Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawaibete - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2019-04-01

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2019-04-02 04:38:04 UTC
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2019-04-02 06:09:05 UTC
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09:09-17:50 (8 h 41 m)
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11:21-15:38 (4 h 17 m)
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4 h 24 m

Water Community Meeting

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roles and responsibilities 
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David Balimunsi,Steven Kambale 
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LC1,VHT,Parish Councillor 
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Nawaibete - Nawaibete 
David and Steven were in Nawaibete after a two weeks duration of the closure of their borehole. The Kibo staff had to disconnect the borehole in Nawaibete because the community had failed to improve on the bad status of their borehole. However while the Kibo staff were in the village they found the community members had gathered under the tree were they used to meet from. The Kibo staff were invited by the village chairman to attend the village meeting. The village chairman mr Balaki Kabale introduced the Kibo staff before the audience that they were the ones having the right agenda for the meeting. David started the meeting with an opening prayer which was led by mr Godfrey the most active member on the water and sanitation committee. David thanked the members who had turned up for the meeting and straight away he started teaching them their full roles and responsibilities towards their borehole. David reminded the members that it will not be the Kibo always reminding them to take the good care and ownership of their borehole. David encouraged the members to always having a time table monthly specifically for the evaluations of their borehole .He continued and reminded them that it will not be the Kibo always to take the initiative of repairing for them the borehole. It should be them to take a lead always. When they reached at the point of contributing money towards their borehole account. The Kibo staff after they had known that the village only had lesser money about 30000 shillings as their borehole account balance. They were advised to always continue contributing money for their future sustainability of their borehole. After the Kibo staff had gone through their borehole bylaws,the members were also guided and reminded on how to maintain their borehole future sustainability by always working together. They made an agreement between the village and the Kibo staff . The agreement was started that in any case they fail to take the good care and ownership of their borehole instead it will lead to the Kibo staff taking the pipes out of the borehole. When the community members hard about the taking away of their borehole by the Kibo staff every one feel concerned and they even promised never to neglect at any time the their full roles and the responsibilities towards their borehole . Later David and Steven went ahead and reconnected for the village their borehole. They were in full joy and happiness seeing that they were happy to pump their borehole . They promised never to neglect any more their borehole. After the village had witnessed the reconnections of their borehole by the Kibo staff they went back for signing their agreement. The village chairman signed on behalf of the village and all some other committee members also were signatories. Because the rains had started they all separated and left for their respective different homes. In general the hygiene and sanitation of the entire village was good Except for some few homes which were missing out some facilities up to standard. 
Program success
The village reconstructed anew good borehole fence 
Program critical needs
contributing money towards their borehole account 
Observed program ownership
The committee members are more active and concernd 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
General village sustainability borehole meeting. 
Staff preparations
Following up by phone calling the village chairma 

Next Visit: 2019-04-29 - Purpose: Monitoring about how the village will be progressing towards the ownership and the sustainability of their borehole

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