Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2018-08-01

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David Balimunsi
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2018-08-02 14:59:04 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2018-08-06 01:28:10 UTC
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09:39-17:59 (8 h 20 m)
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Some of the community members have started working and improving on the old sanitation facilities 
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The borehole has got issues all the intel parts as well as the pedestal and the head assembly 
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It has been a season for political campaigns and also repeatedly death insididences 
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The community members are so active 
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It has been a political season for all the villages in Uganda electing their village leaders therefore most of the people have been involved in the village campaigns . 
Other Committee Notes
The committee members when they met with the Kibo staff they said that they will double on the number of times they will be moving home to home encouraging all the community members to work and improve on their sanitation standards. They said so because their set deadline was getting closer. 
Ws Notes
David went to maliga village to follow up on the sanitation facilities standards.He moved home to home together with some two members of the water and sanitation committee Mutesi Jamawa and Monday Godfrey,s David,s emphasis was to move in the lower section of the village up to the trading centre,because it was the part which required much work on facility maintenances improvement s. The reason was that all the facilities in that section were old and not up to standard. David along with the chairman of the water and sanitation committee Manday Godfrey and mutesi Jamawa they had moved in only one home of Wakatama Gilson who was half way working on his rubbish pit and also he had dug his toilet which was about 20 feet from there they saw a motorcycle which had brought one of the community member s dead body from Iganga main hospitals.Previously when the Kibo staff were moving assessing the size of the village they were told about that ladies sickness the diseased whom they brought back-home when she was dead . They could not continue on with their sanitation improvement exercise because of the death which had occurred.The majority of the members were heading towards the home of the diseased.David told the chairman of the water and sanitation committee and mutesi Jamawa to stop at that one home so that they would also go and visit the family of the diseased.When they reached the family of the diseased,David asked the members to pray shortly together with them so that God would comfort the family of the diseased. After that short prayer David encouraged the chairman of the water and sanitation committee and mutesi Jamawa to double their efforts by encouraging the entire village to improve on their sanitation standards.After the burial they said that they-will continue moving home to home .David told them that he will be communicating to them when he would be back in the village . The village said that,they had contributed 130000 toward their borehole account. In general the hygiene status of the entire village requires a lot of improvements and maintenances in order the entire village to meet the required standards. 
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2018-08-06 - Purpose: It is to follow up on the facility construction and maintenance
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