Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-07-18

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Tom Ngobi
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2018-07-25 05:11:56 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2018-07-25 05:31:53 UTC
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10:10-18:45 (8 h 35 m)
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12:40-16:10 (3 h 30 m)
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5 h 5 m

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Follow up visit on sanitation improvements 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kisiro village to check on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as checking on facility constructions. When Tom arrived in the village, he found a small village meeting were residents were discussing about elections in there village. Tom did not involve him self in the discussions as that is not the purpose of kibo but he was able to share with the residents who were around about the sanitation levels in there village. After that discussion, the residents said that it would be good for Tom and the committee members to move in isamba section as it remains one of the worst sections in the village as regards sanitation and hygiene improvements. Tom with the committee members agreed to move to isamba section. As they were moving, they reached the new chairman’s home and the committee members wanted to check on his home if he’s leading by example. They found a new latrine in his home as well as a new dish rack under construction. The chairman thanked the committee members and kibo for the good work they have done in the village to improve the sanitation and hygiene of kisiro. Later they proceeded to the lower section of isamba were they found in four homes new four pits being dug for each home. Tom was so thankful and appreciated what the residents in that home were doing and encouraged them to work hard and finish the digging and start on the construction phase. In another home of an elderly man, the digging of the pit has also started while his neighbor was coo constructing the roof of the latrine. In one of the last homes in isamba section, they found when the resident had just brought some body who will be helping him in the digging of the pit. He also gave him some money in front of the committee members so that they can be witnesses that he paid him to dig the latrine. The person who will be digging promised the committee members that he will do all he can to finish the pit before too long. Tom and the committee members thanked the resident for taking action to improve on his sanitation and hygiene. After a visit to several other homes, Tom and the committee members ended the walk and Tom headed back to jinja. 

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Some village residents get their water from the swamp and ponds 
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Next Visit: 2018-07-23 - Purpose: Follow up on sanitation and hygiene improvements in isamba north

Report Photos

3754 A new kitchen under construction just next to an old one being used as a kitchen
3757 A new latrine recently constructed
3760 A resident standing next to his new pit under construction