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7916 Members of Kiteigalwa discuss how the are going to work together with all the community members
7880 A new kitchen under construction in Naibowa village.
7832 The baby three months later. The mother thanx Kibo for the good work they are doing in their village,because she would have neglected her baby if she had no health specialist to talk too.
7835 Irene met this baby three months ago, it was a small for date baby with 1.9kgs the mother was so desperate because among her 4 children she had never had such a small baby. Irene counseled her on exclusive breastfeeding and the best way to take care of the baby and 3months later the baby is the 5 kgs active and healthy.
7865 Some of the selected committee leaders to lead the Healthy and Safe Kitchens program in the community.
7850 Sitting down is Teacher Stephen signing to the deaf pupils
7853 Manuela teaching on Assertive messages.
7856 Manuela demonstrating how to fold a piece of cloth a girl child can use in their menstruation period.
7868 Natasha a deaf pupil demonstrating to the rest of the pupils the procedure in folding the piece of cloth.
7862 Here are the Bukhudumira community members discussing how opening up the group account will benefit them.
7904 A home with a new hand washing stand, shower facility and latrine
7907 A new home under construction
7910 A latrine with a new hand washing stand
7913 Another recently constructed latrine with a new hand washing stand and a jerican
7838 This is alijanati Nabirye’s new dish rack.
7841 This is also her new shower area with cement at the top.
7859 Nemwa Mary(Widow) standing next to her new pit latrine being constructed
7871 This new bathroom was recently constructed by the chairman of Kisiro east.
7874 Okware John’s new bathroom under construction
7877 Yusuf’s new bathroom
7883 A new pit latrine under construction in Kisiro east section belonging to a widow called Rose.
7886 Balabyeki Yakubu new pit latrine.
7889 Ochieng viscent constructing a structure on his pit latrine
7844 The status of the kibo borehole in nawandyo B
7847 Mr kige‘s new latrine slab under construction
7817 Budumba community members listening to the general body hygiene lesson
7793 The chairperson asking if chickens can hatch after three weeks.
7787 Eric and Allan demonstrated the Avoiding communication style to the rest of the pupils.
7790 Teacher Peninah and Teacher Steven both got to also talk to the class about what they understood about the communication styles of Attack and Avoid.
7799 They chairman of Nawaibete showing his Mvule trees
7796 Bupaluka borehole Status
7901 A new latrine recently constructed in kishaike village . It’s for a home who’s latrine was very old and full.
7808 Amuza Nabongo he is digging a new pit latrine it’s now 15ft deep. He is still continuing to make it 30ft deeper. Which is so good.
7811 Bakaki Isabirye dug a new pit latrine 25ft deep it’s under construction.
7814 Fatuma Kasigaire, she is so happy for her husband, because he constructed a new kitchen, shower area and he is digging a new pit latrine it’s now 15ft deep. The group liked that home so much.
7763 A woman from Bulinda(Jeska’s sister)that Ida took to the hospital in a Kibo car as an Ambulance for proper treatment
7766 Some of the members practicing how to cut and level the banana stems.
7769 The members participating in stamping the dirt that will be used for building the stove.
7802 Manuela teaching the pupils about Assertive massages.
7805 One of the pupil called Namaganda is explaining some of the wards in Assertive massages.
7742 Lorna meeting with the Headteacher on the progress of Life Skills Education and Counseling in the School.
7745 Lorna requested to see the pupils books and know which topic is currently being handled. The deputy in the picture is going through some of the pupils books.
7892 The chairman helping a village resident construct a hand washing stand
7895 A jerican on a hand washing stand
7898 A resident with his new models of hand washing
7748 New pit under construction in Kisiro village
7760 Manuela teaching the community members about how HIV is transmitted from one person to another.
7754 Teaching on the causes of Early Pregnancy as an immediate need on request of the Headteacher.
7772 Brief reminder on what Life Skills is and what it is composed of.
7820 A newly constructed latrine in the village of Kalitumba
7751 This is how their busy working on kitchens and dish racks.
7703 Members of Budumba actively listening to the health lesson
7706 The members mobilized to clean the well and its in good state
7730 One of the community members cooking outside her kitchen on a three stones open flame stove.
7733 Kibo staff teaching the members how to build a fuel efficient stove.
7721 Lorna was telling the community members that we do not need to make small things that can be resolved immediately turn out into something big that will be difficult to resolve later.
7724 This man is on the LC committee he was requesting Lorna to please talk to the women on their behalf as for them the men ,whatever they say to their wives they will ask them whether they can’t do it themselves. He was therefore saying Gender equality is what will break their homes as it is what the women are using to defend themselves as they don’t want to be told.
