Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-06-25

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2018-06-26 04:17:19 UTC
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Current State

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Great improvements in the community sanitation and hygiene status and building of the stoves by the community members themselves without Kibo’s presence and monitoring because they learnt the skill from their neighbors in Nawandyo A. 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To have a community meeting and discuss on how to feed the workers that will be coming for the new borehole construction and to make sure everyone in the community contributes money towards the initial capital cost towards the borehole account amounting to 300,000sh. 
Staff Action Steps
To go back for the meeting and continue preparing the village for the survey process. 
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Three Stone Fires
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This village has one source operating but unfortunately there are people in the middle part of the village who have to walk a long distance of more than two kilometers to the borehole that was drilled in 1994 by the government that leaves some people water stressed and have to walk a long distance. This borehole too is shared by two communities making it very busy and congested. 
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Village Notes
Nawandyo village as a whole (A and B) are working together to build stoves together and meeting as they get prepared for the new borehole. They all believe that when it eventually comes in the village, it will help all the people in both sections 

Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities,surveying,hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex met with the community members to discuss about their borehole contributions, their roles and responsibilities before the borehole survey. Before the meeting, Alex visited two people who were still working on their pit latrines. Paul has completed digging up a 15ft pit and gone to get the logs to be used for constructing the pit latrine while Ibra completed building a new pit latrine structure and only remained with roofing it. These two people have been very hard to work with in their homes but finally everyone in the community is happy that all people are looking the same having the pit latrines and using them and no one will be defecating in the open as it used to be before Kibo came to their village. For the first time Ibra attended the village meeting and every community member was happy for him that he can now associate with everyone in the community freely. The chairman LC 1 was very happy and appreciated Ibra for working hard to have a new pit latrine in his home and thanked a Kibo group and some community members that encouraged Ibra and Paul both to have these facilities in their homes. This is will be Paul and Ibras first pit latrine in their homes. Alex together with the community members discussed the reasons why it’s important for the community to contribute money together for the borehole capital costing 300,000sh and together feed the people that will come to work. This is a sense of responsibility for all the community members and not for Kibo or only the water user committee. They also agreed that the community should remain together as most times people fight for where the borehole has to be put. He told the community to accept what the surveyor will decide and to let him do his work without interfering. The community members accepted to raise all the money and it will be shared equally amongst all the community households for each to pay towards this borehole. Another committee of two people was selected to aid in collecting money from the people and they have so far collected 70,000/=. The community hope that they will have all the money they need in one week since many people in the community are harvesting and can afford to pay some money. Alex will go back to look at the village location to be considered for the survey and continue preparing the water user committee and the community for the survey process expected soon. 
Next Visit
2018-07-02 - Purpose: Community meeting and preparing them for the survey process.
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Report Photos

3239 Ibra‘s new pit latrine. He has finally completed digging and constructing a first pit latrine in his home after a long struggle and encouragement from Kibo staff Enock, David, Steven and Alex W to get him to work.
3248 Ibra very proud that finally has a new pit latrine in his home.
3251 The new water user committee for Nawandyo village
3254 A community meeting discussing about the community contributions roles and responsibilities and borehole survey guidelines.