
24949 Hair man sharing his life story
24955 During the lesson Life Story
24883 Buluvu community members discussing about how to mobilize the all members to attend meetings and caring for trees.
24886 Buluvu Community members coming to the meeting
24874 Buyange village, Mrs Namulenda Masitula one of the community members hands in her contribution towards the community project , the communinty members showed commitment towards their project by contributing money.
24877 Buyange village, chris found members already signing in the constitution . The community leaders resolved that for anyone to sign in the constitution, they must pay 1000 shillings , this money will help the community get registered at the sub county.
24880 Buyange village, the chairperson Mrs Norah Kasoga encouraging the community members to contribute money for the project.
24844 New latrine under construction
24847 In the picture a group of sanitation committee are visiting a latrine which is under construction
24850 A new latrine pit under construction
24931 That is the borehole kibo fixed.
24934 The women are now happy, because the borehole is now working.
24937 They are still continuing to construct the kitchens.
24835 Diana in Igeera B taking the community through a recap of the lesson of harmony and unity in marriage.
24841 Danny Cagnet with Nabikenge men( none committee and not leaders) during her research.
24742 Ituba Namalowe village, Maria checking one of the active members in CHEnwho is pregnant, how she has prepared ( requirements for hospitals).
24745 Ituba Namalowe village, Maria encouraging this couple to save and even prepare for the new child coming soon.
24748 Ituba Namalowe village, Maria asking Sharifa about the immunization.
24691 Butabira. Suzan encouraging a young girl to maintain her grandmother’s fuel efficient stove on a daily basis by keeping it neat and taking out the ashes. This will enable the stove to stay longer and cook faster.
24694 Butabira. During the evaluation process, Suzan found some participants having their simple meals and thanked them for maintaining their facilities. She also encouraged the women to continue smearing their buildings as well as cooking on their new stoves on a daily basis.
24697 Butabira. Kibo staff checking on a well maintained kitchen with an improved stove and a firewood storage during the evaluation process.
24901 Kamudoke village. Harriet appreciating Christine for having set up a strong firewood storage stand that she stocked with firewood . She also encouraged her to smear her kitchen inside too .
24904 Kamudoke village. During the follow on smearing, Harriet came a cross this woman who had smeared on side of her kitchen and she encouraged her to finish up so that her kitchen looks neat and last longer.
24907 Kamudoke village. A kibo staff Harriet encouraging the women to smear their home facilities before the stove building exercise kicks off.
24778 Kirwanire. A kitchen with a well maintained fuel efficient stove but with poor hygiene and unclean utensils all over the place. Kibo staff members kept on teaching the participants how to improve on the hygiene in the kitchens as well as keeping the utensils organized and clean on a daily basis for a healthy living.
24736 Some of Kazimbakujira members at the meeting point but as soon as they were waiting for other members they heard bad news that the mother of one of the community leader called Ebera got seriously sick. Abraham and Alex B decided to take her to Bugiri hospital.
24754 Nabituluntu village, Alex Walyomu discussing about why the community should adopt an idea of bring backnthe offsprings in terms of money or a baby goat back to the pool.
24760 Nabituluntu village, Chris engages the community members in discussions about Mvule’s intention to start reducing the number of trips in the community, he encouraged the community leaders ti plan fir the community well knowing they are the engine of the community development.
24895 A new hand washing stand constructed and used
24898 Children demonstrating how to wash hands with soap.
24781 Those are the spare parts, kibo staff took to Busene, for fixing the broken borehole.
24784 That’s the broken borehole, which was going to be fixed, on that day.
24787 It’s now fixed.
24790 That man with a blue shirt, he is Patrick Kabugo, the local hand pump mechanic, kibo used to work with, they are fixing the broken boreholes.
24793 That’s the residents, kibo had on that day.
24889 Tom found most of the latrines with jericans on the hand washing stands and this was one of them
24892 This resident decided to improve on his shower area to make it more user friendly and cleaner
24715 Lorna encouraging the community members of Ikumbya
24721 At the end of the lesson, women danced and sung songs . There was so much excitement as we came to the close of the year
24724 Children acted out a drama
24832 Ida discussing with the members from Bukoma C some solutions to domestic violence.
24985 Women of Bulyowa making use of the hand washing facility. No person sits in the lesson without washing hands.
24988 Diana in Bulyowa A, teaching about poultry lessons
24991 Diana in Bulyowa A, telling the parents to be careful during the festive season. Diana told them to emulate love in their families.
