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Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-07-09

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-07-11 05:58:22 UTC
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2018-07-13 05:28:31 UTC
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Current State

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The community is proud to have attained a sanitation level where by everyone in the community has a pit latrine and understands the importance of proper hygiene and sanitation in a home. 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To take good care of the borehole, respect their borehole bylaws and to continue responding positively to all other kibo programs. 
Staff Action Steps
To go back with a new kibo program and encourage the community to respond ,continue taking good care of the new borehole and keep good sanitation standards. 
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Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
The community is now enjoying clean water from the new Kibo borehole after meeting all the requirements needed. 

Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,LC2,DWO,HPM,VHT,Parish Chief 
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Two Kibo staff members, Alex and Falon together with the district water office officials and some people from the sub county were in Budumba for the new borehole commissioning.first, the water user committee and the community members were reminded of their roles and responsibilities by the district water officer and to each community member know that they have equal responsibility to make sure the borehole is taken good care of and make sure it’s being used well. The water user committee members comprised of 5 women and 3 men is such a recommendable committee with women taking up key positions for the committee being the chairperson,the treasurer, the secretary and the care taker and district water officer appreciated the women for coming out and be a part of the committee taking up all the key positions. The water committee was asked to be very active always and make sure they call for community meetings to talk about their borehole status and to always check the performance of their borehole by inviting the hand pump mechanic to come have a check to prevent future serious breakdowns by carrying out periodic maintenance. The hand pump mechanic was also available and he told the community to be careful not allowing any body they don’t know tamper with their borehole because they can end up throwing the pipes into the shaft because they don’t have knowledge and tools to use. At times such people may end up stealing all the good pipes that were installed by Kibo group and put in fake and bad type of pipes. Alex continued to tell the community members that starting to use the borehole doesn’t mean that Kibo is gone out of Budumba but Kibo is still present in the village and will continue to partner with them in more programs. He therefore called on the village to be receptive and never to forget to maintain their homes and their village. Also they should take good care of their borehole and contribute money towards the borehole account to solve any future repair costs. Also Alex reminded the community that they risk to have their borehole locked if they leave behind or forget what they are supposed to do. The borehole was then opened for use after the village had raised 300,000sh for the borehole account and a clean borehole compound and strong fence and everyone was very happy to start using their borehole. Stoves program will be joining this community very soon to start working in the village. 
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2018-07-23 - Purpose: To introduce a new program in the community
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Report Photos

3532 The community members that gathered for the borehole commissioning listening from the district water officer.
3535 The community members gathered around the borehole to witness the first water drop from the new borehole
3538 The first pumping of the new Kibo borehole
3541 The community members happy to start using their borehole
3544 Alex demonstrated how to pump the borehole in a proper way