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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-09-10

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS 
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Learning Objectives
For the community to understand what is true and what is not about HIV/AIDS.
Introduction Lorna went to teach the first lesson facts and myths of HIV/AIDS. Overview Lorna reached the meeting place and found no one. She decided to go to a nearby bar where she found people drinking and greeted them and asked them if they were aware of what was to take place. They told her they were aware but first wanted to finish their alcohol then come. Lorna left them and said she would be waiting for them at the meeting place. When she left them , she was met by a Vht Mugisha Tom who assured her that the community was aware and that they were going to come. He ushered Lorna to the meeting place and while there was joined by the chairman Iswaya Peter. At about 1pm Lorna started by introducing herself and who she is and from where to the community. She told them what life skills was all about and gave them a summary on some of the topics/ lessons under life skills education and counseling. Lorna started by asking the members on a few questions on what they knew about HIV/AIDS. One member said one can contract HIV/AIDS by having sex with an infected person, another said through sharing sharp instruments and gave a scenario where he and a friend went to the hospital and were asked for a syringe which they did not have. They were asked to buy one which they did however, this nurse used the same syringe on both of them. This was sad to hear. Another said through kissing.Lorna did this to check if the members had an idea on this topic. Lorna then continued and told them some facts on HIV like; As much as Africa was the most highly infected by the HIV scourge, other nations also suffer the same, another fact was Aids has no cure but there medicines that help treat the disease, Another fact was women and the girl child were the most at risk to contracting HIV/ AIDS. On the myths, Lorna mentioned some like; an HIV positive man getting cured of this disease if he had sex with a virgin, another was traditionalists have a cure for HIV/AIDS, Another myth was everyone has HIV/AIDS therefore there is no use in getting tested. After this Lorna asked them a few questions like is AIDS real? And they said yes. She also asked can one tell by looking at someone that they were infected? Some said yes while others said no. Lorna said unless one was tested , only then one can find out.She also asked is it true to say no one in Uganda is infected with HIV?. They said no it is not true. Conclusion Lorna concluded by thanking the members for coming and told them when next she will be in the village. After the meeting some men and women came and thanked Lorna for the lesson. 

Next Visit: 2018-09-24 - Purpose: Teach the next topic ; the Immune system.

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4321 Lorna teaching on facts and myths on HIV/AIDS.
4324 The chairman explaining condom use to the former vice chairperson. This was after Lorna asked if it was true if someone wore two condoms/ rubber, cannot contract HIV/AIDS.
4327 Community members during the lesson