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21537 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about chores and responsibilities in children
21540 Khamadi the secretary in Nawandyo B,addressing the community on issues concerning the chores given to children in the community.
21525 Ndalike members actively shading during the activity time. The lesson was about chores and responsibilities in children.
21528 Kisame sharing chores she gives her children in Ndalike community.
21489 Igerera A . Kibo staff Harriet guiding the participants to form policies that will govern the healthy and safe kitchens program.
21531 Kirwanire. Kibo staff training some of the members to cut and shape banana stems which will be fixed into the fuel stoves.
21534 Kirwanire. Some of the members participated in the molding of the dirt after stamping it.
21522 Zuniga contributing to the topic of the day
21477 Alex Bamulumbye sharing with Kazimbakujira community members about economic project.
21501 That’s how Sulaiman Mulyangule, he is digging the new pit latrine.
21504 That’s how they are busy constructing their new hand washing stands.
21507 That’s how they are plastering their new hand washing stands.
21510 That is how other residents, working on their new dish racks.
21498 Women from Bukudhumira listening to Ida as she was mentioning causes of domestic violence.
21462 Igerera B, Muzamiru opening with a word of prayer
21465 IgereraB, Maria teaching about Measles and chicken pox
21468 Igerera B, the VHT Nasirumbi Rose thanking Kibo for the good job done in their village
21471 IgereraB, Irene thanking members for their continuous coming and also giving her last remarks for the health lessons in this village
21492 Butabira village. This is a latrine for Namukwana’s that is well smeared as one of the facilities that need to be smeared before she gets a stove.
21495 Butabira village. These women were participating in the stove building exercise as kibo staff Harriet was guiding them.
21483 Kishaike. Suzan trying to lite fire in one of the participants stove. This was intended to see if the smoke was coming out from the vent.
21486 Kishaike. Kibo staff checking on a well maintained firewood storage stocked with enough firewood.
21456 Nawampiti village. Kibo staff Tape guiding participants as they build stoves on their own. Pictured is the Chairperson of the healthy and safe kitchen program in Nawampiti participating in stove building.
21459 Nawampiti village , Kibo staff Tape in a brown dress teaching the participants how to measure banana stems used to build stoves.
21444 Muyodi requested you teach the community on a certain kind of sanitary towel that detects Sexually transmitted diseases. It was an interesting kind that goes for 20,000/= Ug shillings each. Has good absorption and aeration ... it causes inflammation immediately it detects an infection.
21447 Pastor Wilber contributing to the topic of the day of Human rights of persons living with HIV
21450 Mukyala commenting on the topic of the day
21396 Bupaluka-Alex Walyomu teaching the community members how to care for the goats they will receive from Kibo Group
21480 Nabutuluntu women listen during the meeting to discuss about the care for goats.
21381 New pit dug and with wall lining for a firm foundation
21384 New hand washing stand constructed and awaiting for plastering for durability
21387 New pit dug awaiting slab casting
21390 New latrine pit dug and superstructure raised awaiting roofing
21393 More excavation of the pit to a recommended depth and then slab cast to be laid
21399 The young girl (Amina) asking her mother to come for weekly lessons. This is Bukoma village where by the girl was listening to Ida as she was teaching about parenting skills.
21408 Waiswa the chairman, moving with his wife to attend the community empowerment lessons in Bulyowa A.
21414 Waiswa escorting his wife and waits for her to sit while he was still carry the baby. This demonstrates the lesson of love and unity in marriage, in Bulyowa A community.
21417 Diana in Bulyowa A teaching about the effects of domestic violence in this community
21420 Martin in Bulyowa A, listening to the question of Margret which was, is it important for men to be eating in hotels?This was during the lesson of domestic violence.
21423 Nawandyo A, The chairperson welcoming members and encouraging them to keep time.
21426 Nawandyo A, Justine the village VHT clarifying on some of the causes of low hospital turn up of mothers in her village.
