Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Bukhudumira - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-10-24

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-10-25 01:22:26 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2018-10-25 02:07:58 UTC
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10:15-16:48 (6 h 33 m)
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11:58-14:16 (2 h 18 m)
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4 h 15 m

Current State

Participation Rating
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To take good care of their well and contribute money towards the borehole account 
Staff Action Steps
To go back and monitor the borehole state and performance of the borehole 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
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Village Notes
The school charges 2000sh per child every term towards school development projects including repairing of this well. This has helped to meet the repair costs of this well whenever it breaks downtown. 

Well Repair

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Repair Date
2018-10-24 00:00:00 UTC 
Repair By
Steven Kambale, Walyomu Alex, Two HPMs 
Pump Mechanic
Committee Present
Repair Cost
Village Contribution
Work Done
This well was installed with new stainless pipes, stainless rods, new cylinder, new water tank and a new head assembly. 
Parts Replaced
Cylinder,Rods,Pipes,Bolts,Middle plate,water Tank,Pump head,Nipple adaptor 
Concerns Future Failure
Water Committee
Soak Pit
Compound Condition
Jerrycan Condition
Ws Notes
Alex, Steven and Falon together with two Hand pump mechanics, Kabugo and Godfrey from Namutumba District were in Bukudhumira village at Nawaikona P/S to repair a well there. This borehole has been having a lot of challenges breaking down almost every week due to the bad type pipes that were originally installed. This borehole had been installed with plastic pipes but unfortunately these had all developed leakages that it would take between 20-30 minutes to fill up a jerrycan. Also the head assembly was faulty and a cylinder too. This well serves mostly the primary school that has a population of between 800-1000 pupils , a health center facility together with the village people who live around the school. Alex met with the head teacher of the school, Mrs Lydia who begged Kibo to help them and he also met with the water user committee. They accepted to cooperate with Kibo and made a community contribution towards their well repair. He also conducted some training sessions about their borehole roles and responsibilities and making sure that they have a plan in place to take on the repair anytime it breaks down. The two hand pump mechanics, Kibo staff Alex and Steven together with some water user committee members removed the old parts and installed the new parts that were bought. New stainless pipes, new rods, water tank, head assembly and a new cylinder were bought and installed. The head teacher and the chairman of the water user committee Badagawa was extremely very thankful to Kibo group for the support. The borehole was left working very well and the school children were happy enjoying the water. Kibo group and the hand pump mechanic will continue to monitor the performance and state of this well. 
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Next Visit
2018-11-26 - Purpose: Monitor the state and performance of the well.
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Report Photos

4768 Installation of new stainless pipes at Nawaikona P/s in Bukudhumira village.
4771 Testing the borehole performance after successfully installed the new parts.