Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-09-03

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Current State

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There is high level of responsibility and ownership already exhibited amongst the village members and all want to maintain a high level of hygiene and sanitation standards in their homes as well as taking good care of their boreholes in the community. 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To make sure each member plays a big role to ensure the borehole functions as required 
Staff Action Steps
To keep in touch with the water user committee making sure the village is responding as outlined in the bylaws that were formed. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
Buyangu is the new village section that was recently divided from the greater Bunaibamba/ Buluvu village . This is where the new borehole is located,however it is still being shared by all in Buluvu since the whole village of Bunaibamba A and B have now two boreholes. 

Water Community Meeting

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water chain,commissioning 
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Henry Oyier,Walyomu Alex,Nate Barton 
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LC1,LC2,LC3,Health Assistant,VHT,Parish Chief 
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Alex Walyomu, Henry and Nate Barton together with the government officials from Bulange sub- county were in Buluvu for the commissioning of the new borehole that was recently drilled by Kibo group in this community. First together with the community members they planted a sign post for” THE BOWEN FAMILY” that donated money to dig this borehole. Then the government officials ( councilors) led by the sub county chief, Mr. Hassan appreciated Kibo for the support rendered to this community and in Namutumba in general. They also told the community members that they got one task a head of them to make sure that they take good care of the borehole and ensure a safe water chain, making sure water is kept clean until it’s used or drunk. Use of clean containers/ Jerrycans, having a clean borehole and ensuring every home has all the required sanitation facilities in the home as taught by Kibo group like the dish rack, the pit latrine, a clean kitchen, a rubbish pit and many others ensuring that clean water got from a clean borehole ends up in a clean home. Alex emphasized and was very serious that the community risk to lose the clean water if at all they forget to maintain good sanitation in the village and go back to practice open defecation as it used to be before Kibo joined the village. The main point why Kibo is partnering with them is to eradicate diseases raising from poor sanitation and unsafe water so everyone in the community has to play a big role in ensuring that all is maintained. The Kibo country director, Mr Henry Oyier appreciated Buluvu people for working very hard and congratulated them on getting clean water. He also appreciated them for welcoming all the Kibo staff that have been working with them and responding positively in what Kibo was telling them to do. In other wards he thanked the village for trusting Kibo to work with them. Henry continued to ask the village if they would want to continue partnering with Kibo to work with them in their village and everyone in the meeting shouted a big yes. A new Kibo program, health and safe kitchens is soon joining the village to work with the people. The village in general was happy for Kibo’s support and all so far they have done together with Kibo group, encouraging them to have clean homes with all the sanitation facilities and provision of clean water. 
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2018-09-12 - Purpose: Installing a new head pump that was bought by the community for the old borehole.
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Report Photos

4234 The community members setting up a new water sign post for the new borehole in Buluvu
4237 The community members attending the commissioning meeting.
4240 The sub county chief encouraged the community members to take good care of the gift they have received from Kibo and appreciated Kibo group for the help of clean water to Buluvu village. The village has a task to be responsible enough and manage this water source as required.