Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalitumba - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-11-21

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2018-12-03 10:24:59 UTC
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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Tom went to kalitumba village to carry out the first slab construction in the village. When Tom arrived in the village, he found when they the sand was delivered as well as other materials for the construction. Tom went with other materials such as the cement, wire mesh and the wooden forms for the construction of the slabs. The community residents were waiting at the meeting place at Mr Silva’s home. First Tom started off by encouraging them to participate in the construction. There were residents who went for water while others helped the person contracted to build the slabs. They helped in cutting the wire mesh as well as putting the forms together. This was a very long and tiring work. After other residents helped in mixing the cements and the sand. After the forms were assembled, they were laid on a flat ground and the cement mixture was poured in the forms. The first session was to pour the cement mixture in the slab forms and later into the lid/cover forms. There were two men that guided and helped through the entire process as well as Tom helping and guiding in the mixing as well as the construction and assembling of the forms. The process took longer that first anticipated. Tom also helped in the molding or bending of the cover hooks that are used in the lifting of the lid off the slab. During the construction period, Tom also kept encouraging and reminding the residents the value of good sanitation and hygiene and as to why Kibo was making the slabs and the value of the slabs. There were also other residents from other villages who came to witness and also learn and many were asking if kibo could also go to there village. Two men also wanted to contribute for the slabs right away but the committee members told him that it was only for kalitumba. After the slabs were done, Tom asked all those that had contributed and were still present to write there names on there respective slabs. This was a very fun moment and every resident enjoyed doing it. After the slabs were done, Tom advised the residents on how to maintain and property manage the slabs while they dry slowly. They were to sprinkle water on the slabs daily and cover them from direct sunlight. Tom also advised them to keep animals away from the slabs as they might step and ruin the slabs. The residents were very excited and happy for being able to learn how to make slabs on there own. Tom encouraged them if they can, they could make business out of it by making and selling the slabs to those who want now that they had learnt. Tom left for jinja when it was already dark and the community members prayed for him to reach safely and he left for jinja. 

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2018-11-26 - Purpose: To check on how the residents have maintained and managed the slabs during the drying period
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