Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-08-22

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2018-08-23 07:26:19 UTC
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To closely monitor the water colour change 
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To keep intouch with the water committee and make sure the water is clear and no colour changes. 
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Village Notes
The village was happy after Alex surprised them by opening the borehole and allowing them to start using this new borehole. 

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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex was in Nawandyo B to open the borehole for the community to start pumping the new borehole and closely to monitor the water quality. It was noted that this borehole water was not going to clear easily and it required that it should first be pumped for a minimum of 3 hours until it clears. The water was at first very dirty in the first 30 minutes of pumping and slowly started to clear as the community members kept pumping nonstop. It was then rested for about 30minutes to recover and there after the pumping resumed. On a good note, the water eventually cleared and everyone in the community was happy and the women were very happy and all were jubilating thanking Kibo for the help of clean water in their village. It has been over a month since the borehole construction was done but the village had to go through all the steps required before the borehole can be commissioned. Also the water quality certificate that is issued out from the national water laboratory took long to be out and it’s important to wait and see whether this borehole water is fit for human consumption. The water is fit for human consumption according to the water certificate but the only worry was that it was going to be very hard to clear because of the bad soil formation during the drilling process. The village was extremely happy to see that their water cleared eventually and the village is happy that soon they will host visitors to their village for the commissioning of their borehole soon. The village wants to officially have their borehole commissioned and they have met all the required steps before the borehole is commissioned. They have already raised the 300,000sh that is needed in the borehole account and they have a very active water user committee and have formed the bylaws. Alex will stay with the water user committee to agree on the day when the commissioning of the borehole can take place. 
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2018-09-05 - Purpose: Borehole commissioning
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Report Photos

4093 First time pumping of the new borehole drilled in Nawandyo B. The Water didn’t clear after 2 hours of nonstop pumping.
4096 Some of the community members that showed up to witness the first day of the pumping the new borehole.
4099 Some of the children cleaned the new borehole platform
4102 This kid was busy helping to pump out the Jerrycans that were brought the first day.