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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2020-09-21

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Effective Communication and Listening,Delaying Sex,Relationship Skills: Love 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna was supposed to go to Bubinga but on her way the chairman called her and informed her that someone had passed on instead of turning back she called Nawampiti and made a plan to meet the young mothers/ couples. Overview Lorna was to go to Bubinga where she was to teach on Abortion but plans changed where she ended up in a Nawampiti. In Nawampiti she had already talked with Betty on phone to move with her in a sample of 4 homes where she met some young mothers and their husbands. These mothers previously Lorna called them for a meeting and they feared to come so today was a chance that Lorna met with them. They are about 10 of them but because of time and un unplanned visit, she visited only 4 as she will visit others on another visit. These are their profiles; 1.Mutesi Juliet 19 married to Waigole Living 25. Mutesi got pregnant at 16 while still in School. She went ahead and continued going to school but after sometime her father stopped her and gave away for marriage. When Lorna asked about her mother she said her mother divorced and is staying in Luuka District. She mentioned that she’s married there. When Lorna asked what does she think of her being married she said she has nothing to do. Also the step mother made life hard for them. 2. Livingstone and Mary. Mary is 18 now while livingstone is 24. Mary was defiled when she was working as a house help in Kampala but after various attempts to arrest the culprit, they failed coz it was slot of money. When she returned home, the parents were convinced they have a man for their daughter and that’s how they got married. They have 2 children now. Livingstone complained however that Mary does not like to work and when told, she gets annoyed and doesn’t want him to speak but just keep quiet. Lorna asked whether this was true and Mary said no his lying but Livingstone insisted. Lorna asked her does she want to be the laughing stock of the village ?. She also asked her if she doesn’t work, where does she expect to eat from?. Also what happens when the children get sick she will be running to the husband for help the same husband who tells her to dig, look after the pigs and she just sleeps will he give it up to her easily. She said no. Lorna encouraged her to respect her husband and also know that this is for their family’s development together and not just Livingstone. 3.Myudi Annet 19 and Jackson 22 . Myudi is the sister to Mutesi Juliet they were all sent to marriage by their dad. When she got pregnant her dad told her to marry. They have 1 child a 9 month old baby. 4. Juliet Kanyago 22 married at 18 from Houma district. Because they were many children at home 9 in total , her parents told her since she had reached primary seven(P.7) , let her give room to the other siblings. She then got pregnant and that’s how she got into marriage. Lorna gave the same advice to these girls whereby, she told them that all is not lost it doesn’t mean that because they are not in school anymore, so their dreams should be shattered. She asked the some of the challenges they face and most of them were centered around needs, communication and just sometimes regretting why and how they ended up here. Lorna encouraged them not to blame themselves and when they start having those thoughts of regrets to remind themselves its going to be okay and also to talk to someone who is in the same situation like them or talk to their husbands or even an older person but they should not go through this alone. She told them the babies need their love and care and told them to remember these babies have no fault they will cry a lot sometimes and one will get annoyed and stressed but they should remember they are babies and that is their means of communication. They cry because they are hungry, sick or simply because they need attention. She encouraged them to find something to do as a source of income like skills so they keep themselves busy and also not to over depend on their men. She asked them to also join family planning if they haven’t so that they have enough children they can cater for well. Conclusion Lorna encouraged them because they are young, things are meant to be difficult. No one prepared them for marriage but not all is lost they can talk over everything with their husbands, seek help not to fear anything, people will always talk but that shouldn’t bring them down.She encouraged them to think of more ways to skill themselves and work hard for their children and be the best parents they can to their children, dig, start a business, so that when the children are sick or when they need something, they are not stressed. She told them their life was not over but just took a different direction and to Pray above all else . Lorna will visit other homes on another visit. 
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2020-09-23 - Purpose: Teach on gender roles and responsibilities
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13697 Lorna talking to mama pris encouraging her that not all is lost.
13700 At Lving and Mary’s home. They have 2 children
13703 This was at Annet and Jackson’s home
13739 In the center is Juliet Kanyango got married at 19 now 22 . She has 2 children