24757 Nawampiti village, Maria was demonstrating where implant is inserted.
24763 Nawampiti village, Maria explaining more about the implant family planning method.
24766 Nawampiti village, Catherine discussing the causes of Maternal death.
24730 Nawandyo village: Irene answering some of the questions the members asked after the lesson.
24823 Butabira village. Kantono Irine was found cooking on her stove as Harriet was walking home to home while carrying out evaluation.
24652 Kishaike. During the evaluation process, suzan found one of the elderly members in her kitchen with a well smeared fuel efficient stove which she reported that it was one of her grand child who constructed for her. She went ahead and narrated how she was enjoying cooking on it on a daily basis and thanked Kibo group for the stove lessons.
24655 Kishaike. Suzan came across well smeared buildings during the evaluation process in the village at the lower section. The kind of dirt used to smear them looked very neat and starchy which makes them last longer according to one of the participants.
25018 Manuela met with this family members, each of them were able to share their plans basing on the lessons learnt.
24685 Budumba village, chris conducts a lesson on economic activiies to the community members, he talked about preparing for drought seasons by storing enough food and saving some money into the community saving scheme.
24688 Budumva village, as the community is preparing for christmass , chris was there to conclude the lesson on economic activities, he encouraged them to continue saving some money into their saving scheme for their future.
24700 Alex W in a meeting with the village leaders and some of the members that received goats from Kibo group. They discussed the plans for the future and how they will be evaluated by kibo group MCD program staff.
24703 The chairman of the community, Mr.Swaibu showed Alex a new chicken brooder under construction for the community chicken program.
24808 Tom meeting with some is the women and village leaders of Mpumiro village
24811 A new latrine being constructed in Mpumiro village to one of the new homes recently constructed
24958 The chairman lc one briefing members
24961 Keneth facilitating the roles and responsibilities of the water user committee and water users
24964 Mr muyige evalantine with his well smeared buildings
24967 Martin further emphasizing on roles and responsibilities
24940 The blue ones are the broken pipes and white ones are the new ones.
24946 That’s how their was putting the new pipes.
24952 That’s how the borehole was started working.
24664 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about the solutions to school drop outs.
24667 James the chaiman of the community of Nawandyo B, being greeted by his wife, this is a sign of respect when a woman kneels down to greet the husband. This made the whole community happy as they cheered them up. Diana told the chairman to keep loving his wife. This is becase such women are rare to find.
24670 Diana waiting for the chairman to greet the community of Nawandyo B, before she starts the lesson of the day, which was solutions to school drop outs.
24727 Mugote’s wife, sisters who were given the responsibility of writing the recipe for the chicken feeds. The two ladies will be the ones to help the rest of the members.
24658 Ituba Namalowe village, Maria teach about drug abuse and alcohol.
24661 Ituba Namalowe village, Maria asking members some of the drugs people use in this village.
24565 Naisamula village: Members showing how grateful they are for the health education program time in their village.
24571 Naisamula village: Irene asking one of the members to take them through one of the lessons discussed since the health education program started in their village.
24814 Igerera A village. The active participants receiving two community saucepans and a bar of soap per member( from kibo group) as a sign of appreciation and to encourage them to continue working together.
24817 Igerera A village. The community dancing after receiving saucepans and soap from kibo group . This showed how much they appreciated this surprise gift from kibo group. Kibo staff also joined the community, danced together as they celebrated the success together.
24820 Igerera A village. The Subcounty chief Mr.Kapalaga thanking Kibo for the work done in the Community. He also encouraged the participants to sustain what kibo has implemented in their community.
24646 Kamudoke. During the follow ups, Tape observed that most kitchens were not smeared and she kept on encouraging the members to begin smearing all their building before the stove building lessons began.
24649 Kamudoke. Also some kitchens need to be reconstructed at the roof because the grass had fallen off making it leak when it rains.
24550 Kishaike. During the evaluation process, Kibo staff found some efficient stoves well maintained and smeared.
24553 Kishaike. A young girl trying to take out the ash from a fuel efficient stove before the mother begins cooking on it.
