Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buyange - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-03-09

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-03-09 10:53:47 UTC
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2018-03-12 04:45:03 UTC
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10:33-18:18 (7 h 45 m)
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12:42-15:52 (3 h 10 m)
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Current State

Participation Rating
There is a great improvement in the hygiene and sanitation in the village and many of the community members thank Kibo for helping them and guiding them to reach the level they are now 
Village Critical Needs
The need for water 
Village Action Steps
To continue meeting together and decide the middle point of the community that can be considered for borehole survey 
Staff Action Steps
To go back for another meeting with the community and continue to prepare them before the surveying process 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
People in the lower community are moving about 2.5km to the borehole they have and others are getting water from a shallow open well 
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Village Notes
The village is very big and is shared by two LCs, Bukasa and Buyange. It also borders a big swamp 

Water Community Meeting

Meeting Topic
user committee training,roles and responsibilities,ownership and sustainability 
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Walyomu Alex 
Government Attendess
LC1,LC2,Health Assistant,VHT,Parish Chief 
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Alex was again in Buyange to have a meeting with all the community members and he focused on community contributions, considerations for the borehole surveying and reminding the new water user committee its roles and responsibilities during this borehole survey and drilling process. Alex had to start on a step of preparing the community before the borehole survey which is expected very soon. He was joined by the sub-county officials, the health assistant and the sub-county chief who requested the people in Buyange to stay together during this process of the borehole since many communities have missed out this opportunity because of misunderstandings that arise amongst the community members. Many people come out to fight where the borehole is to be drilled and others develop selfish ambitions. It’s important that they let the surveyor do his job and be guided on the decision that he comes up with . Alex was very serious and threatened to quit if the community does not exercise unity during this process. He told them that for the last one year and so Kibo has been fighting to unite Buyange people and so it still wants to leave this community together and so let nothing disorganize them. The blessing of a borehole in Buyange should just encourage them to continue working together. The community members had to participate drawing their own village map locating all the water sources they have and to show the area that is water stressed. This was well done and we all agreed on an area that the surveyor has to put more emphasis to survey the water since the people there move along distance located about 2.5Km from the one borehole and getting water from the swamp open pond. The men and women that turned up about 86 people all promised to keep peace and to allow the surveyor do his job without disrupting him and all said that it was this rare chance they have got from Kibo. They all said that they will continue to pray that water is got in their community no matter which location. Alex then had another short meeting with the new water user committee guiding them on what needs to be done and told them to work together. They have to keep encouraging all those few remaining people to finish working and improving their sanitation and hygiene in their homes and encouraging their fellow community members to contribute the money needed for the borehole account and to feed those that will work at the borehole construction. Alex will go back on 14/03/2018 to continue preparing the community for the borehole survey and talk about the importance of land agreement. 
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Report Photos

1895 A VHT member, Mr Gamali drawing a map of his community locating the area where people collect water and showing part is extremely water stressed
1898 One of the village member, Mr Farouk drawing a map of Bukasa and Buyange
1901 Mapping of Buyange and Bukasa village before deciding the areas to be considered for borehole survey
1904 The chief of the sub-county addressing Buyange community members and reminding them to embrace what Kibo is telling them to do