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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Managing Emotions 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson, the community would have known the different strategies to manage their emotions.
Introduction Today we looked at different ways of how to manage anger. Anger can take many forms sometimes it’s light but sometimes it’s extreme therefore how one chooses to manage their anger matters.we also looked at how to manage love emotions or what things lead to husbands cheating on their wives and vice versa and also in teenagers mismanaging their love emotions. Introduction The meeting started with a word of prayer which was led by Samuel and after this, Lorna asked Betty to take us through last weeks lesson. Betty did a good job acting like the facilitator and asking questions to the rest of the group. Last week we looked at what causes poor working relationships in our homes , amongst ourselves and community at large and we also found solutions. After this review , Lorna introduced the topic of the day managing our emotions. They looked at managing emotions of Anger and love. Previously the community members mentioned anger and womanizing as reasons for poor relationships in our homes and so today we decided to focus on these two emotions. Lorna mentioned that we have any emotions that we go through but what matters is the way we handle these emotions and also finding out the cause of these emotions so we know how to deal with them before hand. Lorna mentioned that anger that is stored up is bad , it is good if one vents it out but also how they vent it out matters. Lorna mentioned people get mad for various reasons and they can range from big to small. She also mentioned that love emotions or womanizing are always sparked off by something and so when we know the causes, we can find the solutions, Lorna then divided the community into 2 groups where one looked at how to manage anger as an emotion and list different scenarios while the other looked at managing love emotions and the causes of such behaviors. Group A looked at some of the scenarios that bring about anger and the ways to manage them. Some of the scenarios mentioned were; womanizing or adultery among the marrieds when one gets to find out they get so angry and it can lead to fighting or divorce. Another reason was rumormongering ; spreading rumors about someone which are not true can bring about people hating each other for no good reason,failure to provide needs in a family like food, health, education from can also bring about anger occurrences in a home, land grabbing among others. They then mentioned the the ways to manage this anger; among them were keeping silent , talking to someone about the problem, crying to vent out the anger, praying above all else, sleeping it off, playing football, listening to music among others. Lorna thanked Group A for their feedback and also added a few things where she mentioned scenarios where people have killed others due to anger their partners, brothers , gotten divorced because of anger and rumors among others. She added among the strategies to manage anger, counting one to ten, digging which made the community laugh but she said yes it can make you dig even more than expected, listening before talking , finding the root cause of the problem among others, Group B looked at managing love emotions or reasons why there is a lot of “bwenzi” or womanizing in our homes like what are the causes. One of the reasons were admiring things because you can’t have it where you are in the relationships it forces one to look else where, among teenagers lack of control of love emotions comes about when no one is talking to them about how to wait and find the right person and right time and they end up falling into trouble. Coming from polygamous families was also another reason for womanizing, religion also where other religions allow more than 2 wives can also bring about this problem. Bad peer groups among both the old and young , Alcoholism among others. Lorna also added ; among the marrieds it can be lack of respect where she mentioned some women do not respect their husbands which leads to belittling and therefore forces them to look else where, poverty, poor sanitation she said in some women’s homes they are so dirty and when they are told they quarrel, other women are quarrelsome and give no peace at home among others. Because time was far spent Lorna mentioned that group B will continue with the ways to manage this emotion in the next meeting. Conclusion One man thanked Kibo for these lessons and also thanked Lorna because he feels like everything taught about is happening in the community. He encouraged the rest of the community to put whatever was taught in practice and also encouraged the teens to respect their parents. 
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2020-09-09 - Purpose: Continue with previous lesson and also look at Love and self esteem.
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