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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-08-27

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2018-08-27 08:55:28 UTC
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
To encourage and call upon the community members to attend the Life Skills lessons yet to start in this community in September.
Introduction Lorna was in Bubinga village to meet the leaders and talk to them about Life Skills program and its intentions of teaching life skills in this community. Bubinga is under Kivule village and most of the pupils from this village go to Kivule primary School.Kivule as a village has got 4 Local councils; Kivule, Nawampiti, Nabituluntu and Bubinga. Each of these local councils have children going to Kivule primary school and this is the reason Life Skills is teaching in these communities. Overview When Lorna reached, she called the chairman who informed her that he was not at the village but he was to come and meet her there along with other VHTs. However after Lorna waiting for some minutes, she decided to move in the nearby homes greeting the members and also interacted with a few children she had heard mention her name. These children were from Kivule primary school. She also went to a nearby kiosk and greeted a few youth there and while there she found out that one of them was the vice chairperson. She was also informed that the chairman she talked to on phone was no longer the chairman and the actual chairman was at his rice milling machine nearby. One of the youth then went and informed the chairman of my arrival. Lorna started by introducing herself to the new chairman LC1 Iswaya Peter as someone from Kibo whose intention is to teach life skills in his community. She mentioned some of the lessons under this program as; HIV/AIDS, Relationship Skills, Personal hygiene, Alcohol and drug abuse among others. The chairman and vht Mugisha Tom and vice chairman were happy about the program and welcomed Life Skills in their village. They said that they were ready to work hand in hand with Kibo ,as Kibo is not a new name in their village. Lorna then suggested to them the time to meet as well as the day. They welcome the idea and said it is okay and that they were ready. Lorna got their contacts and said she will be in touch with them. The chairman was able to show Lorna his 2 homes and so did Mugisha the vht. Lorna also told him of Manuela and that she was not with her because she is heavy and due soon but will also be with them after delivery Lorna then left for Nabituluntu. In Nabituluntu Lorna’s intention was to pass by and meet some of the members and inform them of her intention to also teach life skills in this community. She passed by the chairman’s home but there was no one. She then continued towards Paul’s place who is one of the members on the borehole committee and told him about her intention in this village. Paul was happy about the program and was very welcoming of it. He also mentioned that they need programs like this because for example some of the youth are smoking and doing drugs which is very disturbing. Lorna told him that this is one of the lessons under Life Skills. About other issues mentioned like adults who do not know how to write but want to learn, Lorna told Paul about the spiritual and health empowerment program which was already in this village and that this problem is addressed here, as some of lessons involve shading for everyone and that includes both those who can’t write and those who can. Lorna was also able to check on the borehole status which she found was good. It was threatening to rain so Lorna decided to leave for Jinja. Conclusion Lorna was able to hit two birds with one stone that is Bubinga and Nabituluntu. Lorna will be in Nabituluntu on Friday. She hopes to meet quite a good number of people. 

Next Visit: 2018-09-10 - Purpose: To introduce life skills to this community.

Report Photos

4132 Lorna standing with the chairman Local council 1 Iswaya Peter and a Vht Mugisha Tom.
4135 Lorna also checked on the borehole status and found that the borehole is functioning well. The compound is clean and the soak pit is being taken care of.
4138 This is Paul Balirwaine of Nabituluntu village. Lorna passed by here after her visit in Bubinga to let them know about her intentions of teaching life skills in this village.