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11285 The group chairpersons receiving some of the gifts from Kibo group staff.
11288 Some of the women participants dancing and rejoicing after receiving the gifts from Kibo staff.
11267 During review of the previous lesson.
11270 After lesson, Manuela was moving around the class checking the pupils books/ notes.
11273 The school life skills teacher was explaining to the pupils that all the changes that comes during adolescence are normal it dose not mean time for marriage.
11276 Manuela was explaining to the pupils about the importance of teaching sex education in school.
11279 Kazimba kungira members learning how to plant Mvule trees
11303 Inspector of Police addressing the community
11306 This was during mapping
11309 During mapping
11321 Handing over the shovel and pickaxes to the chairman and his committee
11297 This is how their constructing their shower areas with bricks and cement at the top, to make it strong and clean.
11300 This is how their busy working on their latrine constructions.
11294 Some of the homes which had not yet started constructing on their pits they have started to improve on them.
11282 One of the members who was found cooking on her neat fuel efficient stove.
11213 Manuela was explaining to the pupils that Menstrualtion period are curses, sickness or something to worry about.
11216 Manuela was demonstrating to the pupils on how they can fold the piece of materials that they normally use during their monthly periods.
11219 Manuela called up on the some girls to demonstrate folding pierce of clothings that they use front of the other pupils during the Life Skills lessons.
11222 Lesson of the day.
11225 Manuela was seriously emphasizing on issues of mensuration.
11249 Members of Group C discussing their question which was on help for delaying sex/ steps for delaying sex.
11252 Group members of B taking the class through Reasons for saying No to sex
11255 Shamina and Waiswa members of group A getting ready to present.
11234 Steven Kambale guiding a young boy on the proper ways of digging a new pit latrine in Okudo’s home
11240 Alex encouraging a family that is digging a new pit latrine. He encouraged them to dig up to 30ft
11243 A new pit latrine under construction in Butabira village
11246 A group of family people digging a new pit latrine in Butabira
11228 This is how Mugoya Alajabu plastering his new latrine.
11237 This is Nabirye Zabiya’s new pit latrine with a slab on it, and she is a widow.
11324 Some of the committee members who turned up for the meeting
11258 Some of the new shower areas under construction
11261 An example of some of the new pits being dug
11204 David teaching on Gender roles and responsibilities
11207 This man who was drunk asked David a question that does dress code matter when it comes to a wife putting on what her husband dislikes. This was resolved that they need to talk to each other so that eachone is comfortable in what they are wearing.
11210 David asked the women what the responsibilities of a woman were in a home and this woman stood up to mention some of these responsibilities
11180 Alex B was demonstrating how to dig the hole for mvule tree at Budumba.
11183 The community members was digging the hole for demonstration of mvule In Budumba
11231 The borehole in Bulyowa A that keep breaking down many times due to salty water that cause the pipes to easily break
11171 Steven giving advice on how the best rubbish pit should be
11264 This home is among of those who are still digging their new pit latrines.
11186 Members of Nabikenge village listening to the health lesson
11195 After the health lesson in Nabikenge village
11132 Firewood that will be split into small pieces and put into the high risen firewood storages by some members in the village since the rain season has begun.
11135 Manuela was asking the pupils questions during reviewing of the lessons.
11138 Elizabeth was introducing her self to the pupils and also advising them to keep on studying.
11141 Pupils practicing how to write correct spelling of what they can read .
11144 Lesson of the day.
11147 After learning, Manuela requested some pupils to evaluate their fellow pupils to find out if they have understood the lesson of the day.
11150 This structure was constructed for the offsprings when they bring them back they will keep them as they figure out what to do.
