Healthy and Safe Kitchens - Budumba - Namutumba

Visit by Suzan Winnie on 2018-11-26

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Suzan Winnie
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2018-11-26 08:13:37 UTC
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Suzan Winnie
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2018-12-04 01:57:38 UTC
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10:30-19:51 (9 h 21 m)
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13:10-16:34 (3 h 24 m)
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5 h 57 m

Current State

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The village has highly improved on its hygiene and sanitation whereby one can easily see that its facilities such as the borehole,the fuel efficient stoves, shower areas,tippy taps, rubbish pits and so on are clean and well maintained. Also the selected committee leaders for the different programs are so active in the developmental issues concerning their community. 
Village Critical Needs
Other Kibo programs need to be introduced to the village such as the life skills and the 
Village Action Steps
To continue mobilising each other to participate in the healthy and safe kitchen lessons 
Staff Action Steps
Continue monitoring and evaluating the community where nessesary. 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
There are a few developmental groups that have been formed such as the money saving group, the loans group whereby the registered members borrow some money for developmental purposes. Also there are committee groups for the water and sanitation as well as the healthy and safe kitchen programs that coordinates with the community to operate effectively in the programs. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
There‚Äôs a good leadership structure in the community 
Village Notes
The community members cooperate with their leaders easily for effective development . They are also so appreciative for some Kibo programs that were introduced in their community. 

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Harriet Kefeza,Ida Bazonona,Jeska Nairuba,Tape Bwana 
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Suzan keddi winnie 
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet,Suzan, Tape,Jessica and Ida were in the village celebrating with the community members for participating in the healthy and safe kitchen program lessons. While on their way to the village, the vehicle that they were traveling in got stuck in the muddy road due to the previous road repair that was still going on. The driver kindly requested Kibo staff to move out from the car which would lighten it a bit so that he could try to find away out easily. He then began struggling with the vehicle until he moved out from the mud. Kibo staff arrived at the village around noon time and found most of the community members already gathered at the meeting place eagerly waiting for them. Some of the members immediately stood up on seeing Kibo staff and started dancing and singing with happiness while they played loud radio music. Kibo staff also joined them in dancing until the music stopped. The chairperson on behalf of the community opened the meeting by welcoming Kibo staff to their village, he then read through the agenda ensuring that each person gets to know how the meeting would be conducted. Each staff of the Kibo group introduced his/herself to the community and then Harriet requested some members to move with them around the village visiting home to home while monitoring the proper use of the energy saving stoves. This was an important activity because it ensured that the healthy and safe kitchen facilities were well maintained and also Kibo staff kept on encouraging the members to continue smearing their stoves,kitchen floors and walls,bathrooms and pit latrines because by doing so,would minimize dust and jiggers as well as maintain hygiene. The members together with Kibo staff went back and settled at the meeting place after a long walk around the village whereby Harriet thanked them for the good work done, and continued with the next activity. She informed the community how Kibo group was grateful for their good cooperation in the healthy and safe kitchen program and participating in all the lessons. And because of that, a few gifts would be given to them as a sign of appreciation. On hearing that, the whole community got excited by shouting and dancing with happiness. Tape and Suzan went towards the vehicle and carried out the gifts taking them at the meeting place. Harriet requested the members to be organized so that each person receives a gift. Two big saucepans were handed over to the committee chairperson on behalf of the community while each member received apiece of soap. The entire community stood up and began dancing and singing on top of their voices while praising Kibo group for the educative programs brought to their village. They also thanked Kibo staff for the gifts they received and thereafter, the chairperson concluded by thanking Kibo staff for the good spirit of love that they showed them that day. Harriet on behalf of Kibo staff once again thanked all members for their participation in the healthy and safe kitchen lessons and encouraged them to continue maintaining their sanitation and hygiene for a better healthy living. The meeting was then closed with a prayer from Ida. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-17 - Purpose: Monitoring and evaluation

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5125 Some of the members celebrating after receiving their gifts
5128 Ida handing over a saucepan meant for all the members who participated in the healthy and safe kitchen program.