21429 Nawandyo A, Maria welcoming members and also reviewing the previous lesson.
21441 Butabira. Hellen one of the young active girls posing near her mother’s freshly smeared stove.
21339 Nawampiti village. Harriet guiding Scovia on how best to smear her newly built stove.
21342 Nawampiti village. A kibo staff Harriet and Alex Bamulumbye listening to the community as they share stove building progress. Waiswa standing said that they have tried to build stoves on their own but the challenge is that since the rainy season has started some people dodge the Healthy and safe kitchens program and concrete in their gardens.
21348 Nawampiti village. Harriet and Alex Bamulumbye looking at a weak constructed fired storage stand that was well stocked with firewood. They encouraged Naigaga to remove all the wood that was stocked on a weak stand to avoid it falling on some family members that may cause accidends. They advised her to use strong poles as she constructs the firewood storage stands.
21402 Budumba village, Mr Kaisu the tree planting chairperson briefs the meeting about the challenges and achievements the community is facing as they evaluate the economic activities of the community and register the community as well. He reported that some members absent themselves from the meetings.
21405 Budumba village, chris talks to the community leaders during a meeting to guide the community through which economic activity to undertake basing on the resources available.
21411 Budumba village, Mr Grace the community economic activity secretary reads the names of the committed community members to the members. He reported that their is less commitment from some members who miss meetings on many accasions.
21345 Chairperson LC1 daughter Mr Bumali showing the tree she is taking care of.
21351 Abraham showing one of Buluvu member how to put a cage around the tree for protection
21354 One of Buluvu community member showing the tree she has replaced.
21432 A new hand washing stand recently constructed at Fiida’s home. This new design was taught by Kibo group WASH program in Maliga village.
21435 This giant lira tree was given to Fiida by Kibo group in 2018. The tree has been taken good care of and has grown so big
21438 This is Fiida’s cow she got out of one goat she received from kibo group back in 2019. Fifteen other community members in Maliga have gotten each cow now out of a goat they received from kibo group Mvule program
21474 The new borehole wall fence for Mpumiro village under construction
21375 New pit dug with pit lining which gives adequate support from collapsing in
21378 New hand washing stand constructed
21261 Ida demonstrating how women how men treat their spouses in Ndalike village.
21264 Kisame Fred reading the story of Jesus calming the storm as he was explaining what he understood by the chart that they were given to color (shade) in Ndalike village.
21330 Naisamula,Maria was teaching about Uganda’s major infectious communicable diseases
21333 Naisamula, Maria asking members some of the major infectious communicable diseases.
21336 Naisamula, Irene discussing with community members some of the challenges they face with their children while in lockdown of schools.
21255 Igerera A. Kibo staff Harriet in a blue shirt guiding participants to chose leaders that will coordinate the healthy and safe kitchens program.
21258 Igerera A. During the meeting one of the community members(Simon) standing discussing about qualities of good leaders.
21366 Kazimba Kungira village. Jeska looking at one of the newly constructed firewood stand that need to be stocked with enough firewood that the home can use during the time of scarcity especially during the rainy season. She encouraged the family members to look for more wet wood, stock it there, the heat will help to dry them so that they can use them later.
21369 Kazimba kungira village. Jeska looking at Kampi Josephines stove that had cracks before but after Kibo’s visit Alexander worked with his wife and were able to smear their stove. On the side there is a stove that the children also gambled to build on their own meaning that the children were also learning something from Kibo’s program.
21372 Alexander’s stove before it was smeared, it had developed cracks.
21297 Kirwanire. Tape and Suzan in the kitchen teaching the community members how to build the fuel efficient stoves.
21267 Lorna started with the children before the Parents . In this picture we were having a break. There were 12 children from Primary 5 and above and also from primary 4 and below. The mobilizer did not specify the age group so the children also joined in.
21270 During communication Skills topic.
21243 The auditor Mr Jude sharing with Bukudumira community members
21246 Mr Swaibu showing the visitors the community economic project activity they are doing as a community.
21312 Buyange village, Alex walyomu talks to the community members who attended the lesson on constitution writing, he used that opportunity to encourage them to start thinking about uplifting themselves out of poverty by identifying what resources are available instead of having to wait for kibo or government to help them.
21315 Buyange village, Mrs Noroh Kasoga , the chairperon of the constitution writing committee reads part of the written constitution to the community members.
