Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Maliga - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2018-09-03

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David Balimunsi
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2018-08-29 06:43:44 UTC
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2018-09-04 08:19:43 UTC
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09:16-18:20 (9 h 4 m)
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12:16-16:30 (4 h 14 m)
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Current State

Participation Rating
Few homes have started working and improving on their sanitation facilities as well as contributing money towards their borehole account. 
Village Critical Needs
Sanitation improvements and clean water 
Village Action Steps
It is to work and improve on their home hygiene and sanitation facilities as well as contributing money towards their borehole account. 
Staff Action Steps
It is to pass by the subcounty and organise a general village meeting together with the subcounty healthy officials to figure out ways how they can involve every one to improve on their sanitation status. 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
In the many homes Kibo moved to they assessed that there was quite a good number of new sanitation facilities being put into place. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
The borehole which the community used to have had issues and even the neighboring borehole where they used to go was about 3km,s away. The neighboring borehole is also broken therefore the residents are back to getting water from the nearby swamp. 
Prevent Ownership
Some other members are not balancing between garden work and their home sanitation improvements. 
Allow Ownership
The committee members are active and hard working 
Village Notes
Though there are a lot of new facilities coming up there were stil some more cases of open defecation in a few homes 

Water Users Committee Check-In

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Follow up
Water Committee
Soak Pit
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Committee Accomplishments
Committee Challenges
The members are not paying their borehole contributions on time. Also members are spending much of their time in gardens since its a rainy season . 
Other Committee Notes
The committee members sat and resolved that they will be moving home to home three times a week to encourage those that will be lagging behind. 
Ws Notes
Before reaching the village Steven and David first visited the sub county of Nsinze to involve the sub county officials in their next village sanitation improvement meeting. At the sub county they talked to the sub county chief who even connected the Kibo staff to the other new Community Development Officers (C D O,s) . They were all happy to meet each other and most importantly they discussed when they will be planning to visit the village. The Kibo staff concluded their conversation by saying that Kibo would tell them when they hope to be in that village for that next meeting. After all that they headed to the village. When they reached the village their plan for that day was to move through the trading centre up to the five home which were in the lower section. Before they reached the trading centre ,they found Phider, one of the most active members on the water and sanitation committee. She was waiting for them in the trading center. She joined them moving through the trading centre up to where they ended. After the trading centre they first moved to mr wakatama,s home. They were happy with him because he had finished constructing a nice shelter around his toilet even roofed it. He also constructed a,shower area, rubbish pit,dish rack . They continued to Henry Gulemye,and mark Alumansi,s homes. They had only completed their new shower areas,rubbish pits .David and Steven advised them to also improve on the rest of their home facilities. When they reached Tumusime Ben,s home the Kibo staff were un happy with him because he had dug a 3feet toilet and even he was using it though it was without a shelter. He ran away when he saw the Kibo staff approaching. The Kibo staff advised the wife to talk to her husband when he got back about not using that toilet and continuing to dig 12 feet deeper into that toilet. The Kibo staff continued moving to Watongola Frank,s home. His toilet was a halfway dug therefore the Kibo staff advised him to double his effort so that next time they will be able to find some good progress. They moved to nakalema Grace and Serwada robert,s home. They ran away because they were practicing open defecation. The Kibo staff told their neighbors and Phider to tell them that since it was a rainy season they would end up causing diarrheal diseases to their neighbors. The last homes which they went to because of time were of Bogere peter and Mugoya nuwa,s. They had completed their dish rack construction and the rubbish pit .In general out of Kibo,s assessment there was less progress therefore they thought of involving the sub county healthy officials . After David ,phider and Steven,s home to home movement they met the treasurer of the borehole who gave them some good news of one resident, Wamujja Henry, who was proposing to give them 150,000 shillings to add on to the 120,000 shillings they currently had as their borehole account balance. The Kibo staff asked for Wamujja Henry’s number to commumicate with him about the contribution so that he would agree to give the village the 150,000 shillings . Wamujja Henry agreed to bring the money the following day. David thanked him a lot for having such a good heart of helping.Due to the limited time factor David and Steven left the village for jinja. 
Next Visit
2018-09-12 - Purpose: It is to have a Village general sanitation improvements meeting
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Report Photos

4246 Mugoya Nuwa,s dish rack under construction
4249 Henery Gulemye,s rubbish pit halfway dug
4252 Wakatama Gilsom,s toilet we’ll constructed
4255 Mark Alumansi,s rubbish pit completed .