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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-02-08

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Village Critical Needs
They had a borehole that needed repair but they repaired it. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
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Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
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They have a weak leadership. The chairman is very busy barely having time for the community. 
Allow Ownership
Thriving and working hard towards uniting for the development of their community. 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Learning Objectives
Learn the importance of thinking before making decisions.
Introduction Lorna went to this village and introduced Decision Making Skills as the new topic. Overview The meeting opened by a word of prayer after which Lorna was called upon to address the community. Lorna as usual did a quick review on HIV/AIDS and without wasting any more time, introduced the new Decision Making. Lorna started by saying in our day to day lives we make very many decisions now some are as easy as what to eat for breakfast or lunch while others are as difficult as , buying or selling land, choosing Schools for our children to go to, voting for Local council chairmen, getting married, choosing between marriage and School among others. However whatever decision one takes, there are steps involved whereby one has to follow them before making a radical decision. Lorna gave a scenario whereby it is time to vote and each individual has to go vote but each individual needs to look out for certain things and she asked the community what some of those things are. One lady said she looks at the capacity of this person, another said she looks at the role this person has played in developing the community. Lorna said it is possible for others to just vote for a person because others are voting. Lorna said this is wrong because later on when a problem comes this person should not complain because she did not think twice before voting this person or the consequences. Lorna then told them an example of a woman married for 15 years with 6 children however after giving birth to the 6th she got some complications for a full month and this led the man to marrying another woman. Lorna posed a question to the community whether the man made the right decision.?. Most of the members were saying well the man had no choice but to get another woman. One woman said she has had the same experience when her husband got ill however, she did not decide to pack her things and leave. She continued and said that despite the fact that they did not have money , she decided to get some bananas and make some pancakes. Through the pancakes she managed to get food for both her and her husband, she persevered through it all. When it came to the time to pay hospital bills she did not know where to get the money from she prayed for strength and wisdom throughout this time. She also went to church and asked for help to pay the hospital bills. Lorna thanked this lady for sharing her story with everyone and Lorna asked if this lady had left her husband just like that would she have solved anything?. Lorna added that she had to take some steps going forward unlike the story read where the man immediately brought another wife. Lorna asked what are some of the steps Justine (the lady who shared her story )took in her situation towards seeing that her husband gets well but also that she supports her family moving forward. One lady mentioned perseverance and Lorna thanked her and asked for other answers. Another person said she prayed and Lorna said this is one step towards making a decision. We all need prayers for direction for everyday of our lives but also when faced with certain issues. Lorna added that she took a step of selling pancakes to take care of the family. She thought of an idea to push the family forward instead of just sitting and waiting for the situation to get worse. Lorna also mentioned that she asked for help from the church. Again Justine took initiative to ask for help.The community members were very attentive during this time. Lorna thanked Justine so much for sharing her story. Lorna urged the community to pick a leaf from Justine‚Äôs story and not just make reactionary decisions without thinking about the situation. Lorna asked the community members in the first scenario, what could have the man done better. Lorna asked was there room for negotiation? where the man could have asked the lady what her thought was?. The members were quiet and Lorna said yes it was very important that this man consulted his wife and this is a another good step towards decision making. Another thing this man would have done is consult from friends, think about the consequences of his action to his children. Conclusion Lorna did not finish because of time but left them with homework to think about those other steps towards decision making. She thanked them for coming to the meeting and told them she will communicate when next she will be returning to this village. 

Next Visit: 2019-03-01 - Purpose: Continue with Decision Making Skills.

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