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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2020-09-02

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Lesson 11: Skin Infections 
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Irene went to talk about the skin infections, mode of spread,signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment. The chairman of bupeni welcomed Irene and diana to their village encouraged the village members to always follow the government’s guide line on COVID 19. He then thanked kibo for the good work they are doing in their village. He then invited Irene to take over with the program.Irene invited Diana to say a word since it was her first time to that village. Diana thanked the community members for turning up leaving the political parties, their homes and gardens to come for the meeting. She also encouraged them to keep coming for the meetings because there is a lot to learn that will change their community. Irene then started the lesson by asking he members some kinds of skin infections they have ever seen. Mentioning from ringworm, boils, Moses said pain and fluid Between the toes and fingers, swellings that accumulates fluid between then,rushes among others,. On addition to that, Irene explained the different types of skin infections differentiating them into the different types and the signs they present with and the prevention.After Irene requested the members to ask questions, zamu asked why the feet and fingerscrack because their husbands complain of the cracked feet tearing their beddings. Irene explained that some are due to infections and others are due to the nature of the skin one has, Irene advised them on what they can use to minimize the cracks. Irene thanked them for turning up and requested that they will continue from their next time. 
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Health Education 
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2020-09-09 - Purpose: Irene will teach the community about communicable diseases.
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13309 Community members of bupeni listening to a health education talk.
13312 The chairman kibo group of bupeni giving a brief remark to the community members.
13315 Irene talking to the bupeni community members about skin infections.