Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawaibete - New Buyanga Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-12-05

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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
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Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
They are still some how divided after the previous elections 
Allow Ownership
Some members have moved on and are willing to work together despite their challenges for the development of their village. 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

New Buyanga Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
To identify the steps taken in making good decisions or what is involved in making good decisions.
Introduction Lorna went to Nawaibete to teach the topic Decision making. Overview When Lorna reached the village members were still in their garden harvesting ground nuts after they received some rainfall the previous night. Lorna together with the chairman decided to give them some time before starting the meeting. Lorna moved a few nearby homes and also to the borehole which she found working well aside from their soak pit where she advised them, to either fetch out the water or add more rocks or create a drench through water can flow. After this, Lorna went back to the meeting place. At the meeting place, Lorna started by reviewing the previous topic of HIV and behavioral change which is the last topic under HIV/AIDS. After the review, they went straight to Decision making. Lorna asked the group what it takes to make a good decision. They said that one way was to consult others first. Lorna thanked them for this answer and asked whether it was really important to consult others. Some said it is good while others said that sometimes the people one consults are the same people who will give them wrong choices. This led Lorna to the next question and told them not to put up their hands but to know where they fall. She asked them that; 1. How many of them make their own decisions?, how many people never make their own decisions but are made for them and how many think of the decisions made now and how they affect their future. Most of them after giving it a thought, said they fall under the second especially the women as they said most of the decisions are made by their husbands. Other women however said that, they make their own decisions. Lorna continued by saying that it is good to consult with other people but the final decision should be made by them, other steps they looked at while making decisions were; stopping to think about the situation, praying about it, consulting, taking time out to think about it, evaluating the different choices given, considering ones religion and how the situation will affect their Christian values among others. Lorna then read to them a scenario of a 37 year old married woman with seven children who has been bed ridden for many years but the husband cannot take it any longer and therefore decided to bring another woman. Lorna then posed a question to the group and asked them what the husband did wrong and what was the wife to do. Lorna told them that they were going to do this through role play. She asked for two male volunteers and 2 female volunteers to put themselves in this couples shoes and address the situation. The first couple Balaki the chairperson and another lady started by Balaki, telling his wife how he has struggled to treat his wife but is now tired since he has been doing all the work and he also is starved sexually and therefore he has decided to bring in another woman to help. His partner asked him why he is doing this to her and blamed the devil for everything. She however ended by asking her husband to give her 1 more year and If she was still sick, then he was free to marry another woman. The second couple Godi the borehole vice chairperson and his partner , started by asking for advice from his friends who he told the situation and they advised him to go ahead and marry another woman as his wife had become useless. He decide to go by his friends advice but before he went ahead to bring in another woman, he went back and told his wife. His partner said she has done nothing wrong in being sick and that if he brought in another woman she would take poison and die. Godi said no that would not solve the situation but she said he leaves her no choice. She later on said that why can’t they have one of their children help them with chores since it was what he complained about the most. He said no the children need to study. They however came to a conclusion after Godis wife made him promise that the new wife would take care of all her children the way she did. The community were very attentive following everything that was going on. They testified that all those things happen in their community. Lorna asked them whether they had learnt anything. They said they had and thanked Lorna for the lesson. Conclusion Lorna concluded by telling them before they make any decision they should first consider some of the consequences of their decision as some of them cannot be taken back. 

Next Visit: 2018-01-09 - Purpose: Continue with the topic Decision making.