24859 One of the participants was giving out some of the problems that young people face in their village.
24862 Another participants was asked participants questions during the review of the previous lesson taught.
24865 Participants washing their hands before joining other participants in class.
24622 During the debate of Bride Price
24628 Musa and Musasizi discussion on the scenario on Decision Making.
24631 Still on steps of making a good decision
24544 Bupaluka- Community members in a meeting to discuss further steps to continue working together and take good care of all their goats.
24547 Alex W encouraging all Bupaluka members to continue thinking of what other activities they can engage in and continue with the spirit of togetherness.
24568 Buyange village, Mr Gamali (in stripped tshirt) hands over his contribution for the community registration to the secretary Mr Mujib, mr gamali encouraged the members to intensify contributing money for group registration, he suggested that the6 should get some money off the project contributions and register with the subcounty which the community declined and decided that each membetpr should bring 1000 shillings before they sign in the constitution.
24574 Buyange village, Mr Gamali , the community vice chairperon ( in striped tshirt) briefs the community members after inspecting the land for the community project. He appealed to the members to brace for the rainy season when the project will be starting.
24577 Buyange village, chris listens as mr Gamali gives his opinion during the discussions on the commencement of the community project and registration of the community at the subcounty.
24580 Buyange village, the theme of the day as written on the white board.
24583 Buyange village, a member is taught where to put the signature in their constitution, the commnuity members are also making sure that they register at the sub county by wednesday.
24586 Buyange village, (left to right) Mr Gamali (vice chairperson), Mr Mwalimu ( who gave the land for the community project), chris (kibo), Mrs Nora kasoga ( chairperson), Mr Salumini (treasurer) and Mr Isembatya James ( division concilor for elders) pose for a photo as Mr mwalimu was handing the land over to the community members to start growing the onions. Mr Mwalimu said he did it willingly and wants to see a change in his community.
24556 That’s how they are busy maintaining their kitchens and constructing new dish racks.
24559 That’s how they was constructing their borehole wall fence.
24562 That’s how they was mixing the sand and cement, to construct their borehole wall fence.
24604 Keneth demonstrating on how to use the stand
24607 Newly built hand washing
24610 New hand washing stand built
24613 Keneth advised him to elevate a strong superstructure and provide roof and door for privacy
24616 Keneth advised him to elevate a wall and provide roof and door on his latrine
24619 Keneth delivered a jerrycan for hand washing and advised them to provide roof
24682 This home is trying to reconstruct a shower area which was broken due to heavy rainfall . I got an opportunity to teach them the values of having a strong and tall shower area with a drainage system.
24796 A child collecting water from one of the old existing springs. The water dries up in the dry season
24799 A child collecting water from the spring
24802 The chairman of Bugoba Bukusu and one of his committee members
24805 The children who had come to collect water from the spring
24532 Ida and Diana looking at the Tata truck which had fallen at Naigomba swamp, a two kilometres away from Bulyowa community. They were figuring out how they could cross
24535 A break down car trying to pull the truck that had fallen into the swamp
24538 A Truck that fallen at Naigombwa swamp two kilometres away from Bulyowa village
24541 Ida getting into the car to come back she and Diana couldnot access the Bulyowa village which was 2 kilometres away.
24514 Nawampiti village: Irene demonstrating on where the implant is inserted during the family planning lesson.
24517 Nawampiti village, Maria making a review on the previous lesson.
24520 Nawampiti village, Irene emphasizing the best family planning methods to use.
24481 Kamudoke. In the village, Kibo staff came across some girls cooking under trees because their parents had no kitchens. She encouraged the members especially the men to construct good kitchens for their families so that they receive the fuel efficient stoves, as well as to smear all their buildings.
24475 Jane contributing to the topic of the day Rape and Defilement
24478 This was a dance to wake the community up they seemed to be tired
24853 Manuela was asking the participants if they make decisions for their plans.
24856 Manuela was explaining to the participants the importance of having good decisions for any plans that we make.
24523 Kalitumba-The community members were giving in their views about economic projects/activities for themselves.
24526 Kalitumba-Alex B together with community members had discussion how to come up with economic project for the community.