11153 This is how Aizaka Buyinza, smeared his new latrine.
11156 This is how they construct the local houses with sticks and grass.
11159 This is how Bulayimu Pande smeared his main house.
11168 Steven, Elizabeth and racheal admire one of the hand washing facilities at the Chairman’s latrine.
11126 The members participating together in stamping the dirt for building the fuel efficient stove.
11129 Some members participating in digging out the termite dirt from its anthill.
11069 During this time, Manuela was reviewing the previous lesson that pupils learnt .
11072 Manuela was explaining to the pupils about the importance of abstinence.
11075 Lesson for the day.
11078 Medicine was advising the pupils to in stay in school and always listen to their teachers.
11054 Teacher Kulire the Life Skills teacher votes hung with Lorna.
11057 Isabel was given a chance to address the pupils on issues of early marriages
11066 Moriah also got to speak to the pupils on early pregnancy
11102 The members of Bukudumira discussing how to have the saving and loaning scheme in their group.
11036 A new pit next to an old pit latrine.
11039 A new standard rubbish pit in Butabira
11042 A 30ft that was recently completed in Muketa’s home
11045 Old pit latrine and open defecation in James home
11048 Old pit latrine in one of the household in the village
11105 This is how their busy working on their new latrine constructions and the hand washing stands.
11108 This is how their busy working on their new pit latrines.
11291 One of the new dish racks recently constructed
11081 This is how their busy working on their new latrines.
11084 This is how their busy working on their new pit latrines.
11162 Installing the borehole handle protector
11051 One of the pit latrine that doesn’t meet standards in kalalu village
11030 One of the members found cooking on her fuel efficient stove
11033 A participant in her kitchen with a stove and firewood in it’s storage.
11018 At the Kibo borehole
11024 Bukhana got an opportunity of getting a new borehole by a certain organization from Kampala. They came to install the pipes
11027 Lorna meeting with the Life Skills teachers at Bukhana Primary School.
10988 Julias Balikowa, he is an old man, he dug a new pit latrine 25ft deep it’s constructed and its working.
10991 This is David Isiko’s new kitchen, it’s roofed it working.
10994 This is how their busy working on their new pit latrines.
11165 A new latrine being dug in the village
11015 During the hand washing triggering session
11114 One of the malnourished babies Irene is following up as regards her nutrition lesson
11117 One of the families in kagulu that needs a follow up as regards nutrition
11123 Irene carrying a malnourished one year baby that needs a follow up
10922 Suzan taking a look and appreciating some of the firewood which was kept in the high risen storages.
10925 One of the grass thatched hats in the village which was well smeared.
10928 A fuel efficient stove stove cooking food easily and faster in one of the member’s kitchen.
10931 Some fine firewood kept up on the firewood storages in times of scarcity during rainy season.
10907 Pupils practicing how to write correct spelling of each ward they are learning in life skills.
10910 Pupils taking notes during Life Skills lessons.
10913 Manuela was explaining to the pupils about the importance of having a goal for life.
10916 Manuela teaching along with the school life skills teacher.
10874 Class in session
10880 3 teachers were in attendance
10892 Collapsed bathroom affected by rains
10895 Old pit latrine that doesn’t meet any standards
10898 Okello Peter’s new pit measuring 25ft under construction
10901 New pit latrine structure under construction
10904 The village chairman, Mr. Patrick looks at an old full pit latrine that a family still uses
10976 This is how their busy working on their latrine constructions.
10979 This is Alisi Batesa’s rubbish pit.
10982 Sarah Buuseni’s new latrine, 2 rooms roofed.
10985 Ayisa Nampina’s new latrine, single room, she is a widow, already constructed and roofed.
11006 A new constructed dish for the widow
11009 The widows new dug rubbish pit
11012 This is how they are make using their dishrack.
10997 Irene demonstrating on how germs are passed from one individual to another to the members of maliga
11003 Some of the members of maliga listening to the health lesson
10919 Manuela is explaining to the the school inspector the reason why Kibo is intended to enroll this program in secondary school also.
10940 Some of the committee members and the chairman who had come for the meeting
10943 The vht standing next to his new pit he has started digging