7709 Alex B was discussing with the members how they would benefit from saving scheme.
7823 The borehole in Buyange village is well maintained and swept
7826 Mwajuma digging a new pit latrine to replace one that sunk in during the recent rains
7829 This new pit latrine belongs to a new resident that just moved into Buyange from Kibuku district. The village leaders encouraged him to have all the sanitation facilities in his home before settling in
7712 The group were so encouraged to see Dolotia lsabirye an-old woman’s new latrine.
7715 Patrick Kyemele’s new pit latrine it’s under construction.
7718 This is how their busy digging the new pit latrines.
7727 Onya Charles completed his new pit Latrine. He dug a 38ft pit
7784 A resident pulling dirt from a pit being dug for a new latrine in his home
7670 A community member cooking food using a three stone open flames stove.
7673 A young child in the community trying to roast maize on a three stones open flame stove which can easily lead to fire burns.
7676 Pupils during the redo of the post test of Decision Making Skills
7622 Besides teaching life skills, Manuela is encouraging the pupils to practice reading culture.
7625 Manuela also encourages the pupils to practice reading culture, not only in life skills but also other subjects too.
7628 Manuela is explaining to the pupils the different communication styles for example she was trying to educate the pupils about Assertiveness as the beast way to communicate.
7700 Bukoma A constitution
7736 This is the borehole in ituba Namalowe that was recently repaired by Kibo but now requires new bearings
7661 A new bathroom being constructed replacing one that broke down recently
7664 A new pit Latrine in Kisiro village that was constructed replacing the old collapsed pit latrine.
7691 The person standing in the picture is Tuli the chairperson of Kigalama / Namuseno.He was reminding the community members of what they learnt about in the previous lesson.
7658 Community members in Nabikenge listening to the health lesson regarding intestinal worms
7640 One of the members posing next to her well smeared stove and kitchen.
7643 A well smeared kitchen and a fuel efficient stove.
7631 Manuela teaching the community members about the importance of life skills program as she introduced it to the community members of this village.
7634 Manuela is listening to the members about their views on this program .
7637 That is the kitchen of Nangobi where she hope to keep her goat during night.It has no door.She was advised to put the door for security purposes during at night.
7778 A new latrine under construction
7781 A stove being used for cooking
7646 Alex meeting with the village leaders discussing about current village status and involving the village about contributing for iron sheets and hand washing facility construction in the village
7649 A meeting was held under Naibowa church of Christ
7652 Kibo staff has continued to educate people about use of ash and this one home has been consistent using ash in the pit latrine
7655 Rather than using the usual buveera (polythene), Kibo staff has encouraged people to use banana fibre mats that are more sustainable
7589 Manuela and Lorna are discussing with the community members about common problems that result in different homes in that village.
7592 This man was explaining how women emancipation have destroyed so many families in this village. For example he said that most women don’t listen to their husband simply because if they beat them they have where to report.
7595 That man was encouraging fellow community members to come again and they learn more about this lesson.
7577 Those are some of the members within the demonstration group garden project.Alex B checked up with the garden to see how it was doing after meeting.
7739 A resident showing the kibo visitors his new pit he’s digging
7571 One of the new permanent pit latrines constructed in Kigalama village
7574 A new pit latrine in Kigalama but lacking the roof
7604 She is so happy because of her new pit latrine.
7607 This is how their busy working on their sanitation facilities like constructing their dish racks and smearing their houses.
7610 This is one of the new pit latrines in that village.
7538 Suzan speaking to the village local leaders of kagulu
7559 Community members participating in stamping the dirt going to be used for building the stove.
7514 Aisha giving an answer in class.
7517 Teacher Peninah and Tr Steven taking the pupils through the post test corrections.
7523 We tried out role play on Attack and Avoid communication styles.
7613 Manuela is explaining to the pupils about the importance of communication behavior and the pupils are raising their hands up find out what it means.
7616 Pupils raising their hands up to ask Manuela questions about the importance of communication in their lives.
7619 That girl is trying to give a definition on what is communication skills
7529 Saul and Living in the demonstration group garden of soybeans and cassava
7697 They re-register the group at the sub county
7685 A new latrine being constructed. In the foreground is the concrete slab they have put on the pit
7688 An elderly man standing next to his pit he’s digging for a latrine
7550 A sign post that was put up by another NGO called GOAL about Kazimba kungira being open defecation free.
7553 A new well that was drilled recently by GOAL NGO.
7556 All the neighboring villages also participated in hygiene and sanitation program with GOAL NGO
7541 Salamuka jamali,s wife improving on his kitchen by smearing.
7544 Kayigwa Yakubu,s new pit latrine construction under progress
7562 Digging of a new latrine
7565 New latrine under construction
7547 The first chicken coop in Ikumbya and they want to build another one