21318 Buyange village ,Meet Mr Isaac musenze,a teacher by profession and a father of six. Mr Isaac is blind but very intelligent, he interpretes the constitution to the community members in local laguage they understand well.
21300 Mr Martin teaching about triggering lessons and letting community members know the minor things they do that can lead to eating of feacal matter like,walls contamination,anal cleansing material,dirt under nails,feaces on babies’ nappies
21303 Keneth demonstrated to the community members on howto wash hands and letting them see the waste water when they wash hands with and without soap
21306 Steven taking the community members on the hand washing stand model on how it’s built and it’s operation
21309 Keneth and Steven guiding the Manson skilled person on how to build the stand
21543 The chairman LC3 giving a speech in the council meeting.
21546 Council meeting about the planning for the sub-county where kalalu village is located.
21549 The sub-county chief giving a speech and appreciating kibo activities in their sub-county
21327 The auditor taking a picture of the newly constructed borehole wall fence as one of the committee members mr Sanyu looks on
21183 Ida demonstrating to the community of Bukudumira the food rations of the chicken.
21186 Diana introducing the lesson of Domestic violence in Bukudhumira
21195 Diana and Ida demonstrating the causes of domestic violence in Bukhudumira community
21276 Kalitumba village : Maria talking to Hajirah a 14 year old young mother and offering her a mama kit for hospital delivery.
21279 Kalitumba village:Maria discussing about Pneumonia.
21282 Kalitumba village: Irene explaining to the members the distance from which members should keep so as to avoid easy spread of some viral diseases that come as a result of saliva droplets.
21159 Butabira village, kibo staff Harriet and Jeska guiding the participants as they mix grass and dirt. During the lesson the participants had messed up instead of mixing dirt and grass at a ratio of 2:1 they had mixed at a ratio of 1:2. Kibo staff corrected their mistakes.
21189 Igerera A, During the home visit Suzan found when most homes were cooking on open flames. This one of the home that she came a cross.
21192 Igerera A village. During the home visits these women voluntarily walked with Suzan to some homes , the children were also following meaning that they were also learning something.
21357 Nawampiti village. This woman Nabirye was found smearing her stove to prevent it from cracking and to look neat.
21360 Nawampiti. Village.kibo staff Tape inspecting the home facilities before the meeting to follow up on smearing progress.
21363 Nawampiti village. One of the homes that had a strong fire wood risen stand that was well stocked with firewood.
21225 The community members carrying out an assignment on HIV and Behavior change. They were paired in twos for this discussion
21228 In a blue shirt is a pastor while in red pants is a Sheihk contributing to the topic of the day
21234 Ismail giving a review of the previous lesson
21240 These three ladies were contributing to the discussion of the day
21219 Alex Walyomu teaching Kitukiro community members about their economic project
21222 The councilor of Kitukiro to the Bugaya sub county Mr Eryasa Owolulalo also teaching the community about the community economic project and he also promised to give financial help towards poultry project.
21273 Nabitutluntu village,Chris (standing), discussing to the community members about Kibo’s objectives of decision to give goats to the community. He advised the community to use the goats to uplift themselves out of poverty.
21291 One of the VHTs called Mr Akuzasi also checking and encouraging the local leaders to continue constructing good standard facilities
21294 There is a good latrine in the backyard and they showed us the place where they are planning to construct the hand washing stands
21285 That is how they are maintaining their old dish racks and women are so happy for using them.
21288 That’s how are using their dish racks
21321 Kenneth inspecting and guiding one resident on the right way of pumping water from the borehole
21324 Residents doing final touches on the kishaike borehole wall fence
21156 Ida praying with Bukoma community members before the meeting started.
21174 Mpata one of the community member in Bulyowa giving one of the causes of domestic violence in the community, he said that when women don’t trust them(men), this can make them embittered and they end up fighting, causing domestic violence.
21177 Bwiire Charles, the Secretary of Bulyowa community, explaining to Diana and the community members that if a woman doesn’t thank him for buying for her a gift this can make him hungry which in the end leads to domestic violence.
