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Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2020-09-11

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2020-09-14 06:32:09 UTC
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demonstration stove 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet found the participants of group B waiting at the meeting place when the demonstration of removing banana stems from the previously built stove was to be conducted. The participants had already collected materials that will be used to smear a stove after removing banana stems because members of group A had told them that a stove needs to be smeared after removing banana stems. Harriet practically removed banana stems from Irene’s stove that was previously built.She removed the dirt that was stuck inside so that it would allow air to go through easily for the stove to be effective. She also explained to the participants why it was so important and also to be keen when they are removing banana stems because if they leave the dirt stuck inside it will affect the effectiveness of the stove. Then she shaped the stove in order to look nice.she expanded the hole for firewood to create enough space that will be used to put firewood as well as roast maize. After she asked the participants to mix ash,dirt and cow dung to smear the stove after removing banana stems. She practically smeared the stove so that the participants see how it is done . She told the participants that it is always good to smear the stove in order to look neat and last longer. She asked the participants also to smear the entire kitchen too. Harriet reminded the participants that one of the core objectives of the healthy and safe kitchen program is to improve hygiene in the kitchen because this stove uses less firewood thus produce little ash.she therefore reminded them always to smear their their stoves and the entire kitchen every after two weeks. She encouraged the participants to involve their children in smearing since now days they are not in school due to covid 19. This will help them to participate more in domestic work other than loitering in the village that come with its own challenges. She told them that this will help children to grow up as future responsible adults.She told Irene the owner of the stove to wait for more two weeks for the stove to dry very well before they start using it because if they rush to cook on it , it can easily crack. Harriet also reminded the participants to ensure that, before a member gets a stove should first smear her kitchen, have the latrine that the participants will use as they gather in his or her home, have a shower area where the participants will take a shower from. She also asked Irene to talk to her husband to construct for her a firewood risen stand where she will stock firewood that she can use during the time of scarcity. The participants were very Happy and thanked kibo for loving their village through implementing its activities in the village. 
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2020-09-16 - Purpose: To teach participants of group C how to practically build stoves.
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13481 Mayodi’s firewood risen stand well stocked with firewood.