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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-12-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Personal Hygiene,Your Life Stories,What is love? 
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Learning Objectives
The objectives were to discuss the different challenges faced by women and find measures on how to address them.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to meet only with the women as was requested by Kadubili Nabirye who is in charge of women affairs in the village. Today’s meeting was a little diffferent from the usual as was requested by the woman leader. Overview Lorna reached and was welcomed by Nabirye Kadubuli who led her to where the meeting was to take place. The men asked Lorna how about them and Lorna responded by telling them that their day would also come as today was mainly for the women. The women were excited and this is because sometimes during the lessons they are shy to give in their answers but those who found out that today’s meeting was only for women stopped all that they were doing to come attend the meeting. Nabirye Kadubuli the in-charge of women affairs asked Lorna for this session because she was overwhelmed by the number of women coming to her with different cases that needed to be addressed. Some of the issues discussed during the meeting were; 1. There men are cheating on them and as if that was not enough, they bring with them evidence. 2. They also said that they are spending more time outside their homes. 3. They complained that their husbands are luring young children by buying them gifts to be with them. 4. They said whatever they do the men do not appreciate them. 5. They also said that the men take all their money after the harvest and yet it was them that put in more time , energy planting just for their men to take all their money among other reasons. Lorna appreciated them for trusting her enough to open up to her about the issues affecting them. Lorna started by asking them how many of them understand the meaning of Love and what it means to them. Lorna told them that until we understand what love is then one can begin to appreciate their families/ marriages. Some community members mentioned that to them love was taking care of their needs, others mentioned sex, others mentioned material things. Lorna mentioned love encompasses all that and a lot more. Love is being there for the other when there is nothing, love is sharing each others burden , love is understanding even when you don’t understand the situation yourself, love is accepting that your wrong even when you know your right. It is sacrifice. Lorna then asked how many of them have Love in their homes?. Lorna continued and told them that men have a reason as to why they may cheat and it’s unfortunate that sometimes women give them these reasons. 1.Lorna mentioned some of the reasons like, lack of respect whereby some women want to take on the role of their husbands and this does not go well with the men. Lorna said if it is the woman with the job and not the man, they should be able to understand each other and know that if situations were reversed the husband would also be taking care of the woman as marriage is somewhat a partnership. Lorna also mentioned that they need to give them the respect they deserve although some older women said for them they have tried maybe now the younger ones should do that . Lorna discouraged this type of talk and said that it is unfortunate that the elder women were talking like this and yet they should be the examples to their daughters and young mothers. 2.Lorna on the issues of the men going out till late told the women that they need space and don’t want to be followed around unless it becomes too much, then they need to find an opting ti e to talk about it but again not to bring it up at the wrong time. She encouraged them to find time and talk about issues affecting them in a respectful manner and not by shouting and throwing insults like how it is usually done as it does not solve anything. 3.On the issue of big men luring young children, Lorna asked the community who was to blame? , they said themselves. Lorna added that mothers/ parents have left their duty for teachers, Aunts and yet charity begins at home. Lorna encouraged them to form relationships with their daughters early enough to avoid such problems. She asked them how many know their children’s friends?, a few people raised their hands, how many know where they hang out and who they hang out with?, hardly anyone put up their hand. Lorna asked again who was to blame? They said themselves. She then told them to do something about it. Lorna also urged them to avoid rumors and added that most times it is what breaks marriages. She urged them until they prove something is wrong, they should have nothing to do with it as it may make things worse saying somethings without proof. 4. Lorna also mentioned some women are too lazy and dirty. After giving birth, some women stop taking care of themselves . She added that some men are visual if not most of them and so they should take care of themselves, their children and their homes. No one likes dirty people or dirty homes. They still had a lot to discuss but time was not on their side. Lorna gave them an assignment to check what is wrong with their homes and what is causing their men to act the way they do and then spare time and communicate as communication solves everything but one cannot be there hurting and acting the way they do and yet no one knows why they are acting that way. Conclusion Lorna apologized that she had to leave but promised that they will have another meeting like this one. She also promised to meet the men as nothing is one side. The women just had something they wanted to pass on to their husbands and for them this was a good plat form to air their issues. Lorna wished them a merry Christmas and Happy new year. She told them this was her last time in the village in this year and told them next year she will be returning with her colleague Manuela. At the end of the lesson, Kadubuli daughter was brought in very sick and instead of taking her to the hospital, they wanted her to just lie down. Lorna asked for them to bring her to the car and take them to the hospital so they can find out what exactly was wrong with her. At the hospital they found that she had a lot of malaria and Lorna gave them something small and prayed for them to get better. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-15 - Purpose: Meet with the men as was asked by the women during today’s meeting with the women.

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5249 With some of the women discussing issues affecting them.
5255 More women arriving for the meeting.