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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-01-18

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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HIV/STDs and Mothers 
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Learning Objectives
- To learn and know what makes women vulnerable to acquiring HIV/AIDS - To know the different STDs there are and how one with an STD is more at risk of acquiring HIV than one without.
introduction Lorna was able to teach on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and STDs. Overview The chairman LC1 and the vice chairperson were the first at the meeting place when Lorna arrived. They were later joined by other community members some of which Lorna later learnt are part of the Local Council Committee. The meeting started at about 1:30pm with the people who were present as she said those who come later will join them midway. This time Lorna did it differently from the usual way. She decided to divide the group into 2 and told them the topics of the day and she told them to discuss among themselves the different types of STDs and their symptoms. The other group discussed why women were vulnerable to getting HIV/AIDS. Lorna wanted to know how much information or what did they know concerning these topics. Lorna then told them that they should select one person from each group to present. Lorna gave them 15 minutes and later convened back as a group. The group that looked at the different STDs went first and they looked at the different symptoms of Gonorrhea, syphillis and Herpes. Although they had an idea and got some symptoms right, they mixed up the symptoms. Some of the symptoms looked at were; passing out white discharge, itchy rash, difficulty passing out urine, wounds in the private area of both men and women among others. Lorna thanked them and asked them that they classify them. The symptoms for gonorrhea were ; yellow or green discharge from the male and sexual organ, burning sensation during menstruation, possibly no symptoms, symptoms usually 2-14 days, among others. Syphilis; painless sore on the sexual reproductive organs, sore appears 10-90 days, hair loss, fever, possible death or bone deformation. The symptoms of Herpes commonly known as Ekisipi looked at were that first it has no cure, small painful blisters on genitals or mouth, symptoms reoccur under stress, death or neurological damage to the newborn. Lorna reminded them that one with STDs is at more risk of contracting HIV/AIDS than one without. This is because the wounds act as a port of entry for the HIV virus to get into the body during sexual contact. The second group looked at why women were vulnerable to acquiring HIV/AIDS. They mentioned things like women are easily lured into sex, they mentioned women not being satisfied with what they have, poverty among others. Lorna also thanked this group and also added on other factors like; taboos related to talking about sex, Sexual initiation by an older male relative, extreme poverty that encourages exchange of gifts for sex, marriage rites that give women as property. Other factors mentioned were ; women receive greater quantity of fluids during Sex, women’s mucous membrane port of entry is much wider than that of men. Etc. This way of teaching was very helpful because Lorna was able to weigh how much the community knew on these 2 topics. Lorna also added that usually one person cannot know everything and solve every problem however, working as a group can simplify the problem and solutions are easily got. Lorna thanked them for putting their minds together and that they should apply this to their everyday life. Conclusion Samuel thanked Lorna for first of all being bold enough to teach them on STDs without being afraid. He also asked if it was possible for Lorna to come with a testing kit to test them for HIV. Lorna responded that unfortunately, Kibo does not do HIV testing advised them to use their chairman to contact the health centers or go their themselves. 

Next Visit: 2019-02-01 - Purpose: Lorna will continue with Women and HIV/AIDS.

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5471 Alexander emphasizing a point on why women are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS