Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-09-02

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2020-09-03 08:11:55 UTC
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demonstration stove 
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Harriet Kefeza,Tape Bwana 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet and Tape went to Naibowa village to meet group B and teach them how to practically build stoves. They reached in the village and found when the participants had already gathered at the home of the participants who was to get a stove that day ( Irene Kagoya) The participants had already collected the termite dirt, grass ,water and banana stems that would be used to build a demonstration stove at Irene’s home. The group warmly welcomed kibo staff to their village especially this time visiting their group. The meeting begun with an open prayer that was led by pastor Wilber who thanked the lord for enabling kibo staff to reach their village through muddy and slippery road because it had rained the previous night. Harriet asked the group to share the reasons why they chose Irene to be the first one in their group to get a stove.The chairperson of the Healthy and Safe kitchen program Ms.Nabirye Juliet said that they chose Irene to be the first one get a demonstration stove in group because she is always the first one at the meeting place and also had a well ventilated and smeared kitchen. She said that the group thought that this is the way they can motivate her for her commitment. Kibo staff thanked them for having reached on the meeting on time and peacefully working to get her as a team to identify among themselves who should get the first demonstration stove.They also asked the participants to be attentive and ask questions where they did not understand because the program aims at empowering them with a skill of building stoves so that they can build on their own. Kibo staff practically taught group B to mix the termite dirt and grass at a ratio of 2: 1 basins of dirt and grass. Kibo staff stamped the dirt and also asked the participants also to join because they wanted them to learn through active participation. It was very interesting to see both men and women working together as a group.When the dirt was ready kibo staff asked the participants to make small balls out of dirt and move them in the kitchen. Kibo staff built a demonstration stove in group B as they explained the whole process to the entire group. When the stove was done participants were very happy and their thanked kibo for loving their community through different programs that it has implemented in their village.Irene’s husband Isaac who was always in the trading center on that day he was asked by his wife to stay home and see what the group is going to do in his home. Isaac was very happy when he saw a complete stove and he confessed that at first he thought his wife was wasting time in the meetings as kibo was teaching them about the healthy and Safe kitchen. He apologized before the group members and asked them to let him also join the group because he has seen how unity can lead to Avery big achievements. Isaac served the group members lunch afterwards as a sign of reconciliation and appreciation. Later own kibo staff told the participants that they should maintain their small groups to avoid being gathering that may lead to the spread of covid 19 and also to give them an opportunity to learn through active participation. Harriet told the participants that she will be returning to their village on Friday 4/9/20 to teach participants of group A how to practically remove banana stems from the first demonstration.she asked the Chairperson of the Healthy and the Safe kitchen program to inform the group members to be avoidable on that day for the lesson. 
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2020-09-04 - Purpose: To teach participants in group A how to practically remove banana stems from the first demonstration stove that was built previously.
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13321 Women outside the kitchen singing and dancing as the stove is being built in Irene’s kitchen by Harriet and Tape.
13324 Tape teaching participants how to practically build stoves.