21180 Diana in Bulyowa A teaching about domestic violence. In this picture, Dian told the women to appreciate the gifts given to them if they are big panties, they should put on before their husbands, so that they shop together.
21135 Igerera B, Maria during a door to door evaluation, encouraging a teenager about abstinence
21138 Igerera B, Maria was encouraging a mother to go to hospital for antenatal care and postnatal care
21150 Igerera B, Maria encouraging Naigaga on personal hygiene.
21108 Butabira. Suzan in Goreti’s kitchen advising her not to cook on her new improved fuel stove until it turns one month at least. She also encouraged her to keep turning and twisting the saucepans so that they don’t get stuck in the stove.
21111 Butabira. Suzan found that some community members had neatly smeared their buildings which also had strong roofs.
21231 At the beginning of the lesson, other community members joined in towards the end.
21249 Budumba village, above is a photo of community members and their leaders who were discussing about adding more members in their saving scheme.
21252 Budumba village, the chairman of budumba village, mr David welcoming chris and abraham to the meeting, the chairman mobilized the community leaders to embrace every development program that comes in the community.
21114 Kalitumba —Alex B was sharing with community members ideas how to draft their constitution.
21117 Kalitumba—James the Lc1 reminding the community to attending meetings in time.
21198 There is a home for long near the swamp area which didn’t have a latrine. They used to do open defecation around the swamp area. This family have now completed their new latrine. Enock advised them to add more brick to make the structure taller before the roof it.
21201 This home has a hand washing stand which was constructed in front and the other is constructed next to the latrine. The people have bought cement to build strong hand washing stands.
21141 Mr bagaga clement positively working on his new dug pit to lay lining on the sides of the pit for a firm and sustainable slab
21144 Some residents are eager to learn and have passion for the safe kitchens program and this will be of ease in this village since some members have the interest
21147 Mr kawowo asumani had aseries of undesirable and hazardous facilities that he used to go in and due to Kibo wash program in this village and its teachings was able to construct a reliable and sustainable latrine facility
21162 Steven was encouraging Muzamilu Bogere’s wife, how to use the new dish rack.
21165 Martin was encouraging Kiika lrimba to construct the dish rack, to stop putting the dishes on the ground.
21168 Martin and Ayasi Kaluya the Chairman LC1 in that village, to construct a strong and better dish rack.
21036 Diana in Nawandyo B demonstrating how some of the children react when they are told to do chores by their parents, and yet chores help them gain confidence in what they do.
21039 Diana and Khamadi in Nawandyo B, demonstrating how men feel when their wives are taking good care of them
21033 Ida listening to men from Ndalike community as they were raising their concerns.
21123 The chairperson welcoming the members for the health lesson
21126 Ituba village, Irene teaching about UTI, STDs and HIV/AIDS
21171 Ituba Namalowe: saida requesting the health educator to talk to the Government to resume out reaches in their village.
21078 Igerera A village. Harriet a kibo staff in a blue shirt introducing the healthy and safe kitchen program to the second group.
21081 Igerera A . Village. During the home to home visit, All the households she visited were cooking on the traditional three stones fire. This is one the homes for Nandego who was cooking on the traditional three stones fire.
21096 Kirwanire. Kibo staff with the community members participating in fetching the dirt from the anthill while taking it to the home where the stove will be built.
21099 Kirwanire. Some of the members participated in stamping the dirt and carrying it inside the kitchen for stove building.
21060 Nawampiti. Tape encouraged some of the community members to construct stronger firewood storages which can hold up enough firewood.
21102 Buyange village, Chris (standing) emphasizes a point during the discussions with the community about writting their constitution, the community members contributed by giving their opinions regarding the constitution.
21105 Buyange, Maria (standing) emphasized on women participation during the constitution writing.
21051 Kazimbakujira members discussing about a community economic project of buying a tent with one hundred seats.
21129 This home has a nice shower area in the back yard which has a cement ring on top and this will help it to stay stronger
21132 One of the had washing stands which was constructed but didn’t have a jerrycan can. When Enock asked where they had placed the jerrycans they said they had gone to the garden and had to keep it in the house so that it can not be taken by people who sell plastics. So when they had just come back home and said they will place it back in no time.
