Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Budumba - Unassigned

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-06-01

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-06-03 14:50:14 UTC
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Lorna Katagara
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2018-06-04 09:55:58 UTC
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10:31-20:14 (9 h 43 m)
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13:07-17:11 (4 h 4 m)
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5 h 39 m

Current State

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There is great improvement in the hygiene and sanitation status in the village. No one in the village currently is practicing open defeacation as it used to be three years ago before Kibo group started working here. 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To complete building the new borehole fence and also mobilise themselves to turn up in large numbers and attend the community meeting intended to talk more about the borehole ownership, roles and responsibilities and training more of the water user committee their roles 
Staff Action Steps
To call the water user committee members and remind them to mobilise the community and to also tell them about the meeting. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
This village will very soon start to use their new borehole. The only last step left is to have a training of the water user committee since some new members have been added on the committee and the community needs to make sure they have completed building the new borehole fence that meets the standards as required before the borehole is commissioned 

Water Community Meeting

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user committee selection,roles and responsibilities,by-laws,water chain 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Spencer, Libby, Aleya 
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This visit to Budumba was aimed at guiding the community as they enact their borehole bylaws. This is a very important step required before the community can start to use their borehole from Kibo group. This requirement sets a tone of every water user to take precautions and how best they can take good care of their borehole. These bylaws that the community sets helps everyone to manage the borehole and have equal responsibility. This process takes a long time as it involves everyone to participate, argue and agree on any by- law before its passed. Alex helped to guide the community members as they enact these laws. Together we agreed to pass 7 laws that everyone promised to follow. Every water user will be required to sign up on these bylaws to show that he/she agrees to follow them always. Among the laws that they agreed upon was that the borehole should be opened from 6:00am and be closed at 7:00pm. No one is allowed to bring his/her animal to drink water from the borehole. The borehole fence should be maintained and the borehole compound should be clean always. Discipline should be paramount and anyone that defaults any by-law will be fined. Also every water user will be required to pay 4000sh per year towards their borehole repair and maintanence account on top of the initial 300,000sh. The community members selected some new members to make a solid water user committee, we selected a new vice chairperson, a new mobilizer and two borehole care takers. Some of the old committee members were a bit weak and not very active so we had to replace them immediately with those that can do the job. The water user committee for Budumba borehole is comprised of 10 people, 6 women and 4 men. All the key positions were taken up by the women which is a good thing because in most cases such a committee is always strong and active. Alex will go back for another meeting to have a training with the water user committee and to have a discussion about how the community will have to manage the borehole funds. 
Next Visit
2018-06-11 - Purpose: Training of the new water user committee and how best to manage the borehole funds.
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3026 36 people turned up for the meeting and together they came up with the bylaws that will guide the community as they use their borehole
3029 Some of the people that turned up for the meeting for the important meeting. The turn up wasn’t very good because majority of the people have started a season of harvesting and many are busy in the gardens