Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ibaako

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2020-09-25

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Tom Ngobi
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2020-09-29 13:02:23 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2020-09-29 13:17:44 UTC
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10:20-17:50 (7 h 30 m)
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12:15-15:40 (3 h 25 m)
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4 h 5 m

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Tomhood a village meeting about evaluation 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kalalu village to hold a village meeting on how they will be carrying out the September evaluation and to discuss on some changes on the new evaluation forms. When he arrived in the village, he was welcomed by four committee members who were waiting at the chairman’s place. But because of rain, they moved into the house as they waited for other committee members. As the rains went on, Tom decided to share with the only five members who were present. Tom took them through the forms and also advised them to teach the other committee members. They also shared about the results about the earlier Evaluation as well as the changes that have taken place. They went through some of the names on the Evaluation forms of some members. There were some changes that have already happened in some homes and Tom encouraged the members to continue encouraging residents on sanitation and hygiene improvements. As the rains persisted, Tom and the committee members present realized that it was going to be hard for some of the other members to come due to rain. After a while, Tom suggested to drive around the village in the car as it rained so that they can see what residents are doing especially the latrines. They were able to see some new latrines being constructed and Tom was able to visit some of the latrines being constructed. After he dropped off the committee members to their homes and left for jinja as it was raining 
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2020-09-28 - Purpose: Tom and Christ will continue with sanitation and hygiene sensitization with emphasis on the construction of hand washings stands, dish racks as well as latrines
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13899 A new latrine being constructed
13902 A latrine being constructed. Because of the sandy soils, they have to construct the walls from the bottom of the pit in order to give the latrine strength