21042 Butabira village: The builder, Richard from Butabira Village building the borehole wall fence
21045 Butabira village: community members, women and men participated during the construction of the wall fence. There was even a meal that was prepared for lunch to those that were present and helped during the work.
21048 Butabira village: construction of the borehole wall fence at the new borehole drilled by Kibo group in Butabira Village
21210 Community members installing the pile on the borehole wall fence in kishaike
21213 Constructing the borehole wall fence in Mpumiro. Here the committee members were constructing the foundation for the borehole wall fence
21216 The borehole wall fence structure being constructed on kishaike borehole
21063 Some of the members who had these stoves and need improvement by the stoves and safety kitchens program.and by the time this program kicks off in this village,they will have ease
21066 This was the triggering session where residents learnt why they should wash hands with soap. Because they saw the difference in the waste water when washed with and without soap
21069 Hand washing stand demonstration fully participated and involved community members as guided by the Kibo facilitators
21072 Triggering session conducted where residents learnt how they can mistakenly eat each other’s feacal matter through lessons like shit and shake,annal cleansing materials,dirt under finger nails,wall contamination,and feaces on babies nappies ,since mothers and breastfeeding mothers also attended
20985 Hand washing triggering session
20988 Keneth emphasizing the importance of hand washing
20991 Community members taking the lead in constructing a hand washing stand and learning how to construct a stand.
20994 Hand washing triggering session and demonstrating how to wash hands with with and without soap.
20997 After learning from the kibo stuff how to construct a hand washing stand. The community residents are now constructing a demonstration in one of the homes how to construct a good hand washing station in one of the homes where we usually meet.
21000 Enock emphasizing the core values of hand washing, discussed with the community about the challenges of poor hand washing behaviors.
21003 One of the stands constructed by the community members .
21015 The chickens of Mr. Swaibu of Bukudhumira. He bought them after attending the second poultry lesson which community empowerment had taught to them.
21018 Ida teaching how to feed the chickens in Bukudhumira, as the community listens attentively.
21021 Igerera B, Maria teaching briefly about STDs, UTI, and HIV.
21120 Igerera B, Irene teaching about HIV and STDs
21153 Igerera B, Irene teaching about HIV/ AIDs
21075 Butabira. Kibo staff teaching the community members how to build the fuel efficient in the kitchen.
20934 Kirwanire village. Kibo staff Harriet looking at the grass that the community has chopped so far in preparation of stoves.
20937 Kirwanire village. During the home visits Harriet came a cross this child who was cooking food on the traditional three stones fire which is dangerous to her healthy.
20940 Kirwanire village. During the home to home inspection Harriet kitchen that was smeared but rain has started spoiling because it was not roofed well. Harriet talked the owner to roof the kitchen before she gets a stove to avoid the stove being destroyed by rain. She also encouraged her also to smear the walls inside the kitchen so that it can look neat both inside and outside.
20976 Nawampiti. Kibo staff guiding some community members on how to build stoves on their own.
20979 Nawampiti. Some of the community members practicing how to cut and shape the banana stems that will be placed in the fuel stoves.
20952 Bupaluka— Alex W was sharing with the community the best way to care for the goats that will be given to them by Kibo group.
20955 Bupaluka— Alex W was verifying the passport photos as members were submitting them for update.
20958 Bupaluka- Alex B encourages the community members to work together in development of their community
20961 The LC1 chairperson of Kitukiro village Mr Abudala Kasadha speaking to community members. He has not been cooperating with Kibo programs but he promised to work together with the community.
20964 Plan international workers also encouraging the community to work together if the want to achieve anything. They said even Plan wants to work with communities which are organized.
21054 Nabituluntu village, Chris joined the community members to discuss about the requirements to receive goats , the members agreed to fulfil the requirements before they receive the goats.
21057 Nabituluntu , the chairperson of the mvule program Mr David guides the community members through the requirements to receive goats.
21084 That was how Steven and Kabugo, the hand pump mechanic opening the borehole.
21087 That was how, Steven and Kabugo, the hand pump mechanic, fixing the borehole, with the old pipes,to help the community members to some water, before fixing it officially.
