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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-04-01

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Bukhudumira Primary School 
Lesson Taught
Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Ongyera Manuella,Falon Barton 
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Class Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate pupils about dangers of early pregnancy so that they can stay away from activities that can lead them to that problem.
Introduction Early pregnancy is the process through which a young girl become pregnant before reaching the age of 18 and before finishing studies.This lesson is very important because it educate the pupils to understand the different consequences of early pregnancy that can help them stay away from activities that can lead them to that problem. This lesson is comprises of group discussion and presentation, this exercise help the pupils to feel free to speak out their minds while in their groups and also pupils can learn how to address the public and it promote reading culture. Overview When Manuela and Falon reached the school, they went to Life Skills class to teach the pupils, on reaching the class, Manuela started by greeting the pupils and asked them about the previous lesson which they learnt, after that she asked the pupils if they did the homework which she gave them last week, pupils said yes and they shared their findings with Manuela in class, after that, Manuela introduced the new lesson which was about causes and dangers of early pregnancy, Manuela asked the pupils, what is early pregnancy? What are some causes of early pregnancy? Pupils were able to share their ideas as they answer all the questions given to them by their teacher, Manuela taught this lesson alongside with the life skills teachers, they did good jobs in monitoring and guiding the pupils during group discussion. After that, Manuela told the pupils that, it’s too bad for a young girl to become pregnant while still young, they can go through a lot of problems like fir instance, they end up catching bad diseases, die during labour, sometimes the children die along with their mothers they drop out of school and among others , Manuela divided the pupils in to three groups A B and C to discuss different consequences of early pregnancy for instance to the young mother, young father and the innocent baby produced by the young mother. This exercise lasted for fifteen minutes, after that pupils selected their representatives two about and a girl from each group who will present their views which they discussed in their groups in front of other pupils who were not in their groups. During presentations, pupils tried their level best to perform and other pupils from other groups were reacting if other groups are not doing well but Manuela advised them not laugh at anybody because pupils learnt through trying. Presentation Since it was the first time for these pupils to present in front of their fellow pupils, it was really hard for them to do that but they really struggled and tried to present, Manuela believes that next time they will improve basing on the effort which they showed her today. After that Manuela gave the pupils another assignment, she told them to search for the consequences of early pregnancy in the community and the family and also look for possible solution to early pregnancy among young boys and girls. Finally, after the lesson Manuela advised the pupils to abstain from early sex and focus on their studies. 
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Puils will be doing their home work 
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Manuela will be doing more reseach about the lesso 

Next Visit: 2019-04-08 - Purpose: To continue with consequences of early pregnancy and possible solutions.

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6356 Manuela is explaining to the pupils about the different consequences of early pregnancy to children.
6359 Pupils discussing consequences of early pregnancy in their groups
6362 Pupils presenting what they discussed in their groups in front of everyone.