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Visit by lornakatagra on 2018-08-24

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This particular section has one functioning borehole. The members reported that their is still a big need for another water source. 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS 
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Learning Objectives
1.For the community to know that this disease is real 2. For the community to know the truths and myths surrounding this disease
Introduction Lorna was in this village to teach about the myths and facts about HIV/AIDS. There are so many myths surrounding this disease which need to be made right. Overview Lorna arrived the village a few minutes past 12:00pm and found no one at the meeting place. She was later joined by Kagoya Dorothy a woman councillor in this village who decided to move around and mobilise the community members. Lorna was here on Wednesday and she mobilised the community for today Friday however, it rained the previous night and so most of the community members were still in their gardens. After about an hour and a half members started to turn up and the people who were there requested the lesson to begin as others came. Lorna introduced the topic of the day the myths and facts on HIV/AIDS. Lorna started by asking if this disease was real and members murmured that yes it is real. Lorna gave a background of where this disease came from and after that took them through the facts and myths on HIV/AIDS. Some of the facts were; - AIDS is real and has no cure although there are medicines to treat the disease. - Africa has the largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS but this does not mean that other countries are not affected or infected with this disease. - women and girls are more at risk of contracting this disease than men. Some of the myths were; - HIV/AIDS has a cure and that people in the United States have a cure. - prostitutes are more liable to HIV/AIDS as compared to other people. This was false however as this category of people can negotiate condom use more than anyone else or even the marrieds. - HIV does not lead to AIDs. Lorna said HIV is a virus and that AIDS was the end result hence HIV/AIDS.These were some of the myths surrounding this disease. Lorna then asked if there were any questions surrounding this topic. some of the questions asked were; 1. Is it true that while testing for this disease the blood is drawn from the back? Lorna said no the sample of blood is taken from the finger or arm but not the back. 2. Another question was is it safe to use a condom? Or doesn’t it cause cancer. Lorna answered that yes it is safe to use a condom however, not much has been researched about condoms causing cancer but when she finds out anything, she will let them know. 3. Do scissors transmit HIV/AIDS? And what should they do if this is the only means they have at home to trim their hair and may not have a clue if anyone among them was sick of this disease? Lorna said that the best way is if each one had their own scissor but if this is not possible, they can always boil this instrument before using it on the next person. 4. Another question was if someone tested negative after going to about 7 different hospitals, could this be true. Lorna said yes after several different tests from different hospitals yes it is possible for one to test negative. Conclusion Lorna concluded that no one knows their status until they are tested. She also urged them to take precautions and encouraged the members to go get tested to know their status. Lorna urged every member who turned up to invite five other people and also for the married women to come along with their husbands on the next lesson. 

Next Visit: 2018-09-10 - Purpose: To teach on transmission of HIV/AIDS

Report Photos

4105 This is the borehole Kibo drilled in this community. It has a strong fence, the jerrycans were also clean and so was the soak pit.
4108 Lorna met one of the Life Skills pupils from Kigalama primary with whom she had a chat with about her performance. She performed fairly well this end of term(semester) which was good to know.
4111 Some of the men that attended the meeting.
4114 In the center is Merab Kagoya and she was asking on whether it was possible to test negative after taking pain killers (Panadol)when tested. Lorna said that no it was not possible. These pain killers have no effect on the results whatsoever.