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Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-05-25

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-05-28 11:15:12 UTC
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2018-05-31 05:22:23 UTC
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10:14-18:46 (8 h 32 m)
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Current State

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Great improvements in the hygiene and sanitation facilities and a lot of joy celebrating to have a new borehole 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To build a standard borehole fence and mobilise themselves for a meeting aimed at forming the by laws to help manage the boreholes. 
Staff Action Steps
To plan going back for a meeting and guiding the commnity as they enact the by laws. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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Open Defecation
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Village Notes
The new borehole was installed on 24/05/2018 and will be ready for use in 14 days after thorough drying of the new slab and making sure that the community meets all the other remaining steps. 

Water Community Meeting

Meeting Topic
roles and responsibilities,water chain 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Spencer, Elizabeth 
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The borehole installation was recently completed in this village on the 24/05/2018. Alex and two interns, Spencer and Elizabeth went to Budumba to have a meeting with the community members aimed at guiding them on the standard of the new fence that they are planning to build on this borehole. Alex showed the community members the size of the poles to be used and the distance from the slab. Also Alex told the community members that turned up for the meeting that, clean water can only stay clean if all use clean containers(Jerrycans) and water ending up in clean homes. In doing this, we will ensure a safe and clean water chain. The only reason why Kibo ensured to clean the village first was to create a safe chain in that when the community has clean water, then it will end up in clean homes. Alex continued to tell the community members that they had worked very hard in all the Kibo programs and they should therefore never go back to the old life style of the people not knowing the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation. The community also need to know all their roles and responsibilities towards the borehole and what they have to do in order to take good care of their borehole. Alex told the community members that it was very important for everyone to have equal responsibility on their borehole rather than thinking that it only refers to the water committee members. The community also suggested that they needed to form by laws that will guide them on proper management of the borehole something that is mandatory in Kibo’s curriculum before the borehole is commissioned. This step will be met in the next meeting with the community and follow up on the new fence that they will have constructed as told by Alex. The soak pit also has to meet the required standard(5ft by 5ft by 4ft). All this needs to be met before the borehole is commissioned. It’s advised that the new borehole slab takes 14 days to dry before starting to use the borehole. 
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2018-05-01 - Purpose: Formation of by laws and ensure on borehole ownership.
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Report Photos

2933 112 people attended the meeting
2936 Alex showed the community members how they will build standard borehole fence, cleaning the compound and working on a soak pit
2939 Alex telling the community members how to look after the new concrete work for proper drying of the concrete
2942 The interns, Spencer and Elizabeth having a good time with the village kids.
2948 Playing the ball made by the kids out of banana fiber and black poly then
2957 The community members getting ready for a meeting
2960 Spencer and Elizabeth singing a song with the kids