Life Skills Education and Counseling - Bukoma C - Kigalama Primary School - Luuka

Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-01-23

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Manuela Ongyera
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2019-01-24 07:44:38 UTC
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Manuela Ongyera
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2019-01-25 02:12:52 UTC
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10:10-17:20 (7 h 10 m)
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12:30-15:30 (3 h 0 m)
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4 h 10 m

Current State

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Village Critical Needs
Women are too shy' that mean they need to be encouraged not to fear their husbands. 
Village Action Steps
Staff Action Steps
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
When we reached the village, we found community members discussing about a certain man who attempted to rep a eight year old girl. The good news is the girl ran away. 
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Some of the women are helping other women to build stoves on their own without the help of Harrietkefeza. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Gossiping, which is common among the women. 
Allow Ownership
Women in that community need to be encouraged to stop gossiping. 
Village Notes
Currently women in this village are getting involve in saving scheme , which they think that it will be as an additional income in their homes. 

Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Assertiveness: Passive 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Senior Woman Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate people about the importance of Assertive behavior
Manuela and Lorna went to kigalama c to teach the community members about the importance of Assertive behavior in communication skills. When Manuela and Lorna reached the village, they found community members waiting for them, they waited for short time so that others can also join them, when they came then Lorna started to teach by introducing Manuela to the community members after that she reviewed the previous lessons. After that Manuela joined Lorna with a new topic which was the importance of Assertive behavior among people. Manuela started by asking community members questions about Assertive behavior if they could be having any idea about that, unfortunately none of them knew, then Manuela taught them, as she was teaching, she would ask questions, the members in class would respond, during her class she told them that it is very important to practice Assertive behavior because it is the best way to communicate with one another. After teaching Manuela and Lorna demonstrated to the community members all the behavior of communication styles. For example they looked at Passive ways, Assertive and Aggressive behavior, it was fun. After that they told the community members to think about any role play about behavior of communication styles and they will demonstrate it next time 

Next Visit: 2019-01-30 - Purpose: Manuela and Lorna in tend to go back in that village and teach

Report Photos

5540 Manuela teaching community members about communication skills, but she was looking at Assertiveness
5543 One of the community member was explaining the importance of Assertive behavior among people in the community.