Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawampiti - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2018-07-23

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David Balimunsi
Created date
2018-07-23 07:54:07 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2018-07-24 01:56:53 UTC
Trip Time
09:33-18:53 (9 h 20 m)
Village Time
11:53-16:43 (4 h 50 m)
Travel Time
4 h 30 m

Current State

Participation Rating
They have clean water and good sanitation . 
Village Critical Needs
Fire saving stoves 
Village Action Steps
It is to start using the borehole more carefully as trained by the kibo staff. 
Staff Action Steps
It is to repair the borehole as well as guiding the members on how to take good use of their borehole 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
They collected good big strong poles and constructed a standardized fence as well as sockpit 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Unity and cooperation among the residents and the new members or the water and sanitation committee. 
Village Notes
About 99% of the residents have got toilets,showers dish racks kitchen,s and rubbish pits up to the required standards 

Well Repair

Lookup Key
Nawampiti - Nawampiti 2 
Ws Name
Nawampiti 2 
Repair Date
2018-07-23 00:00:00 UTC 
Repair By
Pump Mechanic
Committee Present
Repair Cost
Village Contribution
Work Done
Installation of the internal parts . 
Parts Replaced
Cylinder,Rods,Pipes,Bolts,Nipple adaptor 
Concerns Future Failure
If at all the community fails to take good care and full ownership of their borehole. 
Water Committee
Soak Pit
Compound Condition
Jerrycan Condition
Ws Notes
David and Steven were in the village to do the borehole repair of the next borehole in the upper section of Nawampiti 2 . They had planned with the H P m from the district mr kabugo three days before they were to do the repair work .Fortunately the, Kibo staff found when the H PM and the committee members were at the borehole waiting for them before they would join to start the opening process of the borehole . When David and Steven met the H p m at the borehole ,they opened the borehole and started replacing and fixing back the new parts and these were the parts which were replaced . The cylinder,rods, eight U3 pipes,nipple adapter and bolts.After having repaired the borehole,they tested it by pumping it to see whether it had the same problem of taking longer hours when pumping before one would get the water.Good enough David,H p m and Steven had solved the problem by the time they were doing the testing by one committee member trying to pump in order to check how it was working.However the borehole was working so well and even the flow of the water had increased. The repair process costed Kibo 3000000millions to buy the parts which were fixed and replaced . The community of Nawampiti 2 they only had 200000 shillings and out of that amount they only used 50000 shillings to pay the H p m they were left with 150000 as their borehole account balance. The community members were so happy thanking the Kibo staff for the clean homes as well as the clean water,they did so because their borehole was back into use.On addition to the that the Kibo staff encouraged the community to take good care of their borehole and David continued emphasizing that it would not be Kibo always to repair for them their borehole instead they should start owning their borehole fully Incase of any other future breakages. Another thing which was taken note of was all the jerrycans which were brought at the repaired well were so clean both inside and outside. Therefore the Kibo staff kept on encouraging the owners of the jerrycans to maintain that high standards of hygiene and sanitation even in their homes. David left the village promising them that he will be going there one more time to continue with the training of the water use committees about borehole full ownership and responsibilities. 
Repair Notes
The problem of the residents over pumping for about an hour before the water flows it has stopped.Presently it has been solved one pumps once and the water flows out of the borehole. 

Next Visit: 2018-07-30 - Purpose: Continuing training the two committees about their roles and responsibilities .