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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2018-08-06

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Yet to find out since Life Skills has just started working in this community as Life Skills is planning to phase out from Kigalama Primary School. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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They have managed to keep their borehole clean with a strong borehole fence. Also they have 2 care takers at the well and these care takers do this by taking turns. Their role is to ensure that the borehole is clean and it is being used properly that is , is it pumped well among others. 
Three Stone Fires
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Open Defecation
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Personal Hygiene 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Bulafa vice chairperson, kavule women C/P 
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Learning Objectives
For the community to know and understand what life skills is all about r
Introduction Lorna went to kigalama community to meet with the leaders of the Local councils to discuss a way forward on how to go about Life Skills lessons in the community. Overview Lorna reached the meeting place and found only two people; Remia Alex secretary LC1 of Ntalinga Local council and Maaka Richard a mobilizer of Kibo group. They were later joined by a Mwanja Isaac who is the chairman of Kibo Group activities in this village. Mwanja was very helpful as he was busy making phone calls to all the other leaders who had not yet come to the meeting. Richard Maaka also did a good job mobilizing the members from the different Local councils to come to the meeting. After about 1hr the rest of the leaders showed up and the meeting begun. Maaka opened the meeting with a word of prayer and encouraged the leaders present to listen to what Lorna from Kibo group had to tell them. He encouraged the leaders to work together with Kibo Group by helping them mobilise when called upon. He continued and said that if a community keeps itself at a standard of learning, then they will develop. After this he invited Lorna to speak to the members. Lorna started by introducing herself and what she does at Kibo Group and thanked them for coming. She then asked for the contacts of all the leaders present. After this she asked who had ever attended the Life Skills lessons before and what they remember learning. Azaama vice chair person Local council 3 said that they learnt about the parents responsibility towards their children which among them, was providing them scholastic materials. Lorna thanked Azaaam and said that alongside that, other topics were to be taught. She mentioned some of the topics like ; HIV/ AIDS, communication skills, relationship skills, love, Alcohol and drug abuse among others. She mentioned these topics as she gave a brief description on what each topic entails. After this Lorna asked the leaders present to give her days which they see comfortable for them to meet. They gave in their days and agreed the meeting time to be 12pm. Lorna said that Life Skills takes about an 1hr and the other hour is left for questions or clarifications. After that, Some of the the leaders asked questions like if they would receive certificates at the end of the program. With this question she told them no but will consult and let them know. Another question asked was if the program was also for the youth which Lorna said yes. Another question was if Life Skills is also taught in the private school which Lorna said no. Conclusion Lorna thanked the members for coming and asked them to please comply with her when called upon. The primary seven pupils were found writing their mock national examinations while the pupils of the life skills class were rehearsing for the exhibition day. 

Next Visit: 2018-08-13 - Purpose: To introduce the first topic of life skills to the community. Life skills had been here before but the attendance was not very good since some people were coming from far , and said the meeting place was not favoring them.

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3904 Maaka Richard welcoming the leaders and encouraging them to work hand in hand with Kibo group.
3907 Lorna also passed by kigalama primary School where she found the pupils rehearsing for the exhibition