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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-12-03

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Learning Objectives
Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach about Disease Progression and positive behavior Overview When Lorna arrived the village she decided to join a couple of men sitting at a balcony and she decided to join them. She exchanged greetings with them and later on most of them left and she stayed with one of them called Franco. Franco looked young and therefore Lorna asked him how old he was and why he was not at school. He said he was 20years old and he said why he was not at school was because he had some challenges. Lorna asked him if it was about his tuition but he said that and something else. Lorna asked whether he cared to share what the other challenge was and he was open enough to share. He said that he got a girl pregnant and when Lorna asked at what stage this was , he said when they were in Primary Six. Unfortunately Lorna had to cut their conversation short to continue on the next visit because , the community members had now gathered at the meeting place. At the meeting place , Lorna welcomed everyone and started with the review of the previous topics; HIV prevention and Women and HIV/AIDS. Lorna reviewed the means in which a mother can pass on HIV to their baby. They reminded themselves that through breastmilk and Lorna asked how long should an HIV positive person breastfeed one man said 3 months, another 6 . Most people agreed with the 6 months because the longer one takes to breastfeed their babies the higher the chances of them getting HIV. Other modes of transmission were ; in pregnancy and at Birth which is the most way babies get HIV. Lorna also added that during this time, the mother should use condoms during sexual intercourse. Lorna then went on to the topic of the day Disease progression and positive Behavior. Lorna taught the different stages of HIV progression where they looked at; the Window period, the Incubation period and the Honey moon Period. 1. Window period ;is the time between infection and the time when the body develops enough anti bodies to turn up positive and this takes usually 2 to 3 months. 2. Incubation period ;is the time it takes for a person with HIV to develop signs that show that the person has the virus. This can take up to 15 years and even more. This is also a very infectious stage. 3. Honeymoon period ; This is end of the window period and the incubation period. Here the virus is at harmony with the body and even though the person gets a few symptoms they don’t get very sickly. They are also less infectious as the chance of passing on the virus to their partner is very low. Also a breast feeding mother is also less likely to to pass on the virus to their baby. The community members were attentive and listened closely as Lorna taught. Lorna asked if there were any lessons and one of the members asked is it possible to have a couple where one is negative and one is not? . Lorna said yes it is very possible and all this advice can be given at the health centers but she explained that usually such couples are put on treatment known as Prep- Pre-Exposure. They are encouraged to make regular visits to ascertain the viral load of the other person and then are advised accordingly. Another person asked the signs one has when they have HIV/AIDS. Lorna responded that loss of weight, persistent diarrhea,vomiting, rashes , sores in the mouth. However with the medication now , the signs are now minimal. After the lesson, one lady followed Lorna and asked her if she can set aside one day to be with only the women as the women in this village are facing so many challenges in their marriages. Lorna told her that it is possible and she will get back to her on what day they can do this. Conclusion Lorna reminded the members to share this information with those who did not come to the meeting. She also encouraged members to go for HIV testing and also stay faithful to their partners to avoid fornication. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-17 - Purpose: Teach on cure or treatment of HIV/AIDS and the rights of PLWHIV.( Persons Living with HIV )