Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-05-18

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-05-18 07:31:15 UTC
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2018-05-22 10:06:55 UTC
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Current State

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A strong sanitation committee and vhts 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To maintain their hygiene and sanitation facilities and to work on the collapsed facilities that have been affected by the heavy rains this season. 
Staff Action Steps
To continue encouraging the community to maintain their facilities and to start lessons that prepare the community to work together before the borehole drilling. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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The homes in the lower part of the village get water from the swamp and move a distance of 2km to one borehole in the community located in the upper part of the village. 
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Village Notes
Some facilities like the pit latrines, bathrooms and kitchens have been affected by the heavy rains in some homes. Alex noticed these facilities that had collapsed in 5 homes. 

Water Community Meeting

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hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex together with 3 vhts had to check on the 4 homes that were still working and find out if anything had changed in those homes. First in Isiko’s home, they found he had completed working on his kitchen that was incomplete previously, Isima one of the young men that recently got married had dug a pit of about 8ft and still digging. The old widow called Kagoya Scovia, grandma to the area MP had finished to work on the slab and was ready to construct the structure. This pit latrine will have 3 doors and two bathrooms and this will be the biggest in the village. The other thing that was observed while walking in the village and the homes, was many facilities that had collapsed because of the heavy rains. They visited Zaidi’s home and his pit latrine had collapsed two days ago because of the heavy rains and this area being sandy, it can easily collapse because it becomes very soft when it rains. Also Mustafa’s pit latrine had sunk due to the rains. However the biggest challenge was that most people have not yet roofed their pit latrines and bathing shelters so when it rains hard, these structures are easily affected. The people claim that they are waiting to harvest the rice from the swamp before getting the grass to roof these structures. While in the meeting, Alex told the community to always reconstruct these structures if they happen to be damaged or breakdown and never give up and go back to the old ways. This community also has another challenge of the termites that eat up the dish rack poles and kitchen poles. Alex advised them to use the black polythene bags and plastic water bottles that have to be put into the soil than putting the poles direct into the soil. This prevents these termites from chewing the poles easily. The community appreciates so much the help and encouragement from Kibo helping everyone to know the importance of having all these necessary facilities in their homes. They confessed that their village was in danger and through Kibo group, everyone is proud of the village and his/ her home because a lot has changed. Alex then broke the news to the community members that gathered that Kibo is still partnering with them to get their village to some level and a new borehole will be provided to Buluvu. Everyone was very happy to hear this and he called on the community to play all their roles that they are supposed to meet. They have to attend all the meetings whenever they are called to participate in the whole process. Alex will now start to involve everyone in the community through the meetings and teachings preparing the community before the borehole is drilled. He called on the people to turn up in large numbers for all these important meetings. He plans to go back on 23/05 for the first lesson with the community starting to talk to the community through the steps they have to meet. 
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2018-05-23 - Purpose: Community meeting encouraging the community to maintain the hygiene facilities and guiding the community the community as they select a tentative water user committee.
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Report Photos

2810 Zaidi’s pit latrine that collapsed due to heavy rains.
2813 This pit latrine also has sunk in because of the heavy rains.
2816 This pit being dug is for a young man called Isima that recently got married and he has been encouraged to have his personal sanitation facilities and stop using his parents’.
2819 This home was very hard to get to build a dish rack but finally they got one last week. This is the first dish in this home
2822 This pit latrine still under construction for an old widow, kagoya scovia a grand mother to the area member of parliament but through Kibo’s encouragement they are working on one of the strongest pit latrine that meets all the standards. It will have three doors and two bathroom shelters