Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Sinde - Namayingo

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2017-11-15

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Alex Walyomu
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2017-11-15 05:28:29 UTC
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2018-02-09 17:22:30 UTC
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10:07-19:42 (9 h 35 m)
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14:19-17:17 (2 h 58 m)
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Current State

Participation Rating
They have taken good care of their source and have an active water user committee in place. 
Village Critical Needs
I see a need for women empowerment program or the CEP program due to the fact that many of the women do not speak up. Also there is still need for more water due to congestion at the one Kibo well 
Village Action Steps
To continue taking good care of all the programs in their community. All the kibo programs have to be maintained by the community members. 
Staff Action Steps
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
All the community members are taking good care of their borehole and contribute towards their well account. The borehole account has 300000sh on the account. Also the Mvule group is still very active and are still working together to reach their goals. They are 100 members in the Mvule group. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Most of the people love to work together 
Village Notes
Sinde is divided into sections, Namayombe and Sinde. Kibo is working with both sections. Two programs have so far been in this community, the water source and the Mvule program.Kibo joined this community through Sinde church of Christ. 

Water Community Meeting

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ownership and sustainability 
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Walyomu Alex 
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LC1,LC2,Health Assistant,VHT,District Health Inspector 
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Look Up
Sinde - Namayombe borehole 
This visit to Sinde was aimed at showing some of the district officials what Kibo had done in the district and that Kibo was still active in the district. This came as result that the office that deals with NGOs in the district claimed that Kibo was not known in the district and so Roy who was pursuing a new Kibo registration was denied until the office of the district community development officer went on ground to see what exactly Kibo had done. They asked Kibo to take them to the villages where we have worked before so the district can go a head to renew the registration and sign memorandum of understanding with Kibo. Alex went a head and scheduled an appointment with the DCDO and the CDOs to visit the communities in Namayingo where Kibo has worked. Due to along meeting that was taking place at the district offices, Alex kept waiting outside for two and half hours and they reached Sinde later in the afternoon. They found about 60 people waiting for them and the meeting begun immediately The community told the government officials what Kibo had done in their communities like a new borehole, trees and goats and they were thanking Kibo for the support rendered. Also amongst the group that turned up for the meeting, were two people from Syanyonja community one of the other community that has actively participated in the Kibo programs. They also told the DCDO and the CDOs what they have achieved through Kibo group, this community got a borehole, trees, goats. The people in Sinde also brought some of their goats to show to the officials to prove that they received them from Kibo group. They also appreciated Kibo for the borehole that has got good water and not salty as compared to the rest of the boreholes they have in the sub-county. It's believed to be the best borehole in the sub-county with the best water for drinking. This creates Congestion at this well since many people come here to get drinking water. The Mvule group comprised of 100 members also the guests saw the Mvule trees they received from Kibo. Then after all the people had spoken the good things that Kibo had done in their communities, the district officials testified that Kibo has seriously helped many people in the community having witnessed a lot of good things. They called on every one to be responsible and to take ownership of what had been done in their communities. They thanked the active water committee in sinde that has maintained the monthly contribution of 1000sh per home and now they have been able to fix their borehole 4 times using their money and they now have 300000sh. The DCDO called on them to remain active and also make sure that they give reports to the sub-county about what they are doing and that the government would consider them for any program that might come up. Alex also told them about the functioning well in Namayuge that was drilled by Kibo and the CDO from Buswale knows about it. 

Report Photos

482 The meeting took place at the borehole
484 The DCDO speaking at the meeting
486 The meeting session