Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Budumba - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-05-14

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-05-17 09:07:16 UTC
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2018-05-21 03:40:08 UTC
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07:06-20:35 (13 h 29 m)
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Great improvements in hygiene standards in the village and also the community working together 
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To take good care of the drillers and provide security to the materials used for drilling and keeping the trucks overnight. 
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To go back and continue with the borehole drilling supervision 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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When the drilling rig got in the village on Sunday afternoon, every community member was amazed and there was a lot of joy in the community to see the drilling rig and all praising Kibo for fulfilling the promise 

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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex went to Budumba to supervise the process of borehole drilling in this community. The drilling team arrived into the village on Sunday afternoon and managed to set up the rig and drilled a few meters that day. The drillers surprised the village as no one was expecting them that day. They called Alex W on Sunday and Alex told the drillers to get a boda boda from with in Namutumba town whom he told to direct them to Budumba riding ahead of them. Everyone was very happy to see the drillers in the village. Alex then went to Budumba early morning to supervise the borehole drilling process. They managed to drill up to 39M. They hit the first water from 30M and more water was got from 39M. However there was a problem when they encountered a lot of mud when they were drilling. This mud could collapse back into the hole causing blockage and give a lot of hard time to go down drilling. The water was hit but because of a lot of mud, it couldn’t be seen but only the mud. This meant that a lot of water had to be used to clean up the hole by blowing out the mud that had collapsed into the hole. Also 31 temporary casings were used to prevent the mud from falling into the hole, this meant that it made the work more difficult to keep drilling. Drilling then had to continue to a third day on Tuesday 15/05/2018, where drilling continued and they went up to 49M deep. The water was able to clear eventually and an expected drillers’ yield of 5000L/hr. This was such a big success after a long struggle and the community was very happy to have got water in their community and they went a head to test the water with soap and find out if it makes foam with soap. The one borehole they have in the community has got salty water and they were very happy that this water is not salty after testing it with soap and it formed lather. The next step to follow will be pump testing, casting and borehole installation. 
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2018-05-23 - Purpose: Training of the water user committee and prepare the community for the next step of borehole installation.
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Report Photos

2732 Drilling through the mud and this gave them a lot of hardships
2744 Mud drilling and this could not easily allow the water to clear
2750 The community members waiting patiently to see water in their community
2762 All the community members enjoying a moment of borehole drilling
2765 Water was first hit at 30M and more water from 39M on the first day of borehole drilling
2768 A happy moment from the community members seeing the water that was hit
2771 Pouring of gravel into the hole to help clean the water
2777 Installation of the permanent blue casings
2780 Blowing out of the water to clear
2786 All the community enjoying a moment of blowing the water to clear