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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-11-23

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This section of Kivule has a borehole that was drilled by Kibo however they share this borehole with a neighboring village called Nakyere. Nakyera community members for a long time did not want to contribute towards the borehole maintenance because, they thought that the committee was going to take their money. They have however learnt the use of this money since the borehole got a challenge a while back and because they had this money, they managed to repair it. When the members saw this a good number of them saw that it was for a good cause therefore decided to contribute towards the borehole account. 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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- To understand the reasons why women are more at risk of getting HIV/AIDS than men. - List symptoms specific to women - Describe modes of of HIV transmission from mother to child. - List any specific symptoms of HIV/AIDS in infants.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to teach about women and HIV/AIDS. Overview Lorna reached the village and found a few people had already gathered at the meeting place. While they were waiting for others to join them, the chairman of the borehole Sam and the vice chairman when Lorna asked about how their borehole account was doing, they informed her that the community members especially those from Nakyere have realized the importance of contributing towards the borehole maintenance account. This was great to hear because a while back they almost fought the committee as they called them cheats who want to take their money and use it. They reported that recently they came and asked them how much they needed to contribute. When the members had finally come, Lorna started with the topic of the day . Lorna introduced the topic of the day and went ahead to ask the members why was it that women were more at risk of getting HIV/AIDS than men. She added that it doesn’t mean that men were not at risk but that there were certain conditions that made it possible for women to be more at risk than men. Some reasons given were; poverty, another man said women are promiscuous, fornicators. This did not go well with the women as they asked the men to tell them why they called them promiscuous. The men said because they are never satisfied with what is given/ provided to them. One woman said then they should not blame them because if a man/ father fails to provide for his/ her family then why wouldn’t she go with one who can provide for her. This did not go well with the men as they told Lorna if she had heard what the lady said. Lorna then asked the women was it possible for them to provide for their family if they knew that their husband lost their job or was not able to at the moment. Some women said they can but others said no it was their responsibility. Lorna advised that both parties need to understand each other when in such times so as to avoid the women looking for provision elsewhere. Lorna urged the women that it was not a bad thing to contribute towards anything lacking in the home if they are able to. They then looked at other reasons which were divided into two ; biological and cultural factors. Biological like; women have a larger mucous membrane than men hence a larger port of entry, women are also narrower in the inside making it hard to know whether one has a STD, Female genital mutilation also puts women at risk, women also receive a greater amount of possible infected fluids than men among others. They also looked at the cultural factors like;taboos speaking about sex, marriage rights that give women as property, extreme poverty that encourages exchange of sex for money, gender roles that do not allow women to speak about sex. Conclusion Lorna encouraged the women to take care of themselves and urged the men to work together with their wives to prevent themselves from situations that can lead them to getting HIV/AIDS. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-07 - Purpose: Continue with the topic a Women and HIV/Aids