Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ituba Namalowe - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-10-15

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-10-16 08:59:42 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2018-10-18 05:07:37 UTC
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10:25-17:58 (7 h 33 m)
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12:51-15:58 (3 h 7 m)
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4 h 26 m

Household visits

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Visits Purpose
To follow up on those strategic homes still behind 
Staff Attendees
Walyomu Alex 
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Alex visit to Ituba Namalowe was specifically follow up on those specific homes that were still having work to do on their pit latrine construction. In total there are 6 homes that are still working on their pit latrines. Alex together with two health committee members, Mayor and the Abubakari went on checking these individuals where they had reached after Enock had updated Alex on the strategy to take. Alex is kinda of a rare face in the community and him being seen following up on the same sanitation and hygiene issue is thought as more encouragement to those that have not yet completed as the rest of the Community. Alex is slowly transitioning into the next step introducing water and what will be done in that whole process. However, the village can’t start the water program unless the required standard are met. Together with the committee they first visited Mutoto’s house and was still digging his new pit latrine. He was encouraged to speed up to finish up and he promised to get done in a week. Muzei Mainogovu was completing building his pit latrine structure and this is his first pit latrine in his home, Kusain was not found at home but the building materials were collected to start building the structure. Sinani is collecting the bricks to start building the pit structure. They also visited other homes in the trading center and many of the homes have completed their pit latrines. However there is a big challenge that most of the dish racks have been destroyed by the termites and many homes have been affected. Alex told the health committee members and the LC 1 to continue following up on those individuals and continue to encourage them to finish up constructing those facilities. Alex will go back and meet with the village leaders to have a discussion on a way forward after moving around the village to see the status and plan a village meeting together 

Current State

Participation Rating
There is a very great improvement in the latrine construction and coverage in the village even in the homes that used to be very stubborn to work with for example Wanda’s home was very hard but now it has changed very much. 
Village Critical Needs
More emphasis will be needed on dish rack construction but the biggest challenge is that the termites destroy quickly the poles for the dish rack. 
Village Action Steps
The health and sanitaion committee will have to follow up on the remaining people tat have not yet commpleted working on their sanitation facilities. 
Staff Action Steps
Alex will call the sanitation committee members and make sure they have followed up on those homes that have not yet completed working on their sanitation facilities. 
CLTS Progress
Working on CLTS Program 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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There are some people who have to walk a distance of more than 2km to one borehole in the village and also the village is very large that this borehole is congested too much in a sense that someone can wait for more than 3 hours to get a jerrycan of water. 
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Village Notes
The village is surrounded by a swamp where by some part of the village people get water from the swamp. 
Next Visit
2018-10-23 - Purpose: Follow up on those homes and hold a meeting with the leaders on a way forward and mobilizing the community for a village meeting.
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Report Photos

4708 Muzei Mainogovu standing next to his new pit latrine he just dug. For all his life now in his late 70’s, he had never had a pit latrine but now he is so glad to get one after Kibo encouraging him and knowing the value of a pit latrine.
4711 Kusaini is yet to construct on his new pit latrine but he has managed to get all the materials needed to start constructing the pit latrine.
4714 Sinani is another person that has not yet completed constructing on his pit latrine but will do very soon since he is now fundraising for bricks.