Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Igerera B - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2019-03-06

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Tom Ngobi
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2019-03-07 07:50:47 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2019-03-07 08:38:27 UTC
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10:30-18:15 (7 h 45 m)
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12:25-16:10 (3 h 45 m)
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4 h 0 m

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Tom Ngobi 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
Lesson Taught
Tom made a,visit to igerera village to take iron sheets for those that contributed for the iron sheets. Before he reached the village, he called the chairman to confirm the presence of the members for the distribution of iron sheets. After he bought 50 iron sheets and loaded them on a truck and headed for the village. When he reached the village, he found the chairman and some residents waiting. They offloaded the iron sheets and waited for the rest of the members to arrive. After there was a good number of members, the chairman opened the meeting were he thanked kibo for the good work it has done in the village especially in improving the sanitation and hygiene standards of the village. He thanked residents for working on there facilities as well as trusting him with the money they contributed towards the iron sheets. He also thanked them for wanting to improve more and encouraged them to continue improving even on other facilities. After, Tom was invited to speak to the residents. Tom also first thanked the residents for trusting kibo and the chairman. He thanked the village residents for improving on there sanitation and hygiene standards through the construction of good facilities. Tom also encouraged those still working to finish up there facilities before the third evaluation. Tom also shar d with the village residents on the better methods of construction so that the iron sheets can be well secured on the latrines. Tom also encouraged residents to construct rectangular latrine structures for easy roofing than the circular ones. After Tom’s speech, iron sheets were given out by reading out names and whoever contributed his or her name was read and received an iron sheet. Tom encouraged the residents to use the opportunity to construct better facilities especially the latrines and make them long lasting. Later some residents were given opportunity to speak but most of them just gave appropriations towards kibo for fulfilling its promises. They said now they trust kibo more because they have seen it delivers on its promises. After Tom left for jinja. 
Program success
Most of the residents have finished there latrines 
Program critical needs
To fix there broken well 
Observed program ownership
Other program observations
Expectations of village
To start to roofing of latrines and improving 
Staff preparations
To call the chairman and plan the visit 

Next Visit: 2019-03-11 - Purpose: To check on facility constructions and improvements as well as taking pictures of latrines that are going to be roofed with iron sheets. Tom will be guiding residents on how to better construct and secure the roof of the iron sheet on the latrine .

Report Photos

6048 Some of the members present during the giving of the iron sheets
6051 One resident happy with his iron sheets
6054 An old man standing happily with his new iron sheet
6057 Another resident standing with his new iron sheet
6060 An elderly woman happily standing with her iron sheets
6063 An elderly man happily standing with his iron sheet
6074 Some of the men and women tying their iron sheets to take home