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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-10-26

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2018-10-29 02:36:40 UTC
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They are very responsible towards their borehole. The borehole has a very strong fence and the soak pit is never full. Also when I asked the care taker about the community’s contribution, he said the community members are very responsive unlike before. 
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For the case of their borehole, they have a strong borehole committee 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Keddie Suzan Winnie 
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Learning Objectives
To learn the different STDs and their symptoms To learn the relationship between HIV/AIDS and STDs.
Introduction Lorna was in this community to teach about the immune system and the relationship between STDs and HIV/AIDS. Overview Lorna and Keddie Suzan were in this village to teach about the immune system and the relationship between STDs and HIV/AIDS. Lorna and Keddie started by moving around checking on the stoves that were built previously during the Healthy and safe Kitchen program. They moved to about 6 homes and they were able to see the stoves. While moving Lorna and Keddie were asking questions about the stoves of how the stoves have changed their lives, how effective they were while cooking. In 5 of the homes they were able to see that the stoves were working however in one, the lady had only used the stove once since it was built but this was because she did not know how to use it. Lorna and Keddie encouraged her to make use of the stove. The lady also went ahead and said that it delays to heat up. Lorna and Keddie advised her that it is because she did not persist to use it that’s why it took long to heat up. They encouraged her to use it persistently for better results. After that Lorna and a Keddie came back to the meeting place. After some minutes, the community members turned up and Lorna and Keddie started the topic of the day. The chairman then opened the meeting and invited Lorna to go ahead with the days lesson. Lorna thanked him and the members for coming although they turned up late. She then introduced Keddie to the community members and asked her to say a few words before starting the lesson. Keddie introduced herself to the community as a member of the healthy and safe Kitchens program and encouraged them to come for the meeting in time on the next visit. She also urged the committee of the stoves program to help out other members who are having challenges.The members apologized for coming late and promised to come in time the next lesson. Lorna started with the lesson of the relationship between HIV and STDs. She started by asking the members what are some of the STDs they know of. They mentioned Syphilis, Gonorrhea, herpes among others. Lorna thanked them for the answers and then asked them for the symptoms of these diseases. For syphilis they mentioned rashes, sore on the genitals. Lorna also added fever, weight loss and that it takes a period of 10- 90 days before the symptoms show, also they looked at possible death of the mother and abnormal children if not treated early. When Lorna asked about gonorrhea , they said that a person feels pain while passing urine, one lady also said that she heard that the person passes out something like a thread. Lorna said that it’s not a thread but it’s a thickish white fluid (pus)that keeps dripping. Lorna also added swelling of the testicles, swelling of the penis among others.Lorna then paused a question that does gonorrhea heal ?. Some ladies said it does not heal while others said it heals. One lady said it heals if the person follows the whole treatment. Lorna asked the members to clap for her. Lorna added that it is true it does heal and cautioned that for it to completely heal, both parties have to start on this treatment immediately and do away with sex until they are both well. When Lorna asked them about herpes , they said that they heard that this one does not heal but asked Lorna to clarify. They also said they do not know much about it. Lorna said it is true it does not heal and that it is just like HIV/AIDS that it’s treatments are available but it does not cure as it is a viral infection. Lorna added that the symptoms can disappear but can reoccur under stress. Lorna also emphasized that for the case of the women, it is very hard to know that one has an STD however, if they experience any of those symptoms like;;itchiness, pus, vaginal blisters, they need to get treatment immediately as if left untreated it could mature and could lead to possible death of both the mother and the child at birth. Lorna also emphasized that a person with STDs is more at risk of getting HIV and passing it on more than one without. This is because of the fact that HIV needs a portal of entry and because of the sores which act as a portal of entry it is easy for HIV to enter the body. Conclusion Lorna did not teach on the immune system as it was late. Lorna also concluded by encouraging both the men and women to be faithful to their partners. Keddie also added that the only way to find out is to get tested for STDs especially for the women. 

Next Visit: 2018-11-09 - Purpose: Teach on the Immune system