Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-07-13

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2018-07-16 01:56:25 UTC
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2018-07-16 10:12:12 UTC
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10:18-19:10 (8 h 52 m)
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12:23-17:15 (4 h 52 m)
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There is a high sense of responsibility and ownership in the village. 
Village Critical Needs
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To look after the new concrete work and make sure the borehole slab is drying well. 
Staff Action Steps
To go back and monitor the work that was done on the new, making sure its being looked after very well. He will also have a meeting with the community to guide them on how to build a standard borehole fence on the new borehole and discuss about the remaining borehole steps. 
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Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
Buluvu village just went through a tightly contested elections of new chairmen LC1 in the village. Also a new village LC was created with in Buluvu called Buyangu and its where the new Kibo borehole has been drilled. This now makes up three sones in the village. 

Water Community Meeting

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test pump and casting,installation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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On Friday 13/07/2018 and Saturday 14/07/2018, Alex was in Buluvu village to supervise the borehole pump testing, casting and installation. On Friday, the workers from Draco were able to carry out the first phase of borehole pump testing, determining the water recovery rate after the three hours of pumping the water non stop. Before the pumping begun, the water static level was at 9.76M and after three hours of pumping the water, the water level known as the dynamic water level was at 14.46M. Pumping was stopped to determine the water recovery for the borehole. It was just after 10 minutes that the water recovery had come up to 11.36M and it was then calculated and got to be 90%. So this borehole has got a very good water recovery rate and highly qualifies for the next step of installation. They set up the pedestal and mold preparing for the next day carrying out casting and installation of the borehole On Saturday being day two, the borehole was installed with 6 stainless pipes and the concrete work was also done casting the slab. The community was then told to take good care of the slab watering the slab and covering it with the banana leaves to make sure it dries up as required. Alex will have to go and inspect the work that was done. He will also have a meeting with the community members discussing about the next steps guiding them on how to come up with a new standard borehole fence and soak pit. Together with the community members, they will also make some changes on water user committee since some individuals are not active as needed.r 
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2018-07-20 - Purpose: A community meeting and inspection of the borehole slab
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Report Photos

3607 Buluvu borehole pump testing and installation process
3610 Setting up the mold for the casting work
3622 A bansin is used first to determine the actual water capacity and the rate for the pump testing process.
3628 Concrete work being done
3631 Some of the community members helping in the setting up of the mold for the borehole casting
3637 Some community members getting the water during the three hours of pump testing
3646 People of Buluvu lining up for the water during the pump testing day
3649 The beginning of casting process. Pouring gravel and hard core for the borehole slab
3652 Casting and installation of the new borehole in Buluvu on day two. Six stainless pipes were installed
3658 Letting the gravel to settle before the last course of concrete work is done.