Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2019-02-22

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David Balimunsi
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2019-02-25 01:38:30 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2019-02-26 02:44:04 UTC
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09:08-17:58 (8 h 50 m)
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12:23-15:37 (3 h 14 m)
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5 h 36 m

Household visits

Which Survey
Number Of Households
Visits Purpose
To follow up on the homes which were still working 
Staff Attendees
David Balimunsi,Henry Oyier,Steven Kambale 
Government Attendees
David, Henry and Steven were in lgerera village. Their intentions of going there was to follow up on the homes which had not yet completed the digging of their latrines .While in the village they first visited Mr kamya’s home who is the village chairman . At mr kamya’s home they first planned on how they would move home to home more especially in the homes which were still in the digging process of their latrines. Before David, Henry and Steven reaching kamya’s home , They were happy to meet Mr Bafune Paul working on his dish rack along with his grand son trying to help him. He was doing so on his own without any one telling him what needs to be done. They appreciated him and even advised mr Bafune Paul to use nails instead of the banana fibers he was going to use for the future sustainability of his dish rack. They visited the second home which was of mr zayidi Palapala . They found when he was only left with the construction of his shower area which was a half way constructed . He requested the Kibo staff and the chairman of the village to give him a grace period of one week before he gets to finish the construction of his shower area. They accepted his request but on condition that without fail he will complete his shower area in the one week as he requested for. Henry,David and Steven along with the village chairman kamya continued with their home to home movements in the following homes , Medi Mutumbagile’s home, mr Juma wele , Kigenyi Azedi,Muyinda Yaledi’Frank mwanja, lsiko kolumbus and Maboni Eliphaz. All the above mentioned names were peoples homes which were a half way left to complete with the construction of their latrines . However they were given two weeks before they get to finish with the construction of their latrines . As Henry,David and Steven were walking towards where they had parked their car in the chairman’s home . They meet two ladies who pleaded for Henry the country Director to help them on behalf of the Kibo organization. They said that they were requesting Henry the country director to help them with the repair process of the only borehole they had in their community.They continued and said that they were to die of bilharzial diseases if not being helped in time . Unfortunately that very day the borehole was down and the entire village was water stressed. Everyone around the entire village was using the dirty water from the nearby swamp. In general according to the sanitation status of the entire village it was good .Except for the few homes which were given a grace period of two weeks before they get to finish with their latrine constructions. 

Current State

Participation Rating
Facility improvements and standards 
Village Critical Needs
Clean water as well as healthy and safe kitchens program. 
Village Action Steps
To encourage the remaining homes to work hard to construct shelters around their finished dug pits . 
Staff Action Steps
To moniter the remaining village homes through phone calls with the village chairman . 
CLTS Progress
Working on CLTS Program 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
The members have got a Village saving group which is moving on steadily and almost everyone has constructed a latrine in his home . 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
The only borehole which is around has got issues and presently the members are using water from the nearby swamp . 
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
The village chairman is so hard working and loves seeing that his village gets changed 
Village Notes
They are constructing shelters around the remaining dug pit latrines . 

Next Visit: 2019-02-27 - Purpose: To open up the borehole and checking what would be the problem causing the water not to come once the borehole was being pumped.

Report Photos

5904 Mr Bafune Paul and his grand son they were found by the Kibo staff working on their own to make the dish rack .