Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ituba Namalowe - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-12-05

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2018-12-06 04:51:35 UTC
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Some people still walk more than 3 km and one borehole is congested serving two communities 
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For two days, Alex was busy carrying water survey for Ituba Namalowe village with the water surveyor from Draco. On Tuesday 4/12/ 2018, part of the job was done but we weren’t successful on getting a water point suitable for water drilling. Together with the community members from Namuwondo and Ituba Namalowe, we begun searching in Kyenda’s land a point that both communities had agreed to be in the middle of both villages but there was nothing good from that. On a good note the village people kept discipline the whole time until we had to end the day without getting anything promising that first day. We all agreed to continue the following day on Wednesday 5/12/2018. On Wednesday, Alex and the water surveyor went back early in the morning to continue with the process of borehole survey. They kept searching with the community members for the whole day and managed to succeed getting two points that were promising. However, the first water point that was got and turned out to be the best, had some challenge in that the land owner wasn’t willing to give out part of his land to drill a water source. He claims that he has a small plot of land and could not allow to have a borehole drilled in his land. We therefore had to continue searching until we got a second option that was also quite promising. This was got in David’s property. He was extremely very happy and willing to have a borehole drilled in his compound and a point is located right behind his kitchen area. Alex told the community members to keep talking to Possiano and see if he can be convinced and have a second thought to have a borehole drilled on his land. Alex will have to go back and meet with the community and complete the land agreement signing before the well is drilled. The drillers are expected very soon by Saturday 8/12/2018 to drill in Ituba Namalowe. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-07 - Purpose: Complete a land agreement with the land owner before the borehole is drilled

Report Photos

5143 Some of the community members that were present for the water survey
5146 The water surveyor from Draco busy doing his work
5149 The community members waiting patiently for the good news from the water surveyor
5152 Some of the gadgets used for water surveying
5155 The first water point that was got from possiano Byona’s land
5158 The second point in Nkutu David’s land