Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kasuleta - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2018-10-24

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David Balimunsi
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2018-10-25 02:08:28 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2018-10-25 08:44:39 UTC
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09:06-17:46 (8 h 40 m)
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Current State

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Some new latrines pits were seen in place to replace the ones which had collapsed. 
Village Critical Needs
The homes which don’t have latrines should dig and construct them 
Village Action Steps
It is to work ,maintain and improve on the latrines which had colupsed due to the recent heavy rains 
Staff Action Steps
It is to encourage every one in the community to maintain the required hygiene standards . 
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Working on CLTS Program 
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David saw some three new latrine pits which were dug after the old one had collapsed due to stronger winds and rains. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Some homes which are still practicing open deification. 
Allow Ownership
The committee members are active. 
Village Notes
Five homes out of the entire village were practicing open deification because their latrines had collapsed because of the heavy rains. 

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The members whose latrines were destroyed due to the heavy rains getting to dig ones . 
Other Committee Notes
The committee members said that they will be having a-village general meeting in order to have away forward to the few members who were still not meeting the required sanitation standards 
Ws Notes
David was in the village to continue following up on the homes whose latrines were destroyed by the strong rains.It was reported by one active members mr Kadhulungu of the homes which were affected and some of them never wanted to construct on their finished pits . When David reached the village he was joined by one VHT by the names Mwajuma.She helped David by both of them visiting the homes which were not meeting the set hygiene standards. During Mwajuma and David,s home to home home movements they visited the following homes. Ali maganda, Sula maganda ,and Bagaga Maganda they were all sons of the chairman of the village.But unfortunately they were all practicing Open deification. The VH T told David that they had visited those homes for quite a good number of times in order for them to improve but they never wanted to change from living that kind of life.Even the above mentioned homes were reported to the Nsinze sub-county . Therefore David Was happy to meet the owners in their homes and encouraged them to dig latrines in order to prevent their neighbors and themselves from suffering from diseases caused by poor sanitation and open defecation. They promised David and the V H T that they would be completing to work on their new latrines in two weeks time. From there David and the VH T also visited waiswa maganda the last son of the village chairman ,he had dug and constructed his pit latrine but he dint roof it . Therefore David encouraged him to roof his pit latrine walls to protect it from collapsing due to the rains. David and the V H T also continued moving to Bagore Iwumbwe,s home, they found him when he had constructed a 20 feet deep pit but he had not constructed a shelter on top of it. They advised him a lot to construct on it so fast because the rains would cause it to sink. They also visited the home of Nkuni he was away but he was still practicing open deification however David advised the V H T to later get time and talk to the owner of the home for the better improvement. After all that the Vh t reported to David of the other home in the centre which had a deadly latrine .That latrine was deadly because of the big holes which were on the roof surface .David told the owner of that pit latrine mr Ali Mutumba that there was great need for him to improve on the ground surface of his latrine.He said that he will be working on that the coming weekend. The last home they visited was for mr Kalimu in the lower Part of the village. They also advised him to improve on it by constructing a stronger shelter around it . On addition to that David , the VH T and some other two committee members suggested for a village meeting which would be communicated to them any time . They thought that meeting would be intended to to bring everyone one together concerning good hygiene and sanitation. In general according to David,s assessment out of the entire village only 7 homes were not meeting the required standards because of the heavier rains which caused all that damages. 
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2018-11-23 - Purpose: It is to get everyone together as far as the good hygiene and sanitation improvements are concerned.
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Report Photos

4774 Some the new pit latrines in the village
4777 Bagole Iyumbwe,s old pit latrine finished to be dug only left to construct a shelter around it .