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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-11-14

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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
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Community Ownership
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There is a group of women who have come together and started their own developmental group. They are 30 in number but for now they are just doing cash rounds weekly. They requested Lorna to get them someone to teach them more developmental ideas. 
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The women group that is working hard together to develop themselves. 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening 
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Learning Objectives
To understand the importance of effective communication in a home
Introduction Lorna was here to continue with the lesson of communication Skills. Overview Lorna worked together with the chairman to find a new location where they could get more people on board to attend the lesson. They therefore decided to extend the meeting place a little bit away from the trading center. When Lorna arrived, she found the chairman together with a few people already gathered at the meeting place. After a few minutes, the chairman got up and decided to go back to the community to tell the people that Lorna had already arrived and that they should hurry up. When there were about 15 people, Lorna requested the meeting to start and the rest will join them. The chairman made a few remarks and an opening prayer was said and Lorna began the days lesson. Lorna reviewed the previous lesson which was the introduction on communication skills. Lorna went ahead and asked the community what was the importance of effective communication in a home?. One old man in the community said it prevents divorce, another old man said when two people communicate well and listen to each other the family is happy. They were about 4 old men including a Reverend who were very active during the discussion which was very impressive. Kakose a VHT said it avoids a lot of conflicts in the home. Lorna thanked them for the answers and added that all their answers were right. She informed them that there were many reasons why there are conflicts in a home and one of them was because of poor communication. Lorna gave them the different ways that we communicate which were; some of us are interruptive while talking , some ignore the conversation and walk out of it before it’s complete, some choose to listen then speak afterwards, some choose to avoid the conversation altogether among others. Lorna then asked the community among those ways what was the most appropriate?. They said listening then speaking afterwards however one youth in his mid 20’s raised up his hand and said the problem with the women of this generation they are too big headed and that they will not even let you finish before they interupt you and get you angry. He continued and said and if this goes on for a long time it can force them the men to go out and look for a woman who will listen and respect them. The women chanted that by the time they Do that, the men have pushed them so hard that it’s no longer easy to bear. Lorna urged the women not to let them be eat up by issues inside which can be resolved simply by opening up in a good conversation. She added that sometimes both women and men have so much anger built up and this is because they are not openly speaking about what’s affecting them. This may get worse leading to a divorce or a man marrying another woman leaving the other issues buried and unresolved. Lorna therefore added that whenever there was anything bothering them that it was better to speak about it before it becomes a big issue and get out of hand. Another man said that this government has given the women too much freedom that they no longer have respect for their husbands. Lorna agreed true there is more freedom for women than before but sometimes this freedom will wreck the marriage if not used well. She added that the government does not run their homes but them. She added that the solution is to open up and respect each others opinion. She added that silence does not solve anything and so does dominion. Conclusion The reverend thanked Lorna for this important lesson as it is a big challenge in the homes and community. He encouraged them to also open up and have healthy conversations not only for the older people bu for the sake of their children. 

Next Visit: 2018-11-26 - Purpose: Continue with communication skills

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