21204 Construction of the borehole wall fence in kishaike village
21207 Community members participating in the construction of the borehole wall fence
21009 Waiswa and his wife in Bulyowa demonstrating how he and his wife great themselves at home and their has promoted harmony and unity in their family
21012 Diana in Bulyowa A taking the community in evaluation and introducing the the lesson of domestic violence, while the community paid attention to everything that was being taught.
20967 Nawandyo A, the chairperson for Kibo welcoming the members for health education lessons
20970 Nawandyo A, Maria teaching the village about accessing health services.
20973 Nawandyo A, the health inspector asking the village some of the problems that hinders them from accessing health facilities
21006 Kishaike. Suzan following up on the smearing of the buildings in the village, Alice was one of the active members with a well maintained homestead.
21024 Kishaike. One of the committee group members Naisanga found cooking on her fuel efficient stove with her well raised firewood storage.
20907 It rained before some community members joined us and we decided to take shelter in the church however some people ran to their homes.
20982 Budumba village, chris was their to teach the community how to use the availble to resources to start economic activities.
20895 Kalitumba Alex B explained to the community members why they need all to be involved in constitution making.
20898 Kalitumba Alex W explained to the community members how the constitution will help them to register with the government.
20946 From the last visit,there is improvements since he has laid some bricks to start off the wall lining in order to make a good foundation
20949 From the last ,we advised her to lay brick wall off the pit since she had put the brick wall directly on to the pit and it was dangerous her life and she did it so she is set to raise a new built wall on a firm ground.
21090 Encouraging the residents to construct proper shower area. Since this one was broken due to heavy rainfall.
21093 A new latrine constructed with brick and sand as well as a strong foundation. They are planning to roof the structures soon.
21027 The kibo staff, was so encouraged to see the Mr, Ayasi Kaluya, the Chairman LC1, busy constructing the hand washing stands for the residents.
21030 That’s how they are busy working on their new latrines
20757 Diana in Nawandyo B, teaching about love in the family
20760 Khamadi the Secretary in Nawandyo B village singing a thank you song to Kibo and Community Empowerment program,as the community joins in.
20808 Ida checking on how the Ndalike women were coloring during the activity, The story was about Jesus calming the storm.
20811 Mugote the VHT from Ndalike praying before the meeting started.
20781 Igerera A village.Kibo staff Harriet and Alex B introducing the Healthy and safe kitchen program to the community.
20784 Igerera A. During the healthy and safe kitchen program, the community sharing the challenges they go through as they cook on open flames. One of the participants called kibuika said that his seven year son was burnt by portage as a result of open flames. He said that porridge was boiling, a child stept on firewood, porrage poured and burnt him. The community said that he sustained serious injuries.
20787 Igerera A. Kibo staff Harriet looking at the child who was burnt as a result of open flames.
20931 Igerera A. Kibo staff Harriet, a child( Hakiram) who was burnt by open flames together with his parents.
20823 Kirwanire. Suzan demonstrating on how to smear a house while the young boy is watching carefully.
20826 Kirwanire. During the follow ups, suzan observed that all the women were cooking on the three stones open flames.
20862 Nawampiti. While Kibo staff walked around checking on different facilities, they came across a bunch of firewood piled outside the kitchen and the owner madam Betty said that her husband was preparing to build a stronger firewood storage for her very soon.
20865 Nawampiti. A kitchen which needs to be improved such as roofing and smearing because the dirt was washed off by the rains.
20847 The community is not very concerned about Covid but Lorna encouraged them to remember covid is still at hand and reminded them on sops.
20853 Namaganda contributing to the topic of the day
20829 Buyange village, Maria (standing) talks to the community members during the discussions on the community constitution, Maria used that opportunity to encourage the couples and children to remind each other to always attend attend the kibo lessons.
20832 The chairman of buyange (standing) explains to the community the importance of having a constitution. He called on community participation guring tnis stage were every one has to give their views regarding the future of their community.
20835 Buyange village, chris (standing) while intriducing the new lesson on constitution writing, this is a stage when the community has to starting thinking about their future together and contribute both money and opinions regarding their constitution.