24457 Abraham and Chris sharing with Kivule community leaders before the meeting.
24739 Abraham and Chris checking some trees the chairperson Mr Christopher planted
24493 This family has greatly embraced sanitation and maintained the hygiene of their home, clean jerrycan with water and soap. Latrine and shower area.
24496 This lady appreciates the work of water sanitation and hygiene program. She testified how their homes has completely transformed with proper sanitation
24589 Mr ofamba Charles built his new hand washing stand
24592 Resident who was building her stove on the last visit was using it efficiently
24595 New hand washing stand for mr kailugale
24598 Well built bath area
24601 New pit to be worked on for mr ofamba Charles new home
24442 Those are the kitchens and the dish racks, they have.
24445 Those are the shower areas, they have.
24448 That’s the meeting, they had with the village leaders.
24637 Butabira. Kibo staff and some district officials handing two large saucepans to the group committee leaders. These saucepans are to keep uniting them during any event/function in the village.
24640 Butabira. Kibo staff with the district officials inspecting the borehole built by Kibo Group in the village.
24643 Butabira. The community members were so happy after receiving some gifts from Kibo Group for the good work carried out after the program implementation.
24733 The chairman LC5 addressing the village and encouraging them to maintain what kibo has taught them in their village. The chairman thanked kibo group for the good work it’s done in Namutumba district and offered his full support to kibo
24751 The chairman of the village appreciated the community for taking good care of the borehole and encouraged them to continue working together and promote good hygiene and sanitation
24769 The police officer encouraged residents on unity and cooperation as well as working together and respecting each other. She also thanked Kibo for the good work it’s done in the village
24772 The RDC commissioned the borehole and handed it over to the community on behalf of the government. He also used the opportunity to encourage the village residents on promoting the safe water chain. He said water is only god when kept well and clean. He encouraged the residents to always keep their containers clean like the jericans and pots. He also encouraged them to have designated cups for drawing water from the pots and keeping their pots clean
24775 The RDC addressing the village residents on the issues of borehole ownership and sustainability. He encouraged them to always contribute money towards their borehole and he cautioned the chairman of the borehole water user committee that his leadership is present only when the borehole is functional but it ceases when the borehole breaks. He cautioned him to work so hard to make sure that the borehole is functional and beneficial to the community
24370 Khamadi in Nawandyo B, addressing the community on how to take care of your children
24394 Diana in Nawaandyo B, teaching about the causes and effects of school dropouts.
24397 Diana in Nawandyo B, explaining the importance of love during the lesson of school dropouts.
24379 Ida in Ndalike emphasizing how chickens can lift us from one step to the other when we put the lessons into practice.
24508 Kishaike village, Maria teaching about Immunization
24511 Kishaike village Maria discussing the different types of immunization.
24529 Naisamula village: Irene explaining the use of each item in the mama kit to the mother.
24490 Kirwanire village. Kibo staff guiding the participants as they build stoves on their own.
24484 Namusita. During the home to home visit, Kibo staff found one of the children called juma cooking on a traditional three stones open flames in the kitchen. He reported that his mother was not around and Suzan requested him to inform her about the new Kibo program and to attend the next coming meeting for more details.
24469 Bulyowa village, that man was explaining to the fellow participants how anger cost him a big problem for example he said when his daughter got pregnant, he was very angry to the extent that of beating her and she lost the baby she had inside and her daughter nearly died simply because he failed to manage his anger.
24472 Bulyowa village, mr Mpata was explaining how he manage his anger he said for him when he is annoyed, he moves away from the sin and comes back later, he continued and said that, that method have helped him in his family.
24355 The lady in the picture in a white dress, was giving a preview of the previous lesson.
24403 Alex B talking to the new committee members that were recently selected by the community members and were encouraged to take on their roles and responsibilities to steer this program in their village smoothly
24406 Alex W also emphasized to the leaders the need to plant trees in their community to tackle the problem of climate change and long dry spell.
24430 Buyange village, Mr Gamali , the community vice chairperson taljs to the community members during the discussions on economic activities, Mr Gamali also heads the budgeting committee responsible for the Onions growing project, he stated that if all the community memebers contribute, they will be able to plant onions on one acre of land one of the community members gave them.
