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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-09-12

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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HIV/STDs Prevention,HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Lorna Katagara,Falon Barton 
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2 women from hotsprings USA 
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Learning Objectives
- For the community members to learn the different methods/ways to prevent themselves from contracting the disease. - Women to know why they are more at risk of contracting HIV more than men. Also to understand some symptoms an HIV positive woman can have which are different from their counterparts.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to teach on HIV prevention and continue with the lesson Women and HIV/AIDs. She went along with Falon Barton and 2 other visitors from Hotsprings USA. Overview When Lorna, Falon and the 2female visitors arrived the village, the members were still finishing up with their garden work. Lorna decided to show the visitors some of the facilities that were built during the time CLTS(Community Led Total Sanitation)worked here, now Water Sanitation and Hygiene Program. They were able to also look at how the stove looks like and Lorna and Falon explained to the visitors the process it takes to make these stoves. They then took a walk to where the community gets its water. This borehole was drilled by the Government. At the borehole they found some of the logs for the fence were missing. When Lorna asked why, they said because they broke some people took them, Lorna encouraged them to put back the fence. After the little tour, they went back to the meeting place. At the meeting place, the chairman welcomed us and an opening prayer was said and the lesson begun.Lorna started by reviewing the immune system because when she taught this lesson, there were a few people. After that she then taught on HIV prevention where she asked the community members of the different ways to prevent themselves from getting HIV. They looked at different ways like not sharing sharp instruments, condom use,Abstinence and they also looked at other universal precautions like; wearing gloves for example for a health worker who is treating them, when working with a person then accidentally this person gets hurt in the process , what should one do?. They said one can help them by cleaning the wound. Lorna urged them to give this person a cloth or if one has a first aid box can help them with it. They also looked at a health worker whereby he/she is supposed to dispose off the syringes into a bin after using them. Another universal precaution they looked at was if blood spilled accidentally from a person while being treated , what do they do?. They said they wipe it off and Lorna asked with a glove or bare hands. Some said hands and others with gloves. After looking at this, Lorna did a glove demonstration and she asked them of various scenarios where one was required to put on a glove and where one was not. For example in cases where someone was bleeding , this required a glove. Another was while shaking hands with an infected person were they required to wear a glove or no?. They said no. After this, Lorna also demonstrated the right way to use a condom. Lorna told them the steps before condom use from tearing the pack to eventually using it when the time was right. Lorna asked the women how easy was it to convince their husbands to use a condom?. They said the men would call them promiscuous/unfaithful and so they just drop it. Lorna encouraged them to find a way to talk to their husbands and encourage them on the importance of using condoms and not only does it mean that one is unfaithful. Lorna also continued with the lesson Women and HIV /AIDS. They looked at some of the signs which women face that are different from their male counterparts. For example the women experience signs like recurring abdominal pain, heavy menstrual flow or missing periods, cervical cancer, and also in infants for example; stunted growth, white recurring white spots in the mouth, enlarged spleen or liver. Lorna said these signs may not necessarily mean one has HIV but if it re carries then one needs to seek medical advice. Lorna finished here and asked the group that they start from there on the next visit as time had gone. Conclusion During the condom demonstration the men started moving away one by one. Lorna after the lesson approached one man and asked him why. He told her that they were shy and also that because their in laws were present they could not stay during that time. Lorna however asked them that these lessons concern everyone and not even their in laws would learn for them. She encouraged him to tell the men not to walk away next time. 

Next Visit: 2018-09-26 - Purpose: To teach on Disease Progression and positive behaviour.

Report Photos

4333 The community members during the lesson.
4336 Here Lorna was asking on which scenarios is one required to use a glove. For example while shaking hands with an HIV infected person, is one supposed to put on gloves? The answer is No. when she asked if helping a victim in an accident, is one required to put on gloves?. They were required to put up the hands with gloves or without on whatever scenarios asked.
4339 Here Lorna was demonstrating on Condom use.
4342 The men that attended the lesson