Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-12-17

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Tom Ngobi
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2018-12-18 07:34:19 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2018-12-18 07:54:20 UTC
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10:20-18:20 (8 h 0 m)
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12:40-15:45 (3 h 5 m)
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4 h 55 m

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Tom Ngobi 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
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Tom made a visit to igerera village to check on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as meeting with the leaders of the village to share and discuss with them about the new additions to the program next year. When Tom arrived in the village he went to the meeting place and waited for the village leaders to join him. But after a few he decided to move around to check on what residents are doing in terms of facility construction and improvements. He visited a few homes and in four he found new facilities especially latrines. In one home he found when the son had finished his latrine while the father was working on his. After moving around, Tom came back to the meeting place and found the village leaders gathered. The chairman addressed the meeting by inviting and thanking Kibo for the work it’s doing as well as thanking his fellow leaders for the help they have offered in the program. Because the weather was not good, the chairman asked Tom to speak to them. Tom thanked them for coming to the meeting as well as thanking them for actively participating in the program by encouraging residents to improve on there sanitation and hygiene. Tom also shared with them about the iron sheets and the slabs. Tom said it’s a great opportunity for the village not only to just dig and construct facilities but also to find means of strengthening them thus making them more long lasting. Tom shared with them what there contribution is towards the iron sheets which is 7200/= as well as 5000/= for the slab. Tom also shared with them that the number of those facilities is limited only 50people for the iron sheets and 35 for the slabs. Tom encouraged them to call a meeting and share with the residents before Christmas time. The committee was very thankful and excited and one of them said he can’t believe Kibo is helping them acquire iron sheets and slabs for so cheap. The rains were about to start and the chairman was given to close the meeting. He thanked kibo for good work and for the love kibo has for his village and hopes that it will continue forever. After Tom left for jinja. 

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Next Visit: 2018-01-09 - Purpose: To check on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as facility constructions

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5306 A recently finished latrine In igerera village
5309 A new pit being dug for a new latrine in igerera village