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Visit by marianamukose on 2021-09-15

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Health Education Lesson

Health Education 
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Irene and Maria went to Naisamula to teach about Uganda’s major infectious communicable diseases. The VHT welcomed the community members and thanked them all for participating in the health lesson since the lessons started,he thanked Kibo for the Love and the lessons that have so far been taught in this village then he opened with a word of prayer, after Maria was invited to speak to the members. Maria thanked them all for coming, then the topic was introduced to members as “Uganda’s major infectious communicable diseases”. Together with the members, a list of diseases were given, HIV, Hepatitis, Chicken pox, Rabies, Measles, Flue among others, there after the causes,spread, and prevention where also discussed. Irene was invited to speak to the members. Irene was invited to say something, she brought a discussion about “how the community is keeping children more especially school going children in this period when schools are no longer open.” Amina said that this is the most challenging period in her life she has ever had, the girls in this village are so unruly both at home and in the community , they do not listen to anyone not even their parents, still another member said that some girls have been married off. Men who attended this lesson pinned their women for conniving with their daughter in finding time to go and meet with their so-called boyfriends and this made the men so furious that they also decided to ignore their daughters. Irene encouraged them to always counsel their children telling them the right thing to be done and also share facts about HIV and early marriage with both girls and boys. She told them that it is not good to think that children are very young to learn the truth about life yet people outside their home are teaching them wrong things. More emphasis was put on mothers who say that their girls or children are still young to keep an eye on was such an interactive discussion that members left with a changed mind on what to say to their children. Then the chairperson was invited to thank the community for turning up, after one participant closed with a word of prayer. 
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Health Education 
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2021-09-29 - Purpose: To do a door to door evaluation
Program Success
Naisamula, Community members shared with us how they are keeping their children home in this period when schools are closed.
Program Critical Needs
Naisamula, community members need to talk with their children more about family planning
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Naisamula, members have embraced the use of immunization for their children
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To mobilize all members for the next health lesson.
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To prepare the lesson and also call the mobilizers to mobilize for the next lesson.

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21330 Naisamula,Maria was teaching about Uganda’s major infectious communicable diseases
21333 Naisamula, Maria asking members some of the major infectious communicable diseases.
21336 Naisamula, Irene discussing with community members some of the challenges they face with their children while in lockdown of schools.