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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-09-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid,Effective Communication and Listening 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson the community knows what good communication is. By the end of the lesson the community knows the different communication styles of Attack and Avoid and which is the most preferred.
Introduction Lorna went here where she taught on communication skills. Good communication entails talking and listening and not just talking without allowing for the other party to listen. By the end of the lesson the community members will know what good communication is and the different styles. Overview When Lorna arrived there was no one at the meeting place because it had rained the previous night and so people were busy in the gardens. The meeting started late around 2pm. The vice chairperson was not present as he had gone to the sub county where he had a meeting so today, the group chose an acting chairperson. The meeting started at 2pm. We started with a review on the previous lesson on self esteem. Lorna asked the community members to remind her what was it they learnt about. They could not remember well so Lorna reminded them what self esteem is and also reminded them that it starts from within the person themselves because the way you see yourself is the way the world will sees you. Lorna also mentioned that sometimes our parents, sisters or brothers, friends instill this self esteem in us where Lorna encouraged the parents to talk to their children in a way that they believe in themselves, can speak out about anything concerning them. They can stand up for their own rights. Self esteem is to know who you are and what your capable of. To understand what you like about yourself and what you would love to change about oneself. After that review, we looked at communication skills where Lorna asked what they understand about good communication and they came up with an answer that good communication is the one where one talks and listens and gives chance to the other to also talk. We looked at the non verbal communication styles like how we communicate with our bodies because sometimes we communicate differently with our actions and they done match with our words. We then talked about the importance of communication. Lorna asked what is the importance of communication and they mentioned ; resolves conflicts, create friendships, get rid of rumors, creates peace among others. They went ahead at looked at communication styles of Avoid and Attack. Here Lorna mentioned to them that by the end of the lesson they will get to know their style of communication and which areas to change. Lorna mentioned to them the characters of Attack behavior among which are; Nagging, insulting, interrupting others while they are still talking, being the right one all the time, outbursts, exploding among others. Lorna gave them scenarios concerning these examples that a person that communicates in an attacking way is not a person of peace they think about themselves more than others. After Attack they also looked at Avoid style ; this person loves to please others , they do not want to be caught in the wrong, they love to backbite, think of others before themselves, withdraw from any problem, sulk in silence, suffer in silence among others. Conclusion Lorna asked the community members at the end of the lesson which one would be the most preferred style of communicating and they said Avoid. Lorna said they will look deep into this in the next meeting where they will be looking at the communication behaviors if Assertiveness, passiveness and Aggressiveness and they will determine by themselves which of these is the best communication style and behaviors and that they should practice often and also encourage their children to use it often. 
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2020-09-14 - Purpose: We will continue with previous lesson and also look at Communication behaviors of Assertiveness, Passiveness and Aggressiveness.
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