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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-03-22

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
-Describe the factors involved in decision making -Identify the steps involved in decision making
Introduction Lorna was in this village to continue with the topic Decision Making Skills. They looked at steps involved in decision making and shared stories concerning the lesson of the day. Overview Lorna reached and waited a few more minutes before the community members joined her and the meeting began. The turn up was not so good however because some of the parents were needed at Kigalama Primary School while others had gone to attend a family wrangle involving land. Lorna started by greeting the community members and asked them about what they learnt previously. It’s important to review so as to know whether we are in the same board concerning the lessons. Swaibu and Fred reminded the group about what was learnt previously which was Decision making and the steps involved. In this lesson they therefore continued from where they had stopped previously. This lesson involve some critical thinking before making a final decision with more practical decisions. Lorna picked out examples in daily life like between buying land and a motorcycle which one would one go with?. Some said land while others said motorcycle. Lorna asked why Land? they said with land one can plant whenever required and those who supported motorcycles said even with the motorcycle one can ride everyday and get money. Those in support of land said when there is land one cannot starve but motorcycles have a lot of work like servicing , licenses among others. Lorna added that one needs to look at value of land as compared to value of the motorcycle. This is because even when you want to sell it the value keeps going up as compared to the motorcycle which depreciates. The lesson was very interesting and interactive which opened many peoples eyes to things to think about before deciding to do something. They also talked about opening up a business because everyone is in the same line of business. Lorna said one needs to research about the business they want to start, have enough capital, look for market before finally deciding to start a business simply because everyone is doing it. Lorna added that if one decided to join the same line of business then they should always keep thinking of how to make it better , decide how to outran others by what more they can add to this their business. She added also that one needs to ensure that one is gaining from the business and not just taking out and if this is the case then they need to decide whether to stay in the business or get out of it. Lorna then asked members or volunteers to share a story which involved them sharing about their life and the different decisions they made along the way. One man shared his life story he stayed with his wife for several years without having children and all this time some of the community members told him to leave his wife for another woman which he thought of many times because of the pressure but he decided to stick by his wife. He looked at how long they had stayed married together and thought that when God decides to give them a child He will in His time and then God blesses them with Nine children unfortunately they lost one. He said had he listened to the pressures and decided to go with the community’s pressure he would not have had these children and a wife who is very kind and patient with him. In conclusion the steps looked at in decision making are ;Stop and think of the problem, take some time out, define the problem, think about the situation, seek advice from others, listen to advice given, pray, consider family, personal,cultural and religious beliefs, consequences of the decision among others. Lorna encouraged them to always think through everything concerning whatever decision it is before concluding on the decision. 
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Next Visit: 2019-04-26 - Purpose: Continue with Decision making - Just between us” and introduce Early pregnancy and it’s causes.

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6248 Some of the community members at the beginning of the meeting!