24433 Buyange village, Mr Musenze speaking to the community members, he quoted a wording on the Kibo group website which says “good questions are better than imported solutions” . He thanked Kibo for teaching the community how to “fish”.
24436 Buyange village, chris talking to the community members during the discussions about the budget of their Onion project, the Onions project is estimated at 582,000 shillings which is expected to commence in january or febuary next year.
24439 Buyange village, Mr Ahmada the chairman of the village speaking to the community members, he thanked kibo for instilling a business attitude in the minds of the community members, he said this has helped to change the mind set of the people from being just the consumers to bring entreprenures.
24361 Those are the shower areas they have.
24364 That’s the well, were they used to get water.
24367 That’s how Martin and Steven, introduced themselves to local leaders, Bulungu to village.
24499 Enock checking on the broken borehole
24502 Some residents attending a small meeting at their broken borehole in bubusa village as Enock introduces the kibo wash program
24505 Enock visited the swap area where the community collects water for all their home activities since there borehole broke down a year ago
24706 The chairman of the village showing Tom (kibo staff) where they get water from in the swamp
24709 The section of the swamp were the village collects water from. The piece of wood is for standing on as some one draws the water
24712 Tom meeting some of the village leaders of Budomero village. They met at the section of the swamp were the village collects water from
24382 Nasimu a member from Bukudhumira posing for a photo. Members agreed to build a chicken coop at her home so that everyone learns. Next time the roof will be on.
24385 These two men Swaibu and Sam wanted a brick chicken coop. That’s still on the beginning stage.
24388 Nakato Irene of Igerera B, thanking Kibo for blessing their community with good programs.
24391 Tibita James of Igerera B, taking the attendance of the community members
24418 Kalitumba village: The chairman giving a word to the community members about kibo programs.
24277 Nawandyo A, village Maria teaching about family planning
24310 Nawandyo A village, Maria was demonstrating the different types of family planning to members.
24421 Butabira village. This lady Beth was found lighting fire in her stove to cook lunch for her family. She said that the stoves provided a smoke free environment and enables her to cook with her baby on the back because the stove vents out smoke .
24424 Butabira village. A kibo staff Harriet talking to this old man( okudo) who was cooking Groundnuts for his wife who was sick lying in the house.
24427 Butabira village. This is one of the dish rack that is being used though the rain has dirt the utensils . The owner of the dish rack Kampi who used to scatter her dirt utensils in her kitchen now uses her dish rack and she is proud of kibo for teaching her the importance of cooking in a clean kitchen and serving food on clean utensils.
24487 Kamudoke village , a Kibo staff Jeska inspecting the kitchens. She came a cross zaina’s kitchen that she tried to smear.
24412 Nawampiti. During the evaluation process after it had rained, Suzan found most facilities well improved especially the kitchens which were well roofed and smeared.
24415 Nawampiti. Kibo staff found one of the women in her kitchen trying to repair her cracked stove by sealing it with soaked thick dirt.
24460 Manuela was explaining the different ways of preventing HIV infections, Manuela was emphasizing abstinence she told the parents to talk to their children about that so that they shouldn’t become victims of HIV infections.
24463 Manuela advised the participants to stop sharing sharp instruments like needles and soft pin.
24466 Manuela found some members building stoves for their fellow participants who don’t have stoves.
24451 Abraham addressing community members for the things needed to open a community account.
24454 The chairperson LC1 Mr Giving ideas how they can get the money to ope up a community account.
24343 Nabituluntu village, Alex walyomu speaks to Mrs Babirye one of the members who received the goats. Chris and Alex wakyomu were following up on members who got the goats t record their progress. It was observed that the goats were very healthy and members are forming groups of six to monitor their health.
24346 Nabituluntu village, esther of the daughters to Mrs Nabirye holding a goat she received from kibo, she was from feeding it. Mrs Nabirye gave her chikdren task of feeding her goat as she went to attend to her farm.
24349 Nabituluntu village, Alex speaks to Mr Sooka one of the members who received the goats, he said they are planning to call all members for a meeting to lay strategies of how to take care of their goats, they were planning to collect money for emergencies.
24352 Nabituluntu village, Alex speaks to Mrs scolastica as she monitors